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  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,345 New bride
    Hiya everyone 
    I spoke awhile ago saying I was soon to start my journey, I finished my final pill last Sunday, AF Is currently here so soon as she leaves I guess it begins, any advice would be great
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,383 New bride
    Happy wedding day MrsPB!!! What a beautiful day you have. 

    Welcome back MrsMannion, my advice at the moment would just be use an app to log and get to know your cycles, take a ttc vitamin or at least folic acid and just have regular sex every 2-3 days throughout your cycle. Easier said than done but try not to put too much pressure on yourselves and just enjoy! 
  • Tallie237Tallie237 Posts: 495 New bride
    Thanks Mrsmin, mrspope and sammykate! I screwed up my temps this morning as I woke up 2 hours early needing a wee, my temp then was .2 lower but then I went back to bed and woke up 4 hours later (so 2 hours later than normal) and it was exactly the same as yesterday! Dont think I can rely on either temp so just waiting for the witch to show! I have backache like last month though so I'm pretty sure it'll be soon.

     Mrsmin love the name Hallie! I'm so pleased she got her bunny back.

     Welcome Mrsmannion! Unfortunately my cycles were a bit all over for a while when I came off the pill so fingers crossed that doesn't happen for you! I think I'd recommend the relaxed approach at first as it doesn't take much until it feels like ttc has taken over your life!

    Happy wedding day mrsPB!!

     Hope we're all enjoying the sunshine ☀️
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,383 New bride
    Have you had any more spotting Tallie?? 

    This weather is amazing! Had a night away with some friends and did a lot of drinking yesterday. Not looking forward to work the next couple of days in this heat!
  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,345 New bride
    Thanks everyone, I'm already taking vitamins I started them last week, thanks for the advice, iv got the flo app is that one any good
  • Tallie237Tallie237 Posts: 495 New bride
    Nevermind AF is here- pass the wine!!
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,383 New bride
    Oh Tallie I'm so sorry 😔😔💔 

    MrsMannion I've never used Flo but I think they are all pretty much as good as each other once you've been  using them for a while and they get to know your cycles. I use Ovia and its pretty much spot on for me but I have been using it for a year!
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,383 New bride
    Just done an opk and it's pretty close to positive, which is a couple of days earlier than I expected, I'm only CD10!will do another this evening but I think it will either be tonight or tomorrow that its positive. 
  • Tallie237Tallie237 Posts: 495 New bride
    Mrsmannion I use ovia and fertility friend.

    Thanks Mrspope, I was expecting it so not feeling too bad about it at the minute. That's soon! I'm jealous, wish I could fast forward to my fertile week. As part of MrPopes plan does that mean you will be dtd soon or holding off a day or 2?
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,383 New bride
    We will hopefully DTD tonight and then wait 2-3 days and try again 🤞 
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,383 New bride
    Did another opk last night and it was definitely positive, we dtd yesterday but this mornings opk is still just as positive. Hope we weren't too quick to dtd and wasted it. I'm working long days today and tomorrow so probably wont get chance now until Tuesday anyway.
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 947 New bride
    Sorry about AF MrsRagdoll and Tallie. I hope there is plenty of chocolate in your near future.

    MrsPope, I think you're covered. My app thinks I will ovulate tomorrow so we will be tww buddies. We've also been dtd less frequently this cycle and not used opks, so we'll see.

    Happy Easter all!
  • MrsMinMarch2016MrsMinMarch2016 Posts: 512 New bride
    edited April 2019
    Me and I think sammykate r also in the tww so a few of us this time!! Although I had no definite positive OPK or obvious symptoms I’m sure i ovulated on the 18th.

    Mrspope I agree you’re covered, they say ur most fertile as soon u see the surge. I’ve also heard spermies can survive for up to 7 days so don’t worry too much if u can’t dtd for next couple of days!!

    Tallie sorry to hear about AF I had high hopes for u but glad u can make the most of the sunny long wkd with a wine or 2!!

    Sammykate did u follow smep to the exact in the end?? I was waiting for positive OPK to do 3 days in a row but cuz I never got one we didn’t. I really hope we covered it we DTD EOD since cd9 & I’m cd19 now, I think I OV’d cd16 so think we’ll DTD one more time today then play the waiting game!

    Welcome mrsmannion! I also recommend Ovia! 

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride
    Sorry AF is here Tallie!

    Good news on the positive OPKs MrsPope

    MrsMannion I use Ovia as well, just because its what I randomly picked from the app store.

    MrsMin we didn't manage to do SMEP to the letter sadly. Couldn't get a positive OPK which didn't help but pretty sure I OVd on CD17. We DTD on 9, 11, 12, 14, 16 and 17. According to SMEP we are supposed to be doing it every other day still but to be honest I think we'd both had enough by then lol. CD21 today so maybe tonight just in case, although I'm fairly sure that O ship has sailed.
    It sounds like you had it pretty covered so fingers crossed!

