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Myself and hubby have known we are expecting our first for a few weeks now but didn’t want to make a thread right away. I’m cautiously creating this one in hopes that there will be some other ladies happy to come and join me. I’ve got my booking appointment next week and hopefully my 12 week scan will be before the end of the year so I’ll update then with expected due dates.   

Congratulations to all the ladies who are due in 2019! I hope you all have happy and healthy pregnancies 😊
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@Rach371 - 10th August 2019
@NikkiM - 10th August 2019
@SC2Bx - 7th August 2019
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    I'm going to tentatively join you on here as I'm only 4 weeks but all being well I'm due in August!
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    @Nottinghamshirewife are you finding it difficult choosing what to eat? I know the risks are minimal buy im trying to follow guidelines and it feels like everything has soft cheese in it at this time of year!
  • I think I’m ready to join in this thread, it’s still quite early days.

    I am 5 weeks on Sunday according to my app, been quite nervous and anxious after a MC at 4 and a half weeks in October. I’m starting to feel more positive and letting myself believe it.

    The app I’m using is predicting my due date as August 11, one day after my 30th. Definitely will be a memorable one.

    Hope you are both well Nottinghamshirewife and Rach x
  • Yay! Thanks for joining me ladies, I was beginning to feel a bit lonely 😋

    @Rach371, I had my 8 week booking appointment this week and the midwife went through all the foods we can and can’t eat. So far I’m managing to stick to it. Because hubby works away and only comes home for the weekend, I usually have pretty easy meals since I’m just making it for me, so I’ve not really had to cut too much out. 

    @Hannah343, it must be really difficult to let yourself belive it’s real, especially after your experience. I still worry constantly that something might go wrong and it feels like an eternity waiting for the scan!

    Speaking of, I got my scan appointment through today and it’s booked in for when I’m 13+1. I’m hoping to change it to the week before though, as hubby’s leave ends the day before we have it. 
  • That’s exciting that you’ve got your scan through. I hope they can swap it for your husband to be there.

    I sent the self referral online Sunday just gone. So hopefully we will hear from them soon
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    @Hannah343 I'm due on 12 August according to my app! I think I ovulated on 19 november which makes sense. 

    Ok silly question time- the baby is currently 3 weeks old but the NHS class me as 5 weeks pregnant. Do I have my 12 week scan when the baby is 12 weeks or when I've been pregnant for 12 weeks?! 
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    Hannah, just so you know I didn’t hear anything from anyone until I was 6 weeks gone, which is when I got a letter through for my booking appointment at 8+1. So it could be a little while before you hear anything at all. The waiting is the worst part and even though I’ve only known I was pregnant for a month it already feels like an eternity. 

    Rach, I don’t think they class any timings from when you ovulated or the eggs ‘age’. Obviously not every women and her cycle is the same and some women don’t tack ovulation so it’s more of a universal scale if you go off of a last missed period. You’ll have your scan at 12 weeks pregnant (which is also technically the age of the baby) and this is when you’ll get a more accurate due date. It shouldn’t move too much either way and it’s unlikely you’ll be put back by a couple of weeks even though that fits which when you ovulated. Also, depending on availability they can scan early at 11w or as late as 14, I’ve heard. 
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    Thanks @Nottinghamshirewife that does make sense. I've got my booking appointment on 24 January and I'll be 10+3 so hopefully I'll get an appointment for my 12 week scan soon after that.

    Took another pregnancy test today just to make sure (it was positive) is anyone else doing that or is it just me?!
  • Rach, it’s good that you’ve got your appointment through so quickly - I didn’t hear anything for weeks! When I did have my booking appointment my scan date came through the same week so I’m sure that you won’t be waiting long either. 

    Speaking of which, I phoned today and they moved the scan to 4th Jan so hubby can be there 😁

    I haven’t tested since I got my BFP (I tested twice then though). If it offers you some reassurance, I don’t see the harm! 
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    I’ll try to be patient and wait to hear, although patience is not really my best quality. 

