TTC 33 - 2019/2020 babies!

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Ok here goes! New thread as promised! 

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I'll add more on when we get them! 



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    Ooh exciting!! Thanks for setting up Rach! 
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    No worries! Here's hoping 2019 is the year for us!
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    As it’s a new post for a new year, I hope you don’t mind me sticking my beak in.

    Me and my partner have wanted a child for years but we decided for various reasons to wait until we were married. We’re getting married in three weeks! So after my next AF I will be TTC.

    We’ve never tried to conceive before, so we plan to be relaxed about it at first, mainly because I know I will be constantly checking symptoms and worrying about everything! We’re in our early thirties, so no rush yet, but we’d rather try now just in case we have difficulties. If we conceive quickly, then great, but if not we’ll enjoy being a married couple for a while and reconsider how we go about this further down the road.

    Anyway, I just wondered if anyone had any must-have tips for one who has never TTC before?! I’ve been tracking my periods for several years, so I’m fairly in tune with what happens to my body at different times of the month, and I have been taking folic acid for the last month in preparation. I’m also slowly trying to wean myself off alcohol and caffeine (although going wine tasting tonight! Enjoying it before I go properly dry!).

    Wishing you all the best in your journeys, I really hope you all have your BFPs before I even take my first HPT!

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    Must have tips? Drink til its pink! Life is too short and pregnancy too long to live like you're pregnant until you are.

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    Welcome @OmRum :) I agree with the drink til it's pink rule but I have definatley cut down on my caffeine intake this month, not completely cut it out but drinking waaaay less than I was! 
    My tip would be to try and not put too much pressure on yourself and 'baby making sex' and enjoy the start of your married life. I have really been trying to do this more the last couple of months because I was putting so much pressure on myself in the first 3-4 months of trying I ended up really stressing myself out and getting really upset with it all. Don't get me wrong I'm still doing OPKs taking supplements etc etc but trying to also focus on the fact that we've recently got married and enjoying life as just the two of us! It is definatley easier said than done though! Good luck for the upcoming wedding it's such an exciting time! And 🤞 for a short stay here!

    @Rach371i really hope your right I honestly thought 2018 was going to be the year but hey, everything happens as it should I'm sure. 
  • Hello ladies, thank you for the new thread 🙂

    Welcome OmRum. I don’t know if this is much of tip but I recently swapped my tea bags for decaf, I can’t taste the difference.

    my other posts seem to have gone with the revamp but I’m now onto the tww so I’m hoping to try and keep distracted. 10 days until my af is due, we’ve got lots of Christmas shopping and stuff to take our minds off the wait 

    Hope you are all well this Friday evening x
  • Hellooo, newbie here....hope you don’t mind me tagging along 🤗
    We got married in May and I came off the pill shortly afterwards although we weren’t technically TTC as he was working abroad and i didnt see him for months.
    last month was out first proper attempt and I said to myself would be laidback, just see what happens bla bla...didn’t conceive and I’ve now convinced myself it’ll never happen and doing lots of googling hence finding this forum. You all seem so supportive so hoped would be a good way to stay sane and help keep perspective! X 
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    Welcome jellybelly, we got married in May too 😊 and have been TTC since. This forum definatley keeps me sane and gives my poor hubby a break from me constantly talking about it to him 😂😂
  • Thank you @MrsPope2018 😘
    I’ve been on the pill for about 15 years so rationally I know it’ll take a while for body to get back to normal but it’s so hard not to get carried away. Husband keeps telling me to chill out but I’m so impatient! 
    Doesn’t  help when I have 5 friends/colleagues all due between now and April and am dealing with the constant “your next” comments 😤

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    How is everyone? Thanks Rach for the new thread -  hope it brings you some luck!
    In the 2ww and struggling to be patient - temptation to test but clearly that would be pointless.
    Out of interest what supplements are you guys taking? 
  • Yay for the new thread! I’m assuming it’s still okay for me stay?
    There was a couple of questions on the old thread which i thought I’d be best of answering on here:

    Mrs P, the booking appointment is 4th December. The letter wasn’t very helpful so MrsT (or anyone else for that matter) do you know what usually happens during that? Do I need to bring anything?

