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  • Mrs17Mrs17 Posts: 876 New bride
    That sounds nice @Raksha92. Typical about the flu jab!!

    Everyone okay? It's been a quiet weekend on here...
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    All good here apart from it's too bloomin hot!! I normally love the heat but my preggers self is not loving it one bit.

    I am quite proud of myself that I'm back at the gym- I took a couple of weeks off after getting my BFP as I just didn't feel like going. But I do feel better now I'm back. Taking it quite easy obviously!

    Midwife appointment tomorrow so looking forward to that, trying to engage my brain to think of what I want to ask her!

  • Raksha92Raksha92 Posts: 215 New bride
    Hi ladies, 

    I’m finally start to feel a bit more human after my flu 🙈 

    I’m 5 weeks + 3 today and feeling super anxious for some unknown. I’m just scared that I’m not pregnant anymore or something will go wrong. 

    I haven’t had any bleeding or anything that has driven these fear apart from “not feeling pregnant”.

    I had cramps before my period which is how I knew I was because I never have cramp before normally. Now I just have sore boobs and excess gas.  

    I’m not having much discharge so when I do I’m running to the toilet to check I’m not bleeding. 

    I’m sorry for the ramble but I don’t know what’s gotta over me 😔

    Not sure if it’s worth testing again to put my mind at ease. 

  • Hi all sorry for being mia, I really have nothing to report! The days are dragging by I'm just counting down to my early scan in just over 2 weeks, baby seems to be progressing nicely I got my 2-3 wks on a digi this wkd and doing another Sat which I'm hoping will be 3+ wks then I can relax a bit hopefully (although I know that won't happen till baby is here!)

    @Raksha92 I think the worry is totally normal especially in the early days and when you haven't got many symptoms.  I totally get the 'not feeling pregnant' worry as well, I feel a bit more reassured though that I felt the same with my daughter and I think I am just one of those lucky lucky people that doesn't get sickness etc. (probably totally jinxed myself now!!) Personally I have done several tests since I got my BFP and I do find it reassuring but I am going to draw a line under it once I get my 3+ wks as above!!

    @Sammykate I totally get you on the heat! I've been having hot flushes ever since I conceived and this heat has sent them through the roof, I've hardly slept the last couple of nights!! I have 2 abroad holidays coming up in Sept and Oct though so I suppose I have to get used to it! I read about your midwife appt on the Jan/feb thread, sorry to hear it didn't go as well as it could've especially with it being your first baby, in the early days these appts are so few and far between I don't think some midwives understand how much they mean to us.  Have you got your 12 wk scan date yet?? It was funny that you mentioned the carbon monoxide test as it sounded exactly the same as mine when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was no where near the 'acceptable' levels and as much as I assured the midwife we are a non smoking household she clearly didn't believe me! I also got a leaflet on the dangers of not smoking whilst pregnant, haha  :D It continued for my whole pregnancy as well, everytime I had an appt it was mentioned to me about the dangers of smoking, I just had to resign myself to the fact they weren't going to take my word for it at the end!!! 
  • Mrsseebe2beMrsseebe2be Posts: 709 New bride
    Anyone mind if I tag along?

    We had our BFP on 16th July (I've had trouble logging back in).  It was 2 days before my birthday, which is ironically when AF was due.  I normally spot before my period, which hadn't happened, and my skin, which has been pretty bad for acne since I came off the pill was completely smooth and clear, so I tested early.  Got a faint 2nd line, which got progressively darker on 3 more tests over 5 more days.

    It did mean the planned steak dinner and red wine for my birthday became me with chicken and a soft drink watching Hubby eat steak and drink red wine.  Frustrating because I picked that restaurant because I wanted to try their steak for ages, but for the best reason.

    I was PG around this time last year and miscarried at 11 weeks in August due to a blighted ovum.  Since then I've had one chemical in April, where I got a faint positive and then AF a couple of days later.

    Hubby and I are struggling to get as excited this time because of what happened last time.

    Today the midwife has booked me in for my booking appointment at 8 weeks on 16th August.  Because of the blighted ovum the hospital said I could have an early scan this time at around 7 weeks.  Mentioned this while they were making my booking appointment and they called the EPAU (Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit) and have got us an appointment at 7 weeks on 9th August.

