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  • MrsPB2019MrsPB2019 Posts: 832 New bride
    According to my app AF is due on Thursday. Between the cramps and PMS she is definitely on her way.
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,369 New bride
    Hannah I can see why you think they are not getting much darker but they are definitely not faint lines by any means. They look pretty good. I hope the cramps don't get any worse but as you said the fact your not bleeding is good! 

    MrsP fingers crossed she stays away!
  • DandelionBlueDandelionBlue Posts: 1,451 New bride
    Hannah I do think the last one is a little darker. And as MrsPope said they are all very clear lines. Do you have an appointment with the doctor?

    Sorry MrsPope I didnt see your post before posting mine. I didnt start temping until CD 11 and was still able to make out my temp shift.

    Aw MrsPBtobe I hope ypu are wrong and that the cramps are implantation. Unfortunately PMS and pregnancy symptoms can be very similar.

    OmRum fingers crossed this tww leads to something positive. I hate being in the tww. Worst part of ttc. How long is yours normally?

    Tallie and MrsPope hurray for cycling together. Although I believe both of you tend to ovulate earlier than me.

    CD9 today. And my temps in the last two daya have been weirdly high. But I dont think I ovulated yet. Because my heart rate didnt start to increase.

  • Beatrice25Beatrice25 Posts: 248 New bride
    Hi, I hope you don't mind me jumping in I've been following your posts for a few weeks and had my fingers crossed for you all!

    I'm not really TTC just yet, we get married abroad in June so hoping to start closer to the time. Anyway, I've been on the pill since I was about 13 due to bad periods and I'm now 24. I came off the pill in Oct/Nov time as I wanted to see what my periods would be like and get them semi normal before the wedding. I was hoping for some opinions though as we DTD Saturday (he pulled out TMI :# ) and yesterday and today I've had slight bleeding which is quite dark in the mornings and I feel quite crampy. I'm not due AF for another 2 weeks yet. This happened to me in Nov but I thought it was probably cos my periods were a bit messed up but they've been very regular for the last couple months. Does anyone else get this? 

    I have got a doc appointment next week as they wanted to monitor me as before I was on the pill my AF was horrendous and made me badly anaemic.

    Again I hope you don't mind me popping in! x
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,369 New bride
    Welcome Beatrice, where are you getting married? Not long to go now you must be so excited!! I dont really have any advice sorry that's never happened to me but I know it can take a long time for cycles to get back to normal after coming off the pill. Hopefully your doctor will be able to offer you some reassurance though. 
  • Hi all,

    Hannah I think your tests are all good positives, I know the blue dye ones aren't as sensitive as the pink dyes, maybe try a FRER first thing in the morning and i'm confident you'll get a good dark line.  Might be good for reassurance! I would actually say the cramping is a good sign and completely normal for early pregnancy.  Don't be scared of a digi either I got 'pregnant 1-2 wks' 2 days after my missed period with my first born!

    I (tentatively) am in the TWW too...I was sure last week we did miss fertile window after I got positive OPK thurs but I think I actually OV'd Fri and me & hubby managed to DTD Sat morning (I unashamedly jumped on him when he got back from being away!!) So I think we may have a VERY slim chance this cycle but a chance nonetheless!

    Welcome to the newbies and @Beatrice25! Sorry I can't help with your bleeding as I have no experience with this, I would definitely mention it in your docs appt though.  Where are you getting married??
  • Beatrice25Beatrice25 Posts: 248 New bride
    Hi @MrsPope2018 @MrsMinMarch2016 I'm getting married in Portugal only 12 weeks to go now and I'm super excited :) ! Thank you for getting back to me, I'm hoping its just the cycles sorting themselves out - got to love them! 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 940 New bride
    Welcome Beatrice. It sounds like ovulation bleeding and cramping to me. This usually happens 14 days before your period so the timing is right. I've had it once or twice. Alternatively it could be irritation caused by sex if it was particularly rough or you were feeling dry.

    Dandelion, my ttw is usually exactly 14 days, so I'm due AF next Friday. However my last two cycles from my right ovary have been shorter, so it might be earlier.
  • Tallie237Tallie237 Posts: 406 New bride
    Hannah as the others have said they're good positive lines! Maybe try a pink dye test?

    MrsPB 🤞 shes not!

    Dandelion, last cycle I got my positive on CD14 however it has been as late as CD22 and I think this cycle will be later than last as I've not had any EWCM yet. 