  • MrsPB2019MrsPB2019 Posts: 832 New bride
    Thank you for all the wedding well wishes ladies. I had the perfect day yesterday and hope to write a report thread at some point.

    Unfortunately married life hasn’t gotten off to the best of starts as one of our dogs in kennels had to be rushed to an emergency vet today. We need to monitor him but the vet thinks he should recover. We’re going on minimoon with the dogs on Tuesday until Sunday so hopefully we still manage a good time.

    Sorry I’ve not had time to catch up but I hope everyone is good and fingers crossed the thread gets a BFP soon!
  • DandelionBlueDandelionBlue Posts: 1,455 New bride
    Hi ladies. Sorry for not popping in this week. It has been a very busy one for me. Last week at work. And this weekend has been spent moving. We still need to unpack the van tomorrow.
    Anyway I did get my period on Tuesday after three days of light spotting. I felt sick most of the week. But I am pretty sure that was nerves about the move. I guess it was a good thing I wasn't pregnant. My husband would have striggled with the move.

    MrsPB Huge congrats on being a married women. What weather for it too! So sorry about tour dog. Hope he will be better in time for your minimoon.

    Lots of luck to the ladies in their tww. 🤞🤞🤞 Mrs Pope, Sammykate, MrsMin. And OmRum?

    So sorry about Af MrsRagdoll and Tallie

    Welcome back to the thread MrsMannion. To be honest if there is something I would want to change about our journey it is not to dive full into ttc immediately. I wish I had taken a more relaxed approach the first three months. Because now I will never be able to be fully relaxed about it again. Do take folic acid and try to get to know your cycle. But don't go mad with ov sticks and tempting just yet. Try to listen to your body instead. Look out for ov cramps, EWCM etc. I have heard good things about Flo.

    I hope I didn't miss anyone? Sorry I had 31 posts to catch up on lol.

    Oh an interesting note. I spoke to my friend whose son was one yesterday. She said she tried to figure out when she got pregnant. And it seemed to make no sense, since they didn't do it near O. Only right at the start of her cycle. Close to when af finished. So it just goes to show, that nature will take its own course. Even when we track etc.
  • Hannah343Hannah343 Posts: 303 New bride
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  • Hannah343Hannah343 Posts: 303 New bride
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  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 947 New bride
    Sorry you're struggling to find support, Hannah. Please don't feel embarrassed about it. I understand what you mean about counselling. I've seen so many counsellors and they've always made me feel worse rather than better.

    Sorry AF has arrived, Dandelion. That's interesting about your friend and goes to show that as long as you're having sex without contraception you're in with a chance. 

    On that note, my app said I would ovulate today but I've not felt anything, which is unusual. Just my luck that when I don't use opks I can't feel it! We've been dtd every 2-3 days so should be covered. We'll just have to keep it up (no pun intended) as much as we can until I get the pre-AF pains.

    Hopefully I'll get ov pains in the night, otherwise I'll just have to assume on on my tww.
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride
    Sore boobs this morning which usually means AF will be here in a week! Trying not to lose hope for this month but I know what it means :(

    Hope OV happens for you soon Omrum
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,383 New bride
    Hey ladies hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend.  

    Good luck to everyone in the TWW, sounds like there are a few of us!!

    Dandelion sorry about AF, glad the move went ok. Do you have any plans to do anything different this cycle?? 

    MrsPB, I'm so sorry about your dog 😔 I hope all is ok and you enjoy your mini moon, where are you going?? 

    Tallie hope your doing ok. 

    Hannah hope going back to work goes ok. 💜 sounds like you had a nice weekend with your hubby. I'm glad you found writing your piece helpful. 

    OmRum 🤞 for Ov!! 

    Sorry if I've missed anyone else. 

    I think I'm 1 or 2 dpo but going by my 1st positive opk I'm saying 2. I ovulated a few days earlier than expected this cycle so I'm assuming AF will arrive earlier than predicted. I'm back in work this afternoon and then have the rest of the week off and we are going away for a couple of days at the weekend, the weathers not meant to be great but will be nice to have a break anyway. 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 947 New bride
    No sign of Ov yet! I think I have to assume it happened last night and I just didn't feel it, but I shall dtd again tonight or tomorrow morning just in case (I'm sure DH won't mind too much!). I usually get AF at 14dpo, so I'll have to wait till then to work out what happened!

    I've put on weight over the weekend, but not too much. Got dinner tonight with a friend, but fortunately we're going to Pizza Express, and I love their low calorie pizzas! Unfortunately, we still have loads of chocolate in the house, so I need to ration it.

    How is the dog, MrsPB? I hope you had a lovely mini-moon.

    So MrsPope, MrsMin, Sammy and I are all in the tww. Anyone else?
  • MrsRagdollMrsRagdoll Posts: 282 New bride

    Morning all!

