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    Sorry you're feeling rough, Hannah. It's natural to go through sad phases, especially when things like anniversaries trigger it. Remember that the sadness does go away. In terms of ibuprofen, I sometimes take it during AF because it works better than paracetamol. I think just avoid in the lead up to ovulation and until AF if you're ttc.

    Funnily enough, right after I last posted, AF started. I'm pretty sure it's AF now and not random bleeding, as it's looks and feels exactly right, but five days early. Odd. Hopefully when it finishes that will be the end of the random bleeding. FC I've just had one really odd cycle and it'll be all back to normal now.
  • N7N7 Posts: 75 New bride
    Hi Ladies!
    Sorry, I’ve been such a long time lurker that I completely forget to post.

    @OmRum glad to hear AF has started. Do you feel relieved? Hopefully this will be the end of all your bleeding like you said. 

    I’m currently in the TWW and feeling this isn’t my cycle. For some reason this month I’m not as upset by it, I think with all the drama with AF last month I’m just trying to relax a little more. DH is away next month before and after OV so won’t be trying again until September. 
    I went to my reflexology appointment and it was really relaxing. She did mention I eat a lot of chocolate and that it can affect women with polysistic ovaries so really trying to cut down on that for the foreseeable future. 

    How is everyone else doing? Hopefully you’ve all had a lovely weekend  :)
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    Hi everyone. I wrote a good length post and my phone deleted it before I could post. Grr. Hate using my phone, I'll be back at my computer on Wednesday and try to catch up with everyone and respond more personally.
    No news here really, Cornwall is delightful but my daughter has really bad travel sickness and vomited 5 times on the drive down, and every day since. Poor thing. CD29 and 14DPO here. I've been doing IC tests which show nothing, except a shadow a couple of days ago which pretty much disappeared by the time the test was totally dry. Not counting myself out yet because those tests are so insensitive. Also my last AF was weird, spotting and v v light, stop start etc, so I'm not sure when CD1 really was. I don't feel like AF is coming soon but don't feel pregnant either! So maybe CD1 was really later and I'll be due on later this week.

  • Hi Ladies, hope everyone's had a good weekend?

    I had my 6 month old Godson over on Saturday which was lovely but oh gosh makes me so broody and envious!! It's silly because we should be enjoying this child-free time, I just would be enjoying it more if I knew it was only temporary!

    @OmRum I am so pleased to see your update that AF is here, hopefully that is the end of all this stress and your cycle will get back to normal now.

    @DandelionBlue sorry to hear that you're also in limbo waiting on GP. I am sure there will be nothing bad but I know how difficult it is to keep positive :( Keeping fingers crossed for you!

    @pf2016 so jealous of Cornwall, where abouts are you? You def picked a good week weather-wise for it!

    We BDed on Sat and Sun which is pretty good for us, and then this morn I had a positive OPK so will try again for tonight and tomorrow and keeping everything crossed. My husband has Chinese family and they bought us these special fertility pillows as a wedding night present (lol!!), I've been putting them on the bed everynight this month just in case they bring us luck. They're huge and quite ugly so I'd previously been putting them away and now I feel like maybe that's brought us bad luck. Although apparently the Chinese blessing on them says 'may you have many sons and no daughters' (it's a Chinese thing!) which makes me sad as I want a daughter too haha! But right now I'd settle for lots of sons!

    Our house is feeling more unpacked and I feel more settled now so hopefully feeling calmer is going to help this month.

    Lots of luck to you all xx
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    Hi lovely ladies!

    Hoping I can join... DH and I got married end of May this year and said we would try after the wedding. I got AF on our minimoon so that was out of the window!

    We have been BD'ing in my window according to Ovia, but my friend recommended MyDays - I am logging AF in both apps and both have different dates for the fertile window / ov date. I tried the digital ov tests but they were all negative. 

    I'm a bit paranoid as my mum went through early menopause in her thirties (I'm 35). and I've had various health issues connected with allergies, inflammation connected with my stomach and breathing. So I have a feeling this might be a long journey. 