    Hopefully you caught the egg MrsMin!

    Beatrice I had a little bit of ovulation bleeding before and I also had very irregular periods after coming off the pill (was also on it for 10years), some cycles as short as 20 days! Good luck for your wedding!
  • MrsR17MrsR17 Posts: 95 New bride
    Hannah, I had proper 'period' cramps for about 4 days pre AF due date (and for about two weeks after). We did test with just digital only (I didn't want line confusion) 4 days after AFs due date and got a positive so cramping is totally normal! 
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 696 New bride
    Hi everyone! Hope you’re all well? Can I join with you all? We aren’t actually TTC just yet, but after our wedding in August we will be and I’m coming off BC in May to see how I go with ovulation etc and I don’t really know much to be honest! 

    Ive been lurking and following some of your stories for a few months and im keeping my fingers crossed for you all 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  • DiaryDiary Posts: 368 New bride
    Hannah I’m just dropping by to echo what the other girls have said. Pink dye ones are much better in my experience - they look less evaporated if that makes sense? As for cramping - I cramped for about 10 days after my positive at 11dpo and still am from time to time in my back. 

    Sending positive thoughts your way x
  • Hannah343Hannah343 Posts: 292 New bride
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  • Hannah343Hannah343 Posts: 292 New bride
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  • DandelionBlueDandelionBlue Posts: 1,451 New bride
    Oh Hannah I am so sorry. I have read that some women show better on certain pg tests than others. I hope this is the case here. Thinking of you.

    Welcome to the thread Blondiebride. When are you getting married? Give ypur cycle a bit of time to rerurn to normal after coming off contraception. But I would recommend using opks after a couple of months to figure out when you are ovulating.

    Tallie it would be nice to be in the tww together.

    OmRum my understanding is that the luteal phase doesnt vary in length. Only what day you ovulate. So on a shorter cycle you ovulated earlier.

    MrsMin Great that you got a chance to BD afterall. FC you caught the egg.

    Welcome to the thread Beatrice. I think three days for implantation is too quick. Generally happens from 6 days after ovulation onwards. Sounds like ovulation cramps and bleeding to me. Which is normal for some women.

    I got my first flashing smiley on my digital opk this morning. How many days of these do you usually have before you get your solid smiley?
    I had a headache yesterday so had a hunch that my estrogen was starting to increase. But my rhr has dropped to its lowest today. It usually starts climbing during my fertile days.
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,369 New bride
    Hannah I'm so sorry 💔 I really hope you get some answers. 

    Dandelion I usually get between 3 and 5 flashing days before my peak. 

    Not much going on here CD11, having some watery CM. Haven't taken an opk yet today but will do shortly. We have our drs apt tomorrow... I'm a bit nervous! 
  • @Hannah343 I'm so so sorry, I really have everything crossed its not the worst case.

    @OmRum looks like we're in this together, my AF will also be due next fri but thats if I have a 33 day cycle, they can be anything up to 36.

    @Blondiebride2019 I echo what dandelion said, definitely give your cycle time to return to normal, I came off the pill in November and now wish I'd come off earlier as still not having a regular cycle which makes TTC a lot trickier! We just used condoms before we knew we were ready to try.

    Sorry dandelion I can't help as no experience of digital OPKs!

    @MrsPope2018 good luck for your appointment, it is a positive move! Good signs that OV is coming too, get BD'ing!   :p

  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 696 New bride
    Thank you @DandelionBlue and @MrsMinMarch2016 I get married in August and we’re going to start trying pretty much straight after.  I was going to come off the pill in May (I’m doing the London marathon in April and I want to avoid being on my period for that date if possible) but I’m wondering if I should come off sooner.

    what opks would you recommend? 

    @Hannah343 I’m so sorry you’re going through so much, I’ll keep my fingers crossed xxxx
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 940 New bride
    Sorry, Hannah. I hope you find your answers soon.

    Dandelion, I thought the luteal phase remained the same too, but the cycle before last my opks gave the normal ovulation date for my cycle, yet AF started only 9 days later, so I'm keeping an eye again this month to see what happens. 

    I'm 5dpo at the moment and already getting vague cramping and sickiness which I normally get 8dpo. Had a  really bad cramp last night which I could feel in my dreams (I dreamt I was bleeding but no sign of blood when I checked in the morning). Desperately trying not to symptom spot because it's so devastating when AF comes!
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,369 New bride
    🤞 for those of you nearing AF/testing. 

