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  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 951 New bride
    MrsP, your husband is right about you just having to wait and see, unfortunately. I should think as a teenager he didn't really know what the word 'testosterone' means, so it just didn't register as important in his mind. I'm not sure I can remember what medications I was on back then!

    I'm not an expert but it seems to me if he was medicated for testosterone problems in the past, then he can go on similar medications now (if not better ones - medical treatments develop all the time), so there's no reason to panic yet. In fact, it's good that you've found out this history, because now you know to tell the doctor about it at the appointment.
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,388 New bride
    Thanks OmRum, I've calmed myself down a little bit now... I know hes right, theres literally nothing we can do about it at the moment and theres no point stressing about something that might not even be, but I cant help but jump straight to the worst case scenario for some reason. I'm terrified that he has no/low sperm count and that our previous pregnancy was a fluke and that it could have been our only chance, (I know all this sounds so crazy!) I've been so convinced all this time that there's a problem with me (which could still be the case) that I've never even thought about him having a problem. 

    I'm sure your right about him not taking much notice of it when he was younger, I just find it strange he cant remember having to have injections etc lol. 

    I just want these next few weeks to go fast now. At least I have my blood tests tomorrow so I will hopefully have the results of those in the next week or so. 
  • Tallie237Tallie237 Posts: 532 New bride
    Mrspope, that's so understandable- I'd be freaking out! But the fact yous have been pregnant before is obviously a good sign, at least he has booked a drs appt so you will hopefully get some proper answers soon! And boo to that Amazon test- dont think I'll be ordering one of those! Try not to stress (so hypocritical of me as I'm the biggest stressed ever!). You're in your tww now so theres not much you can do except relax.

    Good luck for the blood test, do you know when you will get the results?

    Omrum I always feel the same when I'm at the end of my tww, it drives me crazy. I get so upset thinking/knowing I'm already out but still cling onto hope and work out what my due date would be etc. I swear I was a lot more rational before ttc!

    Mrsmin, hope your spotting leads to a BFP and not AF! 🤞

    I'm still not clear what is going on with me! My opks went negative after the one I posted on here (taken on saturday) however I've been getting pulling feelings and some ewcm the past 2 days and my opk tonight was quite a bit darker but still negative. I know its possible to have a second surge so wondering if that's happening. I just hope my Amazon delivery comes tomorrow as I've ran out of opks!
    I Also need to book my gp appointment- I keep putting it off but know I'll feel better once I've done it.
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,388 New bride
    Tallie, your so right, TTC has made me completely irrational and if anyone else was worrying about the same thing I would tell them not to stress 😂😂🙈

    The fact I've managed to get pregnant before is reassuring in some ways, but then I cant help but think did i have a miscarriage because of some problem that means we shouldn't have got pregnant in the first place (again i know this is irrational) I think the results should come back within 3-5 days, i can look them up myself at work sooner, but we are not meant to so i will really have to stop myself from doing that!! 

    I hope your opks arrive tomorrow, sounds like it could be a second surge, what CD are you?? Did you order a thermometer as well?? Annoyingly mine has broken again saying low battery, I've only had it 2weeks! So I couldn't use it this morning. It's at least confirmed Ov for me but means I wont be able to see if my temps stay raised, although that might be a good thing to stop me obsessing!
  • MrsMinMarch2016MrsMinMarch2016 Posts: 512 New bride
    edited April 2019
    AF has arrived this morning  :( Still not a full flow but enough to make me think its definitely not implantation so I'm ruling myself out this month.  I should've known better than to get my hopes up with us missing dates etc. but that 2% of me couldn't help but symptom spot.  Looking on the positives though this has been a 31 day cycle which is my lowest in a good while. @OmRum I have everything crossed this is your mth! Lets get this thread a BFP!!!

    @MrsPope2018 sorry I can't help with your husbands medical history but Its completely natural to think the worst but its unlikely thats the case! I agree with the others that its good you've found it now so you can bring it up at your next appt.  Good luck with your results!

  • MrsRagdollMrsRagdoll Posts: 287 New bride

    Good morning lovely ladies, happy hump day!

    Sorry I've been MIA lately, taken some time off from the TTC world to get my head straight but am feeling much better now so ready to get back in to it!

    Hannah I'm so sorry to hear your news, please do stick around and I hope the drs can shed some light.

    Sorry AF arrived MrsMin :( fx for next month!