    Nothing out of the orderinary was picked up during the scan, thank goodness! I think their main concern at the time was an eptopic pregnancy as I had (occasional) sharp pains on one side. Obviously that wasn’t the case and everything seems ‘normal’ so far! ☺️

    Welcomw to Omrun and Jelly Belly - I hope your stay is short! 
    My tip would be to only test when you’ve missed a period. As hard as it is, I think it can save a lot of heart ache and money! I didn’t buy any tests so I wasn’t tempted and only bought some when I was a few days late which ended up being positive. I was only TTC for around 4 months but I know I would have found it difficult seeing negative after negative, month after month, had I tested early.

    SC2Bx, when TTC I was just taking folic acid and then started the vitex on the month I fell pregnant. I’m now on Pregnacare Max and I think they do a pre-pregnancy multivitamin too.
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    Of course it's ok for you to stay Nottinghamshire! My booking apt was very simple, they just went through what the plan for appointments/scans etc would be. Did some basic checks like weight height blood pressure etc and asked a few health questions to determine if you were low/high risk. Gave me my set of notes and a load of  leaflets! And then gave me a health questionnaire to fill in all about mine/hubbys and family's health history which she was going to go through at my next appointment along with doing a urine dip and things. That one was going to be a home visit. Because of the problems I had and was waiting for my follow up scan that one got postponed and then eventually cancelled after the m/c so I only ever had the one but it was very straightforward and I didn't need anything. 
    I had some sharp one sided pains and on my private scan she said that was the side I had the corpes luteum cyst on which is very normal and produces the hormones apparently but she said it can be a bit painful on that side up until around 12weeks. 
    @SC2Bx I used to take the conception vitamins but now i just take folic acid and have just started vitex this month to try and lengthen my LP . 
    CD11 here and still low fertility on the digi opks. Last month I had started getting highs by now so a little worried that I'm going to O late which isn't great with a 25day cycle 😔
  • Welcome Jellybean 🙂 I can relate about colleagues, if I had a pound for every you’re next I think I’d be rich

    hi SC2B, I’m in the tww as well, I’m the most impatient person and struggling already. I have been taking folic acid but I have a lot of trouble taking pills and one of them got stuck in my throat the other day and haven’t been able to take one since. I’ve found some liquid forms from Boots that I’m going to get today. 
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    Morning all 
    @SC2Bx just folic acid and multivit for me so far - might consider something else if no success in next few cycles

    @Nottinghamshirewife re: the not testing - such a good tip and I think the constant testing is what stressed me out last month. The weird thing was I was 5 days late which never happens so kept thinking they were faulty tests or I somehow was peeing on it wrong 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ Spent a fortune!! 
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    Morning ladies, so glad it's the weekend!

    Feeling a bit fed up this morning though, I'm either 5 or 6dpo and I've had spotting this morning. Tmi warning in case this puts you off your cornflakes but it's like brown cm. No red yet but it looks like the spotting I normally get the day store AF. I'll be gutted if it is AF as I'm away next week and don't want to have her come with me on my holidays! Have slight cramps but the sore boobs are gone. So fed up with my stupid body! 
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  • Rach371Rach371 Posts: 1,122 New bride
    I've put my ff chart on for any temping ladies to take a look. Where we've recovered bd we used condoms due to the fact I'm having an operation in Jan and don't want to get pregnant before then. I'm worried that vitex has shortened my LP massively! Oh yeah and I'm currently on cd62, fml!
  • Thanks Mrs P for the info! Hubby will be working down south when I have that one so it’ll just be me. I’m glad it’s nothing more than an informative appointment as we won’t feel like he’s missing out on something really important. 

    Also, I know you mentioned having a negative OPK. It might be that the vitex is going to lengthen your FP as well as your LP, but I’m not an expert.

    Rach, sorry you’re feeling fed up! I did temp but never really got the hang of it and only temped for around half of my last cycle. Do you know if your temps go down before AF? It looks like it’s gone up this morning so hopefully that’s a good sign that AF is holding off for a bit! My experience of vitex was a positive one, but obviously we’re all different so if you don’t think it’s working for you then maybe stop taking it? Although I did read that it usually takes a months to see the full benefit so it might regulate better next cycle since this one has been so long. Again, I’m no expert so I really am just guessing there! 
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    Thanks notts. Temps go down and stay down with AF so I don't know why I'm spotting only 5dpo. It's not red at all, only brown. My only guess is that my body has had enough of waiting nearly 60 days without a period and has decided to come early. Any advice from anyone is gratefully received!