    I’m so pleased they moved the date for you Nottinghamshirewife 

    Its not just you Rach, I’ve taken the early one, the digital one and then I took another one the other day just to see if the line got darker. It doesn’t help that I still have one more digital left in the cupboard. I think I just keep expecting the worst. 
    I’ve been doing mindfulness every evening before I got to sleep, I really want to keep my mind calm and I want to get into the habit of doing more yoga. I do the kids one once a week with my nursery children but I want to start doing a gentle one at home
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    @Nottinghamshirewife I called my gp to make an appointment when I first found out I was pregnant and the receptionist told me to call our local maternity clinic and book myself in. I rang them and got told what time my booking in appointment was then and there. It probably helps I live in a big city.

    Great news about moving your scan, not long to wait now! 

    @Hannah343 Im glad it's not just me! I think I'll do a few more before my appointment at the end of January!
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    Rach, it’s really good that you got the ball moving so quickly! I find it helps having dates in place, otherwise the time seems to drag way more. Are you still taking vitex or did you stop when you got your positive result?

     Hannah, have things sunk in now for you and your SO (I couldn’t remember if you’re married or not - sorry) now or is it still feeling a little surreal still?

     RE the scan, we’re both so happy they moved it! I know it’s not that far off in the grand scheme of things, but almost 4 weeks seems like forever away to see the baby when we’ve already waited so long! I’ve looked into early reassurance scans but I think we’ll most likely wait.

    I’m meeting up with some uni friends at the end of Dec (the day I turn 12w) and I was planning on telling them then but I’m having second thoughts now and think I should wait until after the scan 🤔 We also thought about a NY announcement for the rest of the family but we might also put that on hold until after the scan. Have either of you told anyone just yet?
  • It's sunk in a lot more now for both of us, yep we got married in August. We still feel a bit cautious but there have already been quite a lot of differences between the pregnancies and I feel a bit more secure. 

    I'm tempted for an early scan but I keep over thinking it. I said to my OH that we will decide once we hear from the midwife and get an idea of appointment dates. 

    I've told some people at work, mainly because we work so closely and they can take on things that I can't do in the environment like filling up the water tray with buckets etc. We haven't told family yet, we were waiting until Christmas but we've changed our minds as I'm not one for being centre of attention and I think it will be too overwhelming to tell everyone at the same time. My mum's coming over today so I've got her a little card saying 'All the best Mums get promoted to Nanny', I got her a cup saying that last time so I will say she can start using it now. We're going to tell the in laws next weekend, they were on holiday last time we found out and we had the MC by the time they got back so we've still of MIL's cup, her's says '9 months to go from Cat Grandma to Human Grandma' 
  • Hi ladies, I have decided that I’m going to go all in on this and so can I join you guys. 

    Some of you might know some might not but I only yesterday graduated from the broken thread. We found out i had PCOS in May this year after me cycles stopped completely. We’ve been trying for 16months at this point. In September I changed jobs from a senior nursery leader to a clerical job because he stress of infertility was too much on top of children all day every day. And I’m certain that’s why I’m here now. My cycles returned in September and now we’ve got our BFP. I think I’m 4+1 weeks along. I’m a little anxious that I don’t feel any different but like I said I’m going to enjoy this for the now and if anything changes I’ll deal with that then. Infertility robbed us of so much and so I am going to really run with these positives :)

    so so pleased to be sharing this with you all, I know I’m going to need this thread and if I can help anyone else I am happy :)
    Never late to the party if I’m late to the party with you!
  • Hannah, what a lovely way to announce your pregnancy. Myself and hubby were so excited when we found out that we told both sets of parents that night! I’m also rubbish at keeping a secret and hubby didn’t want to have to either so it was probably for the best that we announced things early 😂

    My mum’s birthday is the week after our scan so assuming everything goes well with that, I was thinking about getting her something grandma related then.  