    After last time we've decided if it's good news at the 7 week scan we're going to tell parents and siblings, because having that support really helped us last time.

    I'm starting to feel a little bit nauseous and finding some smells off-putting.  I'm hoping that's a good sign as I had no morning sickness at all last time.

    How's everyone else doing after yesterday's ridiculous heat?
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride
    Hi Mrsseebee! Fingers crossed everything goes well for you this time! Good news about them sorting you out with an early scan.

    You can still eat steak! It's just reccomend you have it well done which I guess defies the point... although someone told me it's actually fine to have undercooked and it's mince you need to be careful with.
  • Mrsseebe2beMrsseebe2be Posts: 709 New bride
    Hi Sammykate!

    Thank you!  Yes, I had to make sure I brought it up myself, I don't think they're good enough to keep records about that sort of thing and suggest it again, so if I'd been a bit passive I don't think I'd have got the scan.  Glad I asked though, they were very quick and straightforward about it once I did..

    Well yes, the well done bit was the problem.  I can't go to a proper steak restaurant and order 8oz fillet well done please.. I mean I could, but it would be a complete waste of good beef.  I had a well done burger which was actually really nice.  The risk is absolutely tiny tbh, but it is on the NHS list of foods to avoid.  Risk of toxoplasmosis.  I figure I'll play it safe.

  • Raksha92Raksha92 Posts: 215 New bride
    edited July 2019
    Sorry for the the radio silence ladies

    @MrsMinMarch2016 thanks for the reassuring words. My boobs are a constant reminder that I am definitely pregnant 🙈

    @Mrsseebe2be welcome to the group. Hope everything goes well for you and you get your rainbow baby 🤞🏻🌈 when are you due?

    General update from me. I ended up testing yesterday just to help curb my anxiety and the test line came up really strong even before the control started to appear so that’s provided lots of reassurance. Plus I have my early scan in 2 weeks when I’ll be 8 + 2 and I can’t wait 🥰

    Still no morning sickness here but I think I am starting to get travel sick even when driving my own car 🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s bearable but makes me grumpy 😂 
  • Mrsseebe2beMrsseebe2be Posts: 709 New bride
    Hi Raksha92.

    I’m due March 26th. Have a feeling we could creep into April.

    No morning sickness for me either. Seem to be getting plenty of bloat though!
  • Hi ladies. Welcome @Mrseebe2be sorry to hear about your tough journey I’m glad the epu is keeping an eye on u if only for reassurance if nothing else. 

    Glad u r feeling better @Raksha92. I got my 3+ on Saturday on a clearblue digital so was very happy 😊 I spent the wkd in London though with my mom & sister celebrating my moms bday & to be the only sober one was not fun!! Especially when they had champagne in the ritz 😭 Good job I was sober for the best reason!!

    Getting quite a lot of waves of nausea now especially in the morning which tends to waiver after I’ve eaten. Hope this isn’t the start of something I had none whatsoever with my daughter so was hoping for the same again!!

    On countdown to my early scan a week on Saturday, time is going soooo slow!

  • Mrs17Mrs17 Posts: 876 New bride
    Hey ladies! Welcome @Mrsseebe2be :) glad to hear they're keeping a close eye on you! 

    Hope your anxiety is a bit better @Raksha92?

    How are you doing @sammykate

    Sounds like a lovely weekend @mrsminmarch2016.

    I'm so bloated. I called my sister yesterday to tell her and she'd already guessed as I 'look pregnant'. Second baby problem, haha. I bought a bigger car over the weekend. Needed to for a while so glad I've finally done it!
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    Hi ladies, glad you're all doing okay!

    I'm alright, although I messed up last night and cooked my steak medium and ate it without thinking. Oops, sorry baby. No real symptoms here and I'm just kind of bored waiting for my 12 week scan! My mum keeps constantly asking me how I am so I think she may have guessed, but I suppose it'll still be a nice surprise for her when we do tell.

    I bought some maternity jeans online and have been wearing them lol... (under bump). Too bloated and my normal jeans feel uncomfortable! I'm pear shaped so normally they are loose on the waist as well, feel so fat!

