anyone due in feb ?

hi my due date is feb 16th. just wondered if anyone else is due around this time. coz im preggers with baby number 2 but still the only person in my group of friends who has a child and/ or pregnant. and would like to know hows others are getting on with there growing bumps x.


  • Hi Star my due date is 23rd Feb. How are you getting on? I FINALLY stopped being sick about 3 weeks ago image and am definitely showing now. Also, feel hungry all the time!

    Amanda x
  • hiya

    im due on the 28th feb, getting married next august, the baby wasnt planned so my wedding plans have been put on hold for a while but now ive stopped being sick and feeling like me again i cant get on with it.

    its also my second i have a 3 year old son Harvey

    leanne 17+5
  • hi, glad to hear you both (and your bumps) are doing well. ive stoped feeling sick all the time but im so hungry all the time. baby has started doing little kicks. ive got my 20 week scan on 1st oct and cant wait to find out if its a boy or girl. whenhave you got your scans and are you gonna find out what you are having? x.
  • My scan is on 11th October and we are def going to find out if we can! It's only my first btw (don't think I mentioned that before). I can't stop eating too, really bad today! How do the kicks feel? Is it a definite strong feeling or just butterflies? I keep feeling something every so often, but then I just convince myself I'm imagining it!

    Amanda xx
  • hi gramanda, the kicks feel like someone poking me on the inside at the mo' (so not really that strong but more then fluttering if you know what i mean). has anyone got any cravings yet?
  • hi star, my baby girl is due feb 4th & also my 2nd.

    i am still sick on odd days but i could honestly eat a scabby horse & the jockey, its just relentless.

    i get quite hard bumps now, especially later @ night.

    mmmm, somehow get the feeling she may be a bit of a night owl.

    she refuses point blank to kick when paul is feeling, i think she has him wrapped around her tiny fingers already,lol.

    also my other child is 15 next month so seems like my 1st all over again xx

  • I felt the baby kick last night! And when hubby felt my stomach he could definitely feel some moving! It was the strongest, most definite movement I've felt yet! Also I'm quite small, and I could feel the baby's pulse at one point which was very exciting! It's making it all seem even more real. Has anyone realised we're all around halfway pregnant??

    Still not got any cravings, just lots of food all the time lol. Does that count?? Babyboo - sounds rubbish that you are still being sick! I am soooooo happy that bit is over. My muscles and ligaments have been particularly week over tha past few days so I keep wanting to walk around a lot. Not allowed to do the hoovering any more either image

    Amanda x
  • hi sorry its been so long since last came on ( pc is broken so using h2b laptop). had my 20 week scan on the 1st oct and all is good. found out we're having a boy. getting real strong kicks. ive found yhat now the sickness is gone ive now got back acke. hope you are all (and your bumps) are doing well. x.
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    Sorry for intruding, but I'm due on 10th March and have my scan a week tomorrow, I'm really ezxcited but was anyone else nervous? I'm really worried they're going to spot something wrong with the baby! Started to feel flutterings now, which is lovely, but still being sick on a daily basis, yuk! Hope you're all well

    Carly 18 weeks today! xx
  • Hi all,

    Don't normally post here, I'm more of a 'lurker' lol, but found this thread and couldn't help myself!

    By second baby is due on 4th Feb, already have a 3 year old little girl. Had our scan a while back now in September, everything was fine but we decided not to find out what we're having.

    I'm lucky I've not been sick at all (but I wasn't first time round either) - will prob just suffer with chronic heartburn for the last 3 months!! And can soooo relate to the 'wanting to eat everything in sight' feeling (where's my dairy milk?). lol

    Nice to meet you all, and hope you and your bumps are all fine n dandy

  • hi carlyc, i too was scared that they would find somthing wrong at the scan. but dont worry they say that morning sickness is a good sign that all is good (but i do hope you start too feal better soon) let us know how you get on. welcome upsy daisy glad to hear that you and bump are doing well. how is your daughter feeling about being a big sister. my daughter is very exsited but i hope she feels the same once her brother is born. x
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    Glad it's not just me that worries then!
  • Hi star,

    Big sis is v excited at the mo, but like you I'm hoping the novelty won't wear off when the new baby actually arrives. She's just started nursery full time, and I think that's good as she's getting used to not having my undivided attention all day - plus it means I get to have a bit of a rest ha ha!! She's just started to talk to my bump, and gives it a goodnight kiss every night before bed - nearly made me cry!! How are you feeling about having to two to look after? - some days I think I'll be fine, others I'm like 'omg I'll never be able to cope'.
  • hi im like you upsy daisy some days i feel that having two will be great( but hard work) and other days i think omg what have we got ourselfs into!?! my daughter has also started kissing and rubbing her hands on my bump, but looks at me like im a nut job when i say that her brother can hear her talking in my tummy( the look on her face makes me laugh). just wondered what type of birth and were is everyone going to have their babys? x.
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    Hi Star!