    Blondiebride you can get really cheap opks off Amazon for a few pound or you can go as expensive as the digitals. I find the digis much easier to use as they literally tell you low, high and peak fertility. The ones with the lines like pregnancy tests can sometimes be hard to read. But I think if your just starting out the cheapy ones would be fine for a while to get an idea of your cycles etc. I've just started using the wondfo ones off Amazon which are mid price range and I'm getting on so much better with them than I do the really cheap ones but that's just me. 

    My opk this morning wasn't particularly dark but just tested this afternoon and its sooo close to being positive! Should I test again later or wait until tomorrow?? We will def be BDing tonight and tomorrow. This is the darkest opk I've ever had that wasnt a digi, its earlier than I expected by a day or two so I'm glad I re tested this afternoon! 
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,369 New bride

    This is close yes?? 
  • @mrspope2018 I am not an expert by any means but that looks exactly like the one I did the evening before I got my much darker test line vs control line earlier this month. So definitely looking good for OV tomorrow or Fri  :#

    @Blondiebride2019 I use the cheap test strips from Amazon (one step) and for me I was quite surprised how clearly it pinpointed the LH surge (apparently you ovulate up to 36 hrs after this though)  Wow thats so impressive that you're doing the London Marathon - you are a lot braver than me!!!

  • Tallie237Tallie237 Posts: 406 New bride
    I'd test again tomorrow mrspope. Good luck for the doctors appointment!

    Hannah I'm so sorry, I hope the doctor has answers for you.

    Welcome Blondie!
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride
    Hannah I have my fingers crossed for you!

    Still TTC here with only an App to help, although I'm not convinced its right as having just come off the pill I have no idea if my cycle is regular or not. Maybe I should start temping or something to give me a better idea?! Honestly though I dont want to scare hubby by getting all intense about it so soon lol...

    Random question but for the last few days I feel like I need to pee like all the time. Could it just be a by product of DTD much more than usual? Not an UTI as far as I'm aware as no pain.
  • DandelionBlueDandelionBlue Posts: 1,451 New bride
    Sammykate You might just be more aware of peeing? TTC makes you very aware of your body. I also thought I was peeing more than usual. Could of course be pg symptom. Where in your cycke do you think you are?
    You can start tracking cm perhaps. A little less intense than temping. And if you can reach it your cervix position. Although I never managed to figure that one out.

    MrsPope that looks pretty close to positive to me. Did you test again?

    OmRum I really hope it was an implantation cramp. How odd about your luteal phase shortening. Could the opk have been on the downward curve? Some women also get a positive opk around their period. But 9 days before seems a bit of a reach.

    Blondie That is amazing that you are taking part in the London marathon. Although I dont know what to suggest. In terms of ttc it would be better to come off contraception sooner. But I can see why you wouldnt want to risk getting your period during the marathon.
    In terms of opks I usually buy a big batch of the cheap ones from Amazon. So far they have always worked for me. Although for some  ladies they dont. The boots own brand opk were good too. And the clearblue advanced are easiest to read. But expensive. Plus I always recommend testing two times a day when you get closer to O. Because some women have a very short LH surge. I usually test in the morning and then again when I come back from work. Although Ideal time is early afternoon.

    Got my second flashing smiley this morning and my resting heart rate is starting fo climb. My temperatures have been all over the place this week. Do you ladies usually BD every day or every other day once you get a flashing smiley. 

  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,369 New bride
    Thanks sammykate and dandelion, I tested again last night and the test line was a fair bit lighter but I've just tested now and the test line is definitely darker than the control so I'm calling today's the postive. I'm just happy because I never ever got positives on the cheapies before. We DTD last night and will do tonight and tomorrow if we can. 

    Dandelion i used to do EOD when I had my flashing and then try and do a couple of days in a row when I got my peak but obviously I've not got pregnant so 🤷‍♀️

    I'm just about to go to my doctors appointment,  I'll let you all know what the outcome is later. 

  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,369 New bride
    Ooh also meant to say I always need to wee more around Ov time Sammykate so it could just be something to do with the changes in hormones. Where are 5ou in your cycle atm?
  • DandelionBlueDandelionBlue Posts: 1,451 New bride
    Good luck with your appointment MrsPope. I am really interested to know what they will say to you.
  • Tallie237Tallie237 Posts: 406 New bride
    Good luck for your appointment and yey to the positive opk!
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