  • Raksha92Raksha92 Posts: 215 New bride
    Can I join the bloat club 🙈🤦🏼‍♀️ Struggling with my IBS too 😔

    Had the flu two weeks ago and feeling quite tired and under the weather. I’m wondering if I’m still not quite over it or I’m getting hit with something else.

    Has anyone else found pharmacists useless since becoming pregnant? I like to ask them first for most things rather than going straight to the docs but most of them don’t seem willing to get the risk and just say to go to docs.
  • @Mrs17 totally with u on the 2nd baby problems I’m totally showing already - so much so my mom is convinced it’s twins 🙈 I’ve just been to new look & bought some over the bump blue jeans. I am lucky in that I hav my mat clothes from last time plus my best friend had a baby in May so has given me 4 huge bags of stuff so won’t be buying much more. 

    My work trousers r barely fitting me now so think I’m going to hav to transition already to my mat ones. Im really worrying I’m not going to get away with this pregnancy till 12 wks with work like I did first time round if I keep growing like this 😭
  • God i feel so sick today...sitting at my desk gagging over my pasta salad  :( Feel sooo hungry but can't face the thought of eating anything.

    Can't understand it as didn't feel any of this with my daughter - So maybe its a boy or it is indeed twins!! 
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride
    Ooh poor you! I've had nausea but not really bad so I feel for you. Although often I just feel 'off' all food like I'm starving hungry but anything I can think of to eat makes me feel a bit sick.
  • Hi Ladies, congratulations to you all can I join you I recently found out I'm pregnant my app is saying I'm due 16th March. I'm super worried as I've have zero symptoms! I guess I should be grateful but I can't help but feel worried as everyone keeps saying a sickness is sign of healthy pregnancy any tips to calm my over thinking brain?
  • Congratulations @bride2be2019! To reassure you - with my daughter who is now 2 & 1/2 I had zero sickness and very little symptoms.  My mom and my sister were the same in their pregnancys so I always just thought it was good genes!!

    I have been very nauseaus this pregnancy but it just goes to show every pregnancy is different and no sickness is nothing to worry about and definitely something you should count yourself lucky for!! 
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    Welcome and congratulations Bride2be! That must have been a surprise

    I have very minimal symptoms too. A little nausea that comes and goes, tiredness and some random food aversions. It's often very hard to tell what is pregnancy symptoms and what is just general day to day!

  • Morning Ladies!

    How’s everyone doing?

    I finally had a bit of nausea kick in this week, no actual sickness, just like a bubble at the base of my throat that won’t go away all morning and a new and delightful need to burp. I’ve had to sit through 2 meetings sipping cold water and hoping people thing that my slight frown is because I’m taking everything seriously..

    Also perfectly timed for a very busy weekend, the sudden onset of being exhausted by about 5pm. Last night we were hosting my bro and his fiancée at our house for fajitas and movie night. They were coming at 7pm, I got in at 5:40pm and hubby basically let me sleep until 6:20pm. If he hadn’t I don’t think I’d have made it through the evening. As it was we had the lights off and I was on our super comfy giant beanbag, hubby looked across to check I’d stayed awake despite the movie being very loud!

    Today we have a bank appointment because we’re moving our joint savings to a different bank and then we’re across to some friends who’ve recently moved for dinner and a movie with them. They live over an hour away so they’ve invited us to stay over so we can drink....

    We’re going from our friends on Sunday morning to my MIL’s to meet my SIL’s new long term foster son. We’re also going to see our ‘foster niece’ who has a 4 week old baby that we’re going for baby cuddles with.  After that I have high hopes for spending Sunday afternoon with our feet up watching a box set.

    We have our early scan this coming Friday. I’m simultaneously excited and frankly bricking it. I’ve definitely got symptoms I didn’t get last time, which make me hopeful, but until we see a little bean with a heartbeat I won’t really believe it’s happening. Hubby has genuinely got his fingers crossed for twins!

    Speaking or hubby, he’s being particularly adorable and decided to leave me in bed this morning while he emptied the dishwasher, finished last nights washing up and generally tidied. He’s definitely a keeper.
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride
    Sounds like a busy weekend Mrsseebee! You have a very well trained hubby lol. Mine woke up this morning and asked where his bacon sandwich is 🤨

    But then he did carry my handbag the whole time on a long walk later as it was heavy lol. So I guess he redeemed himself.