    I've been lurking a while so hoping to join this supportive family :blush:

    Nat x
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    Hiya, sorry I've been quiet. AF came on Thursday. I honestly hadn't realised how lucky I was on the pill with how light my periods were. Real ones are grim! But I am on CD5 now.
    We're currently watching through friends from the beginning, and we've got to the bit where Chandler & Monica are TTC and keep trying to catch O. But also Chandler pees on all the OPK's, my DH said "I'm glad it's not just me that's been tempted to do that!"
    @OmRum I'm sorry about the bleeding/glad about AF, I hope you get some answers soon (or it stops when it should at the end!)
    @Anxiousbride2 I've not started reducing caffeine at all. That'll probably be the hardest thing for me if I do get a BFP (and the biggest giveaway to others!) DH doesn't drink and I don't drink all the time when I'm out, but me asking for decaff would be harder to hide. I probably should reduce this though...
    @DandelionBlue I'd ignore Ava for the moment, it's meant to help reduce your stress rather than increase it. Also the last few weeks have been quite hot/changeable weather so I imagine skin temp is a bit all over the place. Try and focus on all the other signs your body is showing you.
    @Hannah343 I'd never heard about ibuprofen, so I take it for migraines and AF to take the edge off it. If it's only to stop cramps then that's nowhere near ovulation/implantation so you should be fine? I need to do more reading on this 
    @Pf2016 FC either AF comes properly or you get a BFP soon (I hope the latter though for you!)
    @Natutz14 Welcome! 
  • Natutz14Natutz14 Posts: 110 New bride
    @Laura812 - I came off the pill a couple of years ago (health probs mainly but also I had been on it a very long time and know how it can take ages to get out of your system) and omg I was not prepared!

    My periods are so painful I've had to stay in bed with a hot water bot often, and I have a mini version for my desk drawer at work when its really bad! All the girls in the office have borrowed it though at some point!!  Also can be v. heavy.

    I'm dreading getting mine this month as this will be the first real month we've been trying. I have had points in my life when getting it is a blessing and a "phew" moment when in the past we've not been as careful as we should. It feels weird hoping for the opposite!


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    Hi Ladies,

    Welcome to the thread Natutz. I hope it happens quickly for you. And you won't need this thread for very long.
    It is definitely a weird feeling to be hoping for af to stay away after years of hoping for her to come.

    Sorry af came for you Laura and that she is painful. I honestly have only had two painful af on the time we have been ttc. Both times I was convinced I was preggo. But I do wish mine were a bit stronger, so that at least I got the sense that my lining was properly cleaned and renewed.
    I don't think hubby has tried my opks but I will ask him. And now I kind of want to make him try it lol.

    Anxiousbride You are right it would be easier to enjoy this childless time if I knew definitely that it wouldn't be forever.
    Congrats on the well timed BDing and the positive opks. I hope it worked for you this month.
    Haha. How weird about the pillow wishing you only sons. I definitely want one of each. Although at this point I would be grateful for just one of any gender. I don't think the pillows have cursed you for not using them. But I guess it can't harm. Lol.

    Yikes. Sorry Pf2016 that your daughter is suffering from travel sickness. My sister was the same and the narrow country roads were the worst for her. Make her sit in front in the car, with the window open. And those acupuncture bracelets tend to help.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    N7 Does reflexology help with fertility? You aren't out until af is here. Many ladies didn't think it was their turn rye cycle they got their bfp.

    OmRum I am sorry you spotted until af arrived. Hopefully it won't happen again next cycle. And hopefully your doctor will be able to give you some answers.

    Hannah I have only read that Ibuprofen can interfere with implantation and should be avoided during pregnancy. So I think it is fine to take it during af or before you ovulate.
    I am sorry that you are feeling down. I hope you feel better soon. The emotional impact of ttc is crazy. And I never realised how bad it gets for some of us before we started this journey.

    I still don't know if I ovulated. My pulse spiked for a second time yesterday, which is unusual.  It is still high today. But my temperature has massively dropped according to ava. 
    My opks show no sign of ovulation. But I have had lower back pain and headaches, after what FF thinks was ovulation, which is unusual for me. I usually get headaches before ovulation and right before Af. My cm this morning and last night, was a weird mixture of watery with white creamy bits.
    One way or another I will hopefully have an answer on Wednesday. I just don't want to waste my gp's time. And I also don't want her to assume I don't ovulate based on one random cycle.
    But what if I never ovulated all these months. My mind is all over the place.
    One positive thing in it all, is that I have stopped symptom spotting lol.

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    Hi ladies still keeping an eye and keeping my fingers crossed for you all!

    Anxiousbride I just had to comment on the Chinese cushions, that's hilarious. My husband is half Chinese and his relatives gave us some 'good luck' pictures and plaques for our wedding that apparently we have to have in the house or our marriage is doomed! lol. I'm sure one of them secretly says something about obeying your husband as your lord and master. I'm going to tell him about the fertility cushions as he'll find that hilarious.