    MrsPope I can't help much with the testosterone issue, but from a quick google if your DH does have low testosterone apparently there are lots of medications that can help quickly. My DH will be going for a sperm test in a couple of weeks that we are having done privately (costs £140 in London). He used to take x-rays in an old job and although he stood roughly behind a lead wall there is a chance that his sperm production could have been affected. I went to a fertility acupuncturist on Saturday and it was her recommendation to get it tested and as we've only been trying 4 months we wouldn't be able to get it done on NHS.

    I've got everything and more crossed for you OmRum!

    Tallie I hope your OPKs turn up and you get some answers soon!

    Glad to see your blazers Dandelion, I hope you managed to get lots od BDing in :)

    I'm not trying this month (although not actively preventing) and have got no idea what CD I am or when AF is due so I'm just going with the flow! Have acupuncture again tonight which I'm looking forward to, if anyone is in the Surrey area I can definitely recommend the lady I am seeing.


  • Pf2016Pf2016 Posts: 831 New bride
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    Hi ladies, I'm tentatively joining you today...oh and hello MrsMin! (We had our babies together last time, in fact they were born only one day apart!)  I'm not actively TTC yet but have just had my implant out today, started folic acid and am going to be tracking my cycles for a couple of months before starting properly TTC in June or July.  I think we will be not-so-careful in the meantime but probably won't DTD without protection in my fertile window.  Ideally we want our next baby to be born when DD starts getting her 15/30 hours free childcare at nursery (I am so mercenary!)  That won't be until next April so legs crossed until June/July.  Last time we were very shocked to get our BFP first month so we're being cautious again, but I think that 3 years down the line we'd be very lucky to get another BFP first time since I am now in my mid 30's  :#
    Anyway I'll just be lurking but looking forward to properly joining in a couple of months!
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 951 New bride
    I'm so sorry MrsM :'( . Treat yourself to wine, baths, caffeine and all those other wonderful things.

    Welcome back MrsRagdoll. How are the kittens?

    I'm still hanging in by my fingertips. Trying to tell myself that if I wasn't ttc then I'd have no reason not to think AF was on her way, but the hope is still there so I expect I will be devastated anyway!
  • MrsMinMarch2016MrsMinMarch2016 Posts: 512 New bride
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    Hi Pf2016, I remember! How lovely to see u on here. Your post about the free childcare made me laugh I am also on countdown as we will be entitled the same time!! We figured if we conceive in first few mths of trying we will only have a few wks of childcare to pay whilst I'm on mat leave and hopefully that will fall when I'm still on 90% of income.  Here's hoping!!

    I am also in the same boat in that first time we conceived first month but I was only 30 & carefree, a lot has changed since then and now I'm 33 so not expecting it to be so far that has proven true with my irregular cycles so we will see.  Whatever happens when you do start TTC i hope your stay is short & sweet!

    Thanks @OmRum I have a bottle of rioja in the cupboard with my name on it for the wkd  :)
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 951 New bride
    Sorry Pf2016, I didn't see your post! Welcome back. I hope your stay here is nice and short.

    MrsM, I love a good rioja. I'm going to the pub Friday night with some colleagues, lunch on Saturday with friends, and a retirement party on Monday, so much booze will be consumed! It has coincided very nicely with AF's predicted appearance!
  • MrsPB2019MrsPB2019 Posts: 832 New bride
    I’m still waiting for AF to appear and it’s starting to get my hopes up now. H2B was going to Tesco today so I asked him to pick me up a test and he refused because I made him promise me not to test until the weekend 🙄 So if no show by Friday I’ll pick up a test on my way home from work.
  • MrsMinMarch2016MrsMinMarch2016 Posts: 512 New bride
    edited April 2019
    Oh no so sorry @OmRum :( Are you sure its AF?  Surely we can't both be out on the same day!
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,015 New bride

    Sorry OmRum :( I'm also expecting AF any day now, the waiting sucks.

    Interesting with all the advice about getting sperm tested- hubs has mentioned having this done several times, butI I (correctly I think) told him the NHS won't do this unless we are having long term TTC problems. He had the mumps when he was a teenager and is concerned this has affected him, however I googled and I don't think he should be too worried. MrsRagdoll let us know if you think paying for the test is worth it!

  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,388 New bride
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    So sorry OmRum and MrsMin 😞

    Hey Ragdoll, hope your ok! Acupuncture sounds good, I've often thought about that and if it helps. Are you having it to try and help with anything in particular? That's interesting about the private SA, hope it all goes ok. 

    Welcome Pf2016, good luck with it all, hopefully you will fall pregnant quickly second time around as well 😊 

    I'm just sat in the waiting room to have my blood taken. Been to see a friend this morning who also had a hard time conceiving and has made me feel a bit better about everything  although I still wish hubby's appointment was sooner 😞😞
  • MrsRagdollMrsRagdoll Posts: 287 New bride

    I'm so sorry OmRum :(:(

    The acupuncture is for stress and fertility. The lady I'm seeing specialises in fertility but my main focus atm is reducing my physical stress response! Hope the bloods go well MrsPope.