    I had another 2 day AF... pretty certain this may be affecting my chances to conceiving! It's so frustrating and I've googled so much and there doesn't seem like there's anything I can do to change it!

    @OmRum I've put on weight too! Me and hubs are going to Mykonos in early June and I had assumed I'd be pretty pregnant (naively) so have not bothered to get in shape but now it's only about 6 weeks away I'm panicking as none of my summer clothes and swimwear fit so need to crash diet!

    I'm going to do OPKs again this month and I've just ordered a thermometer as well to give bbt charting a bash!

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    MrsRagdoll none of my summer clothes fit either, don't feel bad! We went to the Caribbean in December and even some of that stuff no longer fits which is really bad. Don't know how I've put on so much so quickly.

    I had ideas a month ago about doing a 30 day shred and lets just say it was only a 3 day shred lol.

  • MrsMinMarch2016MrsMinMarch2016 Posts: 512 New bride
    edited April 2019
    Haha Sammykate your post made me lol I have the 30 day shred dvd, you probably managed 1 more day than me on the run up to my Mexico trip in Feb! It's so hard to motivate yourself if you think you may get pregnant in the next few months! I really hope your sore boobs are a PG sign and not AF, it can be either...I've convinced myself I'm out as well this mth as had no obvious ovulation  :( I'm worried it will be a bitter pill to swallow this month with all the effort we've put in!!

    Congratulations MrsPB on your wedding.  Sorry to hear about your dog though, how is it doing now?? I love that your minimoon involved the dogs  :)  I'm a big dog lover myself.

    Mrsragdoll how confusing about your short AF, have you asked your doctor about them? I tried temping this month but found it IMPOSSIBLE!!! You're apparently supposed to do it soon as you wake up around the same time before you've done anything, this is a virtual impossibility when you have to get up anytime from 5.45 to put a toddler back in bed till a reasonable hour!! So my temps were all over the place so gave up eventually.

    I have no idea whats going on this cycle still  :( currently CD22 I'm still doing OPKs as never got a blazer and for the last 2 days I've been getting very dark close to positive results.  So don't know if I'm having another surge or if indeed it is an extremely late OV. Its so typical as this is the 1 month hubby is home most of the time, last month when he was away I had a textbook cycle with clear OV symptoms and blazing OPKs!! 

    Hannah343 thats shocking that there isn't much support available.  My best friend had an eptopic pregnancy last year and found it very tough, she ended up finding a phone support group and spoke a couple of times to a lady who had gone through a similar experience which she found very cathartic.  Maybe you can look in to this.  On that note if anyone is up for a positive story - she had a really tough time, her eptopic resulted in surgery where she lost a tube then complications meant she ended up back in hospital for a time.  She was told to wait for 3 cycles before TTC but cheekily DTD before even 1 cycle and conceived!  She is due next week!!!

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride
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    MrsMin you're making me think now I should have carried on with the OPKs rather than stopping after what should have been my fertile week! We haven't been BDing either, I think I wore him out lol. But maybe I scuppered my chances by stopping so soon. I'm sure its worth you having a go in case this is a late O!

    No OPKs or SMEP next cycle as we are on holiday during fertile week. Will try to BD a few times! Trying not to feel down, but as I'm being made redundant at the end of Sept I was realy hoping to be well pregnant by then. Its looking like I'll have to find another permanent job which I really didn't want to. I had the idea in my head that I'd temp for a couple of months, have baby and not have to worry about it. Life has other plans I guess!
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 947 New bride
    Sorry it's working out tougher than you hoped, Sammy!

    MrsMin, how frustrating not to know what's going on. I'm in a similar boat insofar as I didn't opk this cycle and typically didn't get my usual ov pains, so now I don't know whether I ovulated without feeling it, whether it's yet to come or whether I just haven't ovulated at all! So annoying. I've been having vague twinges down there and the usual queasiness I get with ov so I'm hoping it's happened and I just didn't feel it.

    MrsRagdoll, how odd about the short AF. It's probably just a phase brought on by stress - it can happen. Hopefully things will be back to normal this cycle, or you'll get your BFP. I'm not sure how the shorter periods will affect your chances - so long as you ovulate and DTD you're in with a chance.

    It is frustrating about planning ahead at the moment not knowing if you will be pregnant or not. We're thinking about our honeymoon and want to do something special, but can't afford to waste the money on a holiday that  might not be able to go on if I'm heavily pregnant or have a baby to look after. It's difficult to know what to do!
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 947 New bride
    Hmm I think ov pains have started... nice to know all is in working order but annoying that we've done SMEP two days early! Oh well, still in with a good chance.
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride
    Good luck with SMEP Omrum! Hope you're not both tired out already from starting too early
  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,345 New bride
    I'm understanding most of the abbreviations but what does SMEP mean, sorry I'm not writing much just little behind on everyone's journeys x
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