    On another note, there have been 2 BFPs on the Broken thread in the past couple of days! I cannot belive how many announcements we’ve had  between the two threads in just over a month! 
  • @MrsRichardson, we must have been typing at the same time as I didn’t see your post!
    I did see your announcement on the broken thread and commented there, but another HUGE congratulations! 😊

    I can only try to imagine how difficult your journey must have been, but I’m so pleased that it’s ended with such positive news! In my first post I mentioned how anxious I felt after getting my BFP, which is why it took me a little while to start the thread, point is, I think it’s completely normal! 

    I’m 9 weeks today(!) and honestly don’t feel too much different to pre-pregnancy, but I’m sure you’ll start to get some symptoms soon and that will make it feel a lot more real for you!

  • Haha yeah I think we did 😛 Thanks @Nottinghamshirewife, I saw your post yesterday :) it’s so surreal that I’m not sure I really believe this is happening. I keep looking at the test just to reassure myself I haven’t dreamt this. 

    We told my mum and his mum and sister yesterday. I’ve also realised I have the perfect cover for the pregnancy. We’ve been so open and honest with everyone regarding our journey so far that I can just tell then all about our recent appointment and the meds I was given mean I shouldn’t drink so the timing is great. We won’t tell anyone else until we are in the clear. Just out of interest what did you ladies do regarding telling doctors, I’m so new to this 😜 Should I just call tomorrow to say I’ve got a positive test? 
    Never late to the party if I’m late to the party with you!
  • I bet they were over the moon for you! It’s handy that you have such a good cover story 😉 

    I think the protocol might vary depending on location, but I went into the GP surgery and they put my details in a book that the midwives collect once a week. It was then a case of waiting a few weeks, which is when I got my letter through for my booking appointment. At the booking appointment they confirmed the date of my LMP and a few days later I got my 12 week scan letter through. 

    There was so much waiting around in the TTC process; waiting for AF, tww, waiting for cycles to get back to normal etc. I was sure than when I got pregnant things would move a bit quicker! Unformately, I’ve found there is just as much waiting! 😪
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    Welcome @MrsRichardson! Very happy to see you here!

    I found out I was pregnant last tuesday at 16dpo so I think that makes me 3 weeks although my app says 5 weeks. Just when I think I've got the dates right I forget it!

    I rang my gp and told the receptionist why I was calling. She gave me the number for my local maternity clinic and I rang them to make an appointment for the 24 January when I'll be 10 weeks. I think i then get an appointment a few weeks later for my 12 week scan. It all depends on your area though! 

    Not drinking at Christmas is going to be a nightmare! We're having a massive family Christmas and I dont know how I'll hide it! 
  • Congratulations Mrs Richardson, I can’t imagine what you’ve been through to get here but I am so pleased for you.

    Where we are we have to self register online with our chosen hospital, I did that last Sunday so I’m waiting to hear from them.

    I follow on Facebook the Tommy’s page and there’s just been a post about missed miscarriages and I don’t know why but I’ve let it really freak me out. Half hour ago I was talking to my other half about how positive I was feeling and now I feel really anxious especially after realising I haven’t got the backache and nausea anymore that I’ve had constantly recently 
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    Hi ladies, whilst it’s early days as we only just found out we’re pregnant this weekend, I’m going for the optimistic approach, because it’s taken so long to get here, and joining the thread!

    I’ve been on the Broken thread for a while. It’s taken us around 19 months to get pregnant. We went to the doctors back in June to get the back rolling as it was taking so long, had all the tests, found it was all unexplained infertility, the referral for IVF was sent off and then I fall pregnant. I think my body didn’t fancy injections and operations and made itself get pregnant.

    It came as a complete shock. I was having my usual pre AF backache so didn’t expect it to be any different this time. I’ve done 2 tests on 2 separate days and both are saying BFP so here I finally am!!