    I'm hoping for a water birth in my local hospital. My husband isn't too keen, but I'm talking him round! Think it's just that he doesn't really know much about it! How about you? xx
  • Hi CarlyC,

    I'm hoping for a waterbirth this time as well. Had it all planned out last time but things happened (nothing major) and I had to stay 'tied' to the monitor in the delivery suite. I love hte idea of bein gin the warm water though - very relaxing!
  • If you don't mind me asking, how old are all of you? I have been watching the mums on the school run in the morning, and everyone near here seems to be in their mid-late thirties! I'm only in my early 20s so I'm hoping I'll get to meet some younger mums at some point. My midwife was shocked at how young I was even though I thought 23 was quite a good age to be a first time mum!

    I was very excited about being a mum but am now starting to get quite nervous that I'll be ok. I had my scan last week and everything is ok, they won't tell me if its a boy or girl (we think boy though...) but we are having a private one in Dec. I am getting extra scans and consultant appointments because of a medical condition but hopefully things will be ok!

    How did you all cope with the exhaustion when you already had children to look after? Don't know how you do it!

    Amanda xx
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    HI Amanda! I'm 26, and I'd thought before that I was on the older side of things, mainly beacuse my parents are so young I think, but I'm one of the younger ones at work having a baby!

    Glad the scan went well xx
  • I thought I was quite a normal age to have a baby but then again I do come from Dover (a town FULL of teenage mums!) so maybe my opinion is skewed too lol! I wonder what the official average age is to have a baby. I'll google it...
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    Oh my, that has surprised me! Makes me feel young!
  • image - makes me feel old - I'm 34!! Reckon there's no such things as 'normal' just whatever is right for you at the time.
  • hi mums 2b. im going to have my baby boy at my local hospital. hoping to use tens machine as i found it really helped when i was having my daughter. but i think ill just take it one steap at a time and have what ever pain realfe i need.( though i should proberly think about it abit more) im 24 and were i live there seams to be alot of older parents. but upsy daisy is right age dosnt mean anything when it comes to being a good parent. hope you and your bumps are fine x.
  • Hi, I'm due 13th Feb with my second child image Hope you are all well
  • welcome haley1984. i hope all you mums 2b and your bumps are fine. ive started to get that ' i want to nest' feeling. is anyone feeling the same? x
  • well star - I cleaned my kitchen today - that is quite out of character for me!! Bump is very active, kept me awake last night, think we may have created a salsa dancer image. Still, nice to know it's there . . .
  • lol upsy daisy, i think my bump does the salsa too lol

    Does any of you ladies know the sex of your babies yet? or dont you want to know?
  • The hospital wouldn't tell me! Convinced it's a boy tho...! Have you bought any stuff yet? All we have is a baby book lol, we're waiting for the January sales as we've just got married and have no money!

    Definitely started nesting Star! Glad its not just me image
  • hi im having a boy. cant think of any names yet. need to go through all the baby clothes as it is mostly girls(i had my daughter 3 years ago) so ive now got to try and sell them to make some money to get boys clothes. glad its not just me with the whole nesting thing, ithough i was being a bit weird.x.
  • hiya

    hope u r all well, im good, i have midwife appointment 2moro, cant believe in 24 weeks nearly, its zooming by, with this and the wedding and xmas i feel a bit worried, im worring bout money now aswell, the wedding seems to be spiraling out of control and im forgetting the whole reason im marrying my boyfriend, i keep thinking about different things and thinking bout what friends have had thinking my wedding will be crap compared to, ohh i dunno hormones maybe.

    we went to a wedding fair on sunday, we have come away now considering a toastmaster, a bliming toastmaster, this was a small wedding that is getting carried away!! this has turned in2 a rant now lol

    anyway i hope u and your bumps r well,

    leanne xx 23+5 c section booked for 19th feb xx
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