Baby Shower for a absolute newbie

I have been asked to co-plan a baby shower for my friend who is expecting her first child in May. It will be myself, her sister and another of her friends all working together to plan the day. In case its relevant, both her sister and i are getting married, her sister next year and me early the year after. 

She said where she wanted it, which is fine by us, takes away one of the hardest parts, and shes got a list of about 26 people. 

My issue/concern is - ive never planned a baby shower - so who pays for it? It looks like it'll be an afternoon tea type thing, at around £15-£20pp (£20 if you want champagne) but obviously for 26 people this is a huge amount. 

Are the 3 of us expected to pay, or is it normal/ok to ask people to pay for their own food? Obviously we will cover between the 3 of us things like decorations and a cake, but i really dont have a clue at all what im doing. 

Also if anyone has any general tips, tricks or ways to make it amazing please let me know. I feel like its going to turn into a baby shower version of Bridesmaids with this 3 way hierarchy. 


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    You ask people to pay for their own, and get them to pay you in advance, or at least a deposit. You would be expected to sort decorations, cake if you are having one, and cover the cost of the mum to be.
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    I have planned one baby shower, but it was at the mum to be's house. Personally I hate baby showers but they are becoming so much more of a thing now a days.
    In your case, the guests can pay for themselves (bit like a hen do). I have some fun games you can do though.

    1) birth day sweepstake - print out a calendar with 2 weeks before due date and 2 weeks after and ask people to pick a day that baby will be born (only works if no planned c section) £1 a go and winner takes all. If baby comes on a day no one picks, baby gets the winnings.
    2) taste the baby food - buy some jars of baby food, remove the labels / cover them and mum or everyone has to guess what it is
    3) get some plain white onsies / baby vests and some fabric pens and people can design a baby top - prize for mum's favourite
    4) guess the nappy - get yellow / brown foodstuffs and put in a nappy for people to guess what they are.
  • @MrsTwizbe Thank you for those suggestions, they're brilliant! 
    Feel much less panicked about the whole thing now knowing we dont need to fork out hundreds.
  • I always find it insane when someone asks friends to organise a party for them and expects them to also pay for it?? Even the cake and decor etc? 
    Like if my best friend asked me to organise their baby shower I'd be like "yeah sure! What's your budget?"
    I organised my own baby shower so didn't have to deal with all that stuff but I just don't get it!
  • @Awhelenqt i cant say i disagree, but i am happy to do it for her because it did take them quite a while and it may be her only opportunity to have a shower, but yeah i do think expecting others to pay is a bit questionable. Especially when she knows 2 of us are paying for our own weddings and the third has a 15 month old to manage. 

    Im hoping its good karma too :wink:

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    Ive been to a couple of baby showers but 2 out of 3 they had at home so no cost involved.  The 3rd was at a hall but no cost as she did it herself so cant help you on that front but I can give you game ideas to add to Twiz's suggestions.

    1 - You can buy "measure the bump" tape - everyone gets to guess at how big the bump is without physically measuring the mum to be and keep to one side.  Once everyone has cut their guess off, mum to be tries them around the bump and the closest wins (prize if wanted or just the glory)

    2 - You can get "who knows mum best" cards - just questions about mum like fave colour, film etc - mum to be also fills one in and the person with the most right answers wins 

    3 - Not 100% sure on this one but it was at one of the showers I went to - its like pin the tail on the donkey but sperm to egg?! Bit random but was a laugh - alternatively I have seen a baby face and dummy version if preferred 

    Im pretty sure 1 & 2 they had versions of these in pound land or ebay usually has these for fairly cheap!

    I hope this helps :)
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  • @MrsGB2015 theyre fab thank you!! I havent heard of those before x
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    @CoffeeDogAddict No worries hun, I found it quite fun.

    I deffo would want a baby shower but Ive said if we finally get there I just want it at my mums (she has a bigger house haha!) these few ive been to have given me ideas.

    They had things like popcorn with - ready to pop or something on them, simple stickers off ebay or somewhere thats a nice thing to have.

    I just need our IVF to work out and I am well away haha! xx
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  • @MrsGB2015 im crossing everything three times over for you!! 
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    @CoffeeDogAddict thank you hun, much appreciated :) xx
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    Miracle Baby due April 2020

    "The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow"
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