    What's everyone up to this weekend? Going for lunch with my in laws today which will be nice and then cleaning tomorrow ready for our holiday. I can't wait for the break! Hopefully AF decides to stay in England!
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    Rach I hope AF doesn't make an appearance for your holiday! How long are you away for?lunch sounds lovely :) I'm working this weekend and we have one of hubbys cousins wedding evening do's to go to tonight, but work is mental atm so to be honest it's the last thing I want to do. Im on annual leave next week thank god I definatley need the break. 
    Notts I'm not worrying too much about the opks yet just thought it would have changed from low to high around a similar time to last month, but we all know that would be too straight forward wouldn't it 😂 
    @SC2Bx amd @Hannah343 good luck for the TWW! X

  • I'm a bit late to the party here but my tips would be to track ovulation for a couple of months early on so you get a really good understanding of your cycle, then you don't need to when you are actually trying. I disagree that you should drink til it's pink, but that's just me. I gave up alcohol and caffeine before we started actually trying. I don't think it's a big sacrifice in the grand scheme of things, and if it's one more thing that will help your chances then why not do it. I wouldnt want to be drinking for 2 or 3 weeks while unknowingly pregnant. I know there are lots of stories were people got very merry at birthday parties or whatever and then found out later they were pregnant, and baby was fine, but I just don't think it's worth the risk. I consoled myself with a glass of wine the day my period arrived, but that's it. This is just my opinion though and putting it out there to have both sides, it's not pressuring or judging at all. 
  • I had my little boy 8 months back and like to check the TTC thread now and then and wanted to add my 2 pence. @Samantha265 I’ve got to say I disagree with what you’ve said here. Don’t get me wrong, I get that you were just offering a different prespective but I think what you’ve said is misguided and has come across as judgemental, whether that was your intention or not. Lots on women don’t get pregnant right away and months and months of trying can be stressful. I perosnally think as long as you stop as soon as you get a positive that’s ok.

    My tip for TTC would be not to put too much pressure on yourself. It’s easy to get swept up with everything and think there’s a problem if you don’t get pregnant after the first month. Try to remember that each cycle has less than 20% chance of ending in pregnancy so it’s normal to take a few months or even a year. 
  • I hope you AF stays away for your holiday Rach. Hope you enjoy your lunch.

    Thank you MrsPope.
    I hope work goes okay and that you have a lovely time at your cousins evening do.

    We got up early to tackle some Christmas shopping and now just relaxing on the sofa. One of my cats is feeling needy so she’s snuggling up with us.

    I managed to get hold of my liquid pregnacare which I can use before and during pregnancy so that will make things easier.

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    Spotting has stopped! I'm sure I'm not this month as we've been preventing but 5 or 6dpo is too early for implantation bleeding isn't it? 

    So glad to see we have some new women on the thread? Travelling back home at the moment but will catch up with everyone layer. 
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    @Rach371i think they usually say implantation can happen from 6-10dpo but don't quote me on that. I've also read it's actually not that common and not that many women actually experience it. Ho2 long have you been preventing? Do you think there is any chance you could have caught before then? X
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    Hmm well I ovulated on Sunday or Monday I think. We dtd on Thursday before without any protection and then again on Sunday with protection. I had incredibly painful boobs around ovulation but they've stopped now, although still a bit sore. I'd be incredibly surprised if I caught. I think it's more to do with the fact I've had a 60+ day cycle and my body is begging for AF to arrive!
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    I suppose there is a chance if the sperm lives for a few days but like you said maybe it's just your body gearing up for AF. Hope you find out soon either way! 
  • I hope you find out soon either way Rach x
  • Rach371Rach371 Posts: 1,122 New bride
    Thanks guys. AF is due a week on Monday. It feels silly hoping for her to come when I'm posting on a TTC thread!
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