Pregnancy / Ovulation Tests

Where is the best / cheapest place to buy in bulk?

My friend used the Tescos own brand and she got 2 negitive sticks, went to the doctor the same day and they tested her positive!!! Put me off buying them.

I have spent a fortune on tests so just want to have some on standby and have peice of mind in the tests im using.

Any help is appreciated x


  • carmitagecarmitage Posts: 361
    I used tesco's own & asda own & never had any problems, found the cheaper ones were the best too as i done a few just to make sure.
  • that_guy82that_guy82 Posts: 461
    I have also found the cheaper ones works best, how odd!! Clear blue didn't work for me and neither did First response. The cheap ones from the chemist for about £3 work best for me, good luck!!
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