    I will update you all with how DHs SA goes, it's booked for 3 weeks today!

    Not sure if anyone else has heard this before but the acupuncturist said make sure DH sleeps without any bottom halves on as it keep his bits cool haha :D

  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 951 New bride
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    MrsRagdoll, I've heard that about the pyjamas! It goes along the same lines as not wearing tight underwear, and not keeping his laptop on his lap. I also read that DTD in the morning is better because he hasn't 'warmed up' yet!

    MrsMin, I'm not 100% certain yet (still got that 0.000000001% bit of hope!) but I have had spotting a day or so before AF for the last year, so it all seems to be progressing as normal. I'd be surprised if AF hasn't arrived by the weekend.
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,015 New bride

    Had not heard the PJs thing! DH hates being even the tiniest bit cold with a passion (he grew up in Taiwan). Not sure I can persuade him into not wearing PJs lol... I'll have to sneakily install some cooling fans into the bedroom or something!!

  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,388 New bride
    Haha sammykate my hubby is the opposite, hates being too hot and I dont think he even owns a pair of pjs 😂
  • Tallie237Tallie237 Posts: 532 New bride
    Ah mrsmin and omrum so sorry AF arrived/on it's way, it sucks x

    Hope the blood test went ok mrspope? I'm on cd17, the opks are here and still negative but a lot of ewcm today so who knows! I give up trying to guess at this point Haha.

    Welcome PF!

    Hows the kittens ragdoll? The accupunture sounds really good, have you noticed any changes stress wise since you started it? Or is it too soon.

    🤞 MrsPB, let us know as soon as you do test!

    I have no clue where I am in my cycle, feel like O will be soon even though I had a positive-ish opk on Saturday I think that was just a surge and not O. But honestly who knows 😆 just keeping on dtd EOD and see what happens. 

  • DandelionBlueDandelionBlue Posts: 1,455 New bride
    Morning ladies

    Things have become a bit hectic in my life as we are preparing to move / about to start the renovation of our kitchen and bathroom.

    Tallie How very odd about the positive opk. Are you sure you haven't ovulated yet? You can ovulate up to 72 hours after your first positive opk. Eventhough 12 to 24h is more common. But that would take you to Tuesday. You are right though to continue BDing. I think that is what I would do too.

    Very interesting about the PJ thing. My husband usually sleeps in boxer shorts. Is that too warm?

    Sammykate are you considering getting a private sperm test?

    MrsMin Very sorry about af arrival. FC for your next cycle.

    OmRum I hope af stays away and the spotting is just early pregnancy spotting.

    MrsRagdoll I have been interested in acupuncture for a while now. I think at the very least it can help relieve stress. But I just cannot find the time / money. Let us know how you get on with it.

    MrsPope I hope the sperm dample comes back with positive news. And if there is an actual lack of testosterone that it is easily sorted.
    We are so brainwashed into thinking that infertility is usually the women's fault that it can shock us if smthg is wrong with our other half. Eventhough almost 50% of infertility is caused my the male side of the equation.
    Anyway I hope nothing is wrong with either of you and that it will happen soon. As heartbreaking as a miscarriage is, I would take it as a good sign that you can get pregnant.

    MrsPB I can't wait for you to test. How late are you now?

    Welcome to the thread Pf2016. I think it is a good idea to get back in touch with your cycle. FC it will happen quickly when you are ready.

  • DandelionBlueDandelionBlue Posts: 1,455 New bride
    Oh I forgot to do my own update.

    So I am pretty sure I ovulated now. But I am not sure if it was Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

    I had a very strong positive opk on sunday and monday morning.
    When I tempt yesterday orally my temperature hadn't really increased. But it was very high when I tempt vaginally. And then I had cramps alll of yesterday afternoon. 
    This morning both my oral and vaginal temperature were high.
    And my rhr has increased by a beat.

    Anyway I am pretty sure I am in the dreaded tww now.

    We followed the SMEP this cycle. So BD every other day since 8dpo. Then on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. And one more time today.
  • Hannah343Hannah343 Posts: 314 New bride
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  • @Hannah343 I can't even imagine how hard the last few days must have been for you, I'm glad at least that your physical recovery should be soon and that you can get the ball rolling with your GP.  Sending lots of love  <3

    @DandelionBlue hope you're TWW doesn't drag too much, have everything crossed for you.

