Due October 2019

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Hi all, 

I know it’s super early, but I found out last week that we are expecting!!!  We're so excited, and I have worked out that we're due on 14th October. 

Is anyone else out there due in October?  <3 
Married September 2018, Baby due October 2019.  


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    Hi Potty, thought I'd tentatively join you. Just done a test yesterday, I'll be due 30th October if everything works out. This will be my 3rd baby, I've already got 2 boys who are 5 and 2 (will be 3 by the time baby arrives as his birthday is August). X
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    Just swinging by to say congratulations ladies and an extra big congratulations to you, Polly 😍😍 
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    Hi Lou, thank you :)

    And Congratulations Polly, finally another October baby... I was beginning to get lonely over here haha.  This is our first baby, and wow, your 3rd baby and 3 under 5!  My Mum was exactly the same as you, I was the 3rd and me, my brother and sister have the same age gaps! x
    Married September 2018, Baby due October 2019.  
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    My eldest will be 6 in December so nearly 6 years in total between oldest and youngest (if everything works out!), there's 2 years 8 mths between my 2 boys and there will be 3 years 2 months between my youngest and this baby. The thing I'm dreading most is the school run every morning with a newborn. My 2 year old is a nightmare most mornings, refusing to put on his coat/shoes or just refusing to get out of the car so adding a newborn into the mix just seems like it'll be impossible, but my youngest will be at nursery more from September so at least I'll get some time at home on my own with baby. I need a new car this year as well so I'm going to look at a slightly bigger one, as I don't think I'll get 3 car seats in my corsa! I'm very cautious at getting carried away at this stage but it doesn't stop my mind going into planning mode. Xx
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