  • @Natutz14 Welcome! How was your wedding? Hopefully you won't need to be on here for long! I got married last Nov but have only been TTC since March... I def agree with you that it's so weird to suddenly be hoping for it when you spend so many of your younger years praying NOT to be pregnant. It definitely gives you a false believe that its easy to conceive doesn't it :( Anyway, good luck with your journey! X
  • Natutz14Natutz14 Posts: 110 New bride
    Thanks for the warm welcome guys!   <3

    @Anxiousbride2 - wedding was amazing, the best day ever - but a real blur as many others say! Wish I could relive it :smiley:

    I am hoping this happens naturally but am prepared we may have to get tested at some point to see if we are  able to conceive. I know 35 isn't old, but all the reading about it being harder past this age etc makes you think you are past it! lol! 

    Does anyone else use Ovia or MyDays apps and have a preference on either? Are they really accurate or just guesswork? 

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    @Natutz14 I downloaded 3 apps. FF (fertility friend) is my favourite by far and seems most accurate based on my data. Kindara seemed to track similarly but I don't really like it, and Glow I really can't get on with and will probably delete soon. FF was good even before I paid for the premium, but I did like it so I paid for the extra features. I've not used Ovia or MyDays so I can't comment on those 2.
  • DandelionBlueDandelionBlue Posts: 1,455 New bride
    I currently have several apps installed but am not using them all anymore.
    I started off with Natural Cycle. I actually used to use it for contraception. Then I moved on to Fertility Friend. They are both good. Fertility Friend has the benefit of a Forum if you upgrade. And it offers some great analysis tools. But to actually work you need to measure your BBT every morning. And I don't think you need to do that just yet. It can be quite stressful.
    I did install Ovia but find it quite inaccurate. It kind of takes a best guess at your ovulation date. A lot of people like it because it has friendly messages every day and informative articles. And people like the layout. But I personally don't trust the ovulation date.
    I prefer Clue to Ovia. It has generally predicted my ovulation and period fairly accurately. I did however plug in months of data, since I had tracked my periods for two years.
    I also have Kindara installed. This app focuses on your CM. But it also allows you to track your temperatures. It also works almost like a social media app for people ttc. I have stopped using it recently though.
    Premom allows you to track your opks. You can take pictures of them and it will rate the difference between the test and control line. You can also use it to track your cycle but I don't bother.
    I now have an ava bracelet, so that comes with it's own app and predictions. But the jury is still out on that one. And it is expensive. So not worth getting at the start.
    I have never used MyDays
  • N7N7 Posts: 75 New bride
    @DandelionBlue I’ve heard that reflexology can help with fertility. The lady I’m seeing does fertility reflexology - targeting the ovary area in the foot... or something like that  :D Either way it was really relaxing!
    I hope you get all the answers you need on Wednesday - it’s awful second guessing everything!

    @Natutz14 I’m currently using Glow. I only track my OV (using Clearblue) and my periods. It is really acurate which I appreciate. It also has a forum which can be useful.

  • MrsRagdollMrsRagdoll Posts: 282 New bride

    Hi all, sorry I've also been MIA. AF arrived almost straight after the spotting on Friday and only lasted about 2 days again!

    My bestie had her baby yesterday, a little girl who is so scrummy and I cannot wait to meet! I am beyond thrilled them but I did get a little upset yesterday. We had always talked about having babies together and I'm sad that we won't have even been pregnant at the same time.

    I wish I had a crystal ball and could just see how long it would take... even if it was 2 years at least I would have a date to work towards rather than just an open ended journey to who knows where!

    I'll come back and reply to everyone later :)

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    Morning ladies,

    I am sorry af came MrsRagdoll. And that you heart is torn in two. One half happy for your friend and the other one upset for yourself.
    I wish I had a crystal ball too. It is definitely the not knowing that makes it so difficult. If I knew for certain that it would happen in the next few years, I could just focus on other stuff.
    How are your furbabies doing?

    That is interesting about the reflexology N7. I certainly enjoy a food foot rub.

    My temperature dropped super low this morning according to Ava.  But my rhr has spiked for the third time. Tested again with an opk, in case this is me about to ovulate. But no, the second line is barely visible.
    So no idea what is happening. I guess I will get an answer tomorrow. I really really hope it wasn't an anovulatory cycle. I know it is normal to have one once in a while even if everything else is fine. But we did so good this cycle with BDing. And if I didn't ovulate, it feels like I wasted the Conceive Plus we used. Which is not cheap. Plus if I didn't ovulate, I will know that my rhr pattern means nothing.
  • DandelionBlueDandelionBlue Posts: 1,455 New bride
    I have added Sammykate to the BFP Hall of fame.

    Also this thread seems to be getting quite long. So if anyone feels like creating a new one, you are welcome. It is supposed to be good luck, as a lot of ladies who started a thread went on to get a bfp in that thread. 
  • MrsRagdollMrsRagdoll Posts: 282 New bride
    Thanks Dandelion! I’ve started a new thread here 
    🤞🤞🤞🤞 pleaseeee be lucky for all of us!
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