    Ive just been to the doctors to get my booking appointment, which is set for 3rd January. So assuming all goes well my due date is 17 August 2019! 😁
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    Welcome to the thread Nikki :) I can't imagine everything you've been through, big congratulations

  • @NikkiM that’s brilliant news. About your appointment :) 

    I’ve been in touch with my GP today because I was given metformin to take.l at the clinic appointment last week. I took one Friday then got my positive test Saturday so haven’t taken any more. She advised that I just don’t take them so I’m pleased about that. My booking appointment is 15th January. According the the NHS website my EDD is 19th August which is also my birthday 🎂 so if baby did come that day they share the same birthday (mine was 19-08-91 and theirs would be 19-08-19 😊)

    I also was told today by two ladies I work with if I wanted an early scan they would happily do it out of hours for me, so not sure what I want to do. Right now I’m happy so will see how I feel after Christmas :)

    @Hannah343 try not to focus on those sorts of articles. I know too well that it can be so much easier said than done but it will only make you feel rubbish. I’m sure I’ve read symptoms come and go and that’s not a bad sign. Hope you are okay 😊

    @Rach371 how do you think you’ll manage the no drinking Christmas? Turns out we’ve got the most perfect excuse and no one will question me 😛
    Never late to the party if I’m late to the party with you!
  • It’s great that you’ve got you booking in date. Aww that would be lovely if your little one arrived on your birthday, what a present.

    Thank you, I am feeling better this evening. I’ve unfollowed all the pages like that, it’s definitely better to stay away for now 
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    I think I need to change my booking appointment, mines not til the 24th January which is when I'm 11 weeks!

    My edd is 12 August so feeling like I should have my appointment before then....

    Have no idea about the no alcohol thing! Any guidance would be great....
  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,653 New bride
    I wasn’t expecting to get an appointment so soon but the receptionist said they try to aim for 8 weeks so they’ve got it pretty close. 

    I’ve got my works Xmas party on Friday. I’m going with the excuse that I’m on antibiotics and therefore also driving to avoid any raised eyebrows. We’ve told our mums already and plan to tell immediate family around Christmas so we don’t really need an excuse for me not drinking. To be honest I’m not the biggest drinker anyway. The thing I’ll miss most is rare steak and prawns. Plus I love runny eggs. 😕 I also didn’t enjoy my cup of tea this morning. I love a morning cup of tea. Please let me keep that! 😁
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    Just popping over as I’m not on the forum much these days to say congrats to everyone, and particularly @NikkiM and @MrsRichardson as we had wedding planning threads at the same time and i recall your wedding was just after mine in March 2017! Im really pleased for you both as I’ve followed your journeys as I still read the board! My little girl turns one soon which is crazy! But I also wanted to say @NikkiM you can have prawns (cooked) and runny eggs now as long as the eggs are british lion stamped! I had poached / runny quite a few times! The NHS website confirms this. 

    All tye best with your pregnancies!
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    @NikkiM I rang the midwife today to ask if my appointment was right, turns out the woman who booked me in got her maths wrong and so theyve moved my appointment forward to 7 january so I'm feeling much better!

    @Nottinghamshirewife I'm still taking vitex but have reduced to one a day. Will reduce again next week to wean myself off. Are you still taking it?

    Having a minor freak out today, a male member of my team (there's only 3 of us) has just had his request for reduced hours approved. I'm worried how it'll affect me coming back to work part time. I know it's 18 months away so hoping it's just my stupid irrational pregnant brain being silly. 
  • Hannah, I just wanted to say that I also recently saw an article about missed miscarriages and stupidly read it. I’ve now somehow convinced myself that, because I don’t have any symptoms (or very little of them anyway), I must be having one. I know every pregnancy is different and so is every woman bla bla bla, but I’m still worrying about my lack of symptoms. I’ve been even more concerned recently as you all seem to have load more than I do and you’re all a month behind me 🙈 I know it’s stupid and irrational but I’m feeling so anxious about it still!

    Rach, I completely stopped taking vitex after 2/3 weeks, I didn’t want to take it whilst pregnant as there’s not much research into how it can effect baby and I perosnally didn’t want to take the chance. Stopping it studdnetly can cause a miscarriage, or so I’ve read, due to a sudden drop in progesterone, which is why I didn’t stop as soon as I found out. 

    I’m also glad that you got your app moved forward! I did think it sounded a bit late, but since this is my first pregnancy I have no idea what is normal and what’s not in terms of appointments and timings. 

    I hope everyone else is doing okay? 
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