    @Tallie237 from what i've read DTD EOD is a pretty good method & the fact that you had at least 1 positive OPK is definitely a good sign.

    @MrsPope2018 hope the bloods went well

    @OmRum hows your spotting today? Hope its not developed into anything more.

    @MrsRagdoll glad you are feeling more positive now and can join us again.

    MrsPB best of luck for testing!

    AF is in full flow now for me so started to think about TTC in the next few mths, I went through hubbys away dates last night and its BAD news, basically if we don't conceive this mth I think we r pretty much out till July  :'( So feel like I need to do some serious research and throw everything in to this cycle.  Feeling the pressure!!
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,388 New bride
    Blood test went well thanks Tallie, I completely forgot to ask how long it would take for the GP to get the results though and they didn't say.  It's so so tempting to look them up myself at work 🙈 sorry you seem to be in a bit of limbo about where you are in your cycle but I guess your covering yourself anyways with continuing to BD. 

    Hope your TWW goes quickly dandelion  hopefully being busy with all the house stuff will keep your mind off it all. Your so right about assuming that theres an issue with the female rather than the Male. Although there still could be an issue with me, I never thought hubby could have a problem because of getting pregnant before. I know it sounds silly but I'd almost rather it be me, i feel like i would cope with investigations/ treatments etc more than he would, although I know he would do whatever needs doing to help us have a baby. 

    Hannah I really am so sorry your going through all of this. I'm glad your GP seems to be moving things forward fairly quickly and 🤞 you dont have too long of a wait for the appointment. Have you got to have blood tests or anything before that?

    MrsMin sorry you and your hubby's schedules dont match up 😞😞 it must make things so stressful. Are you going to try anything different this cycle? 

    Nothing to report here, CD 19, 6 dpo. Having a fair amount of creamy CM and boobs are a bit sore but that has been the case in previous cycles. Af is due next Thursday so I expect spotting to start anytime from Sunday/Monday at the earliest. 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 951 New bride
    I'm glad the blood test went well, MrsPope. It's difficult to know what the best outcome is for these situations. On the one hand you want there to be nothing wrong, but on the other you want explanations! I hope it all works out for you.

    MrsMin, how frustrating for you! Still, it's only a couple of cycles really, it just seems longer! You never know, AF might pull a wobbly on you and change all your cycle days around!

    Dandelion, I have my fingers crossed for you. I hope this tww is not too frustrating.

    Hannah, take it easy. If there was ever a time to treat yourself, it's now!

    Best of luck, MrsPB! One of us should get a BFP this month!

    I'm afraid I'm still spotting - it's been a fairly consistent discharge most of the time since yesterday afternoon. I'm pretty sure I've had something similar before a couple of months ago. I think AF will come on in the night. I've not had much cramping at all, only twinges, which is a blessing. I expect my next post will be confirming AF has arrived! At least it will definitely be 13/14dpo this time.

    I have a reception at work tonight so I might sneak a glass of wine  ;) 
  • Tallie237Tallie237 Posts: 532 New bride
    Hannah I hope the physical pain is easing and you take care of your self emotionally too. I'm glad that you have been referred, hope you get answers soon.

    Good luck in the tww Dandelion!

    Ah mrsmin that sucks about DH being away for fw! I hope next month is your month!

    Glad the blood test went well mrspope. I'd be so tempted to look, but hopefully you find out soon anyway!

    Definitely have that wine omrum, although I hope AF doesn't arrive!

    I think my body is gearing up to ovulate! Gone from thinking I was 4/5dpo to thinking it could be in a few days. I'll attach my opk from today below so feel free to comment! For info I had a similar opk on Saturday however no normal O symptoms until Monday which are still continuing! Looks like we need to keep busy 😂
  • MrsPB2019MrsPB2019 Posts: 832 New bride
    Well I’ve had a crap day, didn’t finish work until 2.5 hours after I should have and figured might as well pick up a test on the way home and put myself out of my misery.

    Got a BFN. I’m ok I think. Of course I am a little disappointed but now I can stop second guessing every symptom and would like AF to appear in the next couple of weeks before my wedding please. Hopefully the ole trick of peeing on a stick will get her to appear.

    Talking of, I really need to improve my poas skills haha. I have a second test so I might use that in the morning as practice 🙄
  • Tallie237Tallie237 Posts: 532 New bride

  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,388 New bride
    Ooh Tallie that does look good! Esp if your getting your usual Ov symptoms.  🤞😁

    MrsPB I'm sorry about the BFN, keeping everything crossed that you either get your BFP or AF arrives in time to be all over for your wedding. 
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