    Nothing too busy this weekend for us, we were supposed to be going to the cinema to see Hobbs and Shaw but hubby decided he was too tired. Which I was very thankful for as it meant I escaped sitting through nearly 3hrs of car chases and explosions. Hoping he's too tired again tomorrow lol...
  • Hi ladies, its my birthday today and baby must know as they're taking it easy on the nausea for once  :D

    I have had such a busy few days I've hardly thought about the baby apart from when I'm hit with a wave of sickness! I've been potty training our daughter so not left the house and h has been working away so all the pressures been on me, I've been pooped every evening by the time shes gone to bed. Shes at nursery today though and although I'm at work i'm glad to be getting a break!!

    So it seems the majority of us have early scans this week, how exciting! We have ours Saturday morning, feeling very nervous which I think is normal.  I'm just so desperate to see all is okay.

    Your husbands sound amazing, I'm not getting any special treatment but I think thats normal for second babies :disappointed: I did fall out with him the other day over it though as I am feeling so awful this time round, I think because I was fine when I was pregnant with our daughter he doesn't quite believe this pregnancy is so different. He has been a bit better since and has spoilt me rotten for my bday so he is forgiven...for now.

  • Mrs17Mrs17 Posts: 876 New bride
    Aww happy birthday @MrsMinMarch2016!

     I'm super jealous of the ladies having early scans. I called my local hospital today to find out what was happening with my 12 week scan as I'm 10+1 today and had heard nothing. Its booked in for 28th August. I'll be 13+1 by then and I want it nowwwww :( I dont think I'd be as bothered if I hadn't had the bleeding. Hey ho, not much I can do though! 
  • Hey Ladies

    Sammykate - weekend was even busier than planned, turned out Hubby's best friend who lives down in Portsmouth was up visiting his family while we were over at MIL's so we managed to fit in a visit with him, his wife and twins.  I got cuddled excessively by my friend's dog, which was weird, but nice and I got about 45 mins of baby cuddles with the 4 week old, where she basically slept on my chest.  Made hubby 'totes emosh'.

    Happy birthday Mrs Min, glad you had a good day.  Hope your scan goes well on Saturday.

    Mrs 17, sorry your scan is so late.  Our appointment for our 12 week scan came through and it's 12 weeks on the button.  Works out quite well as we're on holiday for a week after that day.

    Tomorrow is our early scan date and I'm now ridiculously nervous.  I had spotting on Tuesday.  It was really light and I didn't have any cramping or reduction in pregnancy symptoms,it stopped and I've had no more since, but it still really shook me up.  I have to admit I'm kind of going into the scan expecting to hear the worst.  I figure that way it can only be a pleasant surprise if it's better news. Sorry if that's a bit depressing.
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    Aww Mrsseebee isn't it unreasonably adorable to see your man get mushy over babies? I'm sure everything will be absolutely fine at the scan, loads of women have spotting and it's nothing- but of course I understand why you're worried.

    I'm also jealous of everyone having early scans, but we are trying to buy a house so I can't justify the cost. If I hadn't had a 6 week one on the NHS I probably would crumble and pay for one though.

    How is everyone doing with eating? The last week my nausea has been really bad, not thrown up once but it's like I'm travel sick all the time. This lasts from early morning to mid afternoon and I find myself stood in the kitchen really struggling with what to eat. The only thing that always sounds good is coco pops! But baby cannot live on coco pops alone lol... Luckily by evening I feel much better so I manage to have a decent dinner

  • It is totally and utterly adorable to see my man getting mushy over babies.  He's always loved then and because his Sis fosters he's always had loads of contact with them.  I think the extra knowledge that I (hopefully) have a bun in the oven that no-one else know's about while he was watching me snuggle the baby tipped him further over!

    Thank you.  I know you know what I mean and I know loads of women have spotting and it's fine.  I just have a total irrational fear that maybe I can't go full term.  I think as well it's because my early scan is in the EPAU at the hospital and I totally associate that with my scan experience there last time.  There's no point stressing about it, I'll know by about 9-9:30am tomorrow morning.

    Food is weird with me at the moment - I can eat but no-where near as much.  Also if I start to get hungry I start to get nauseous, then if I eat some things that also makes me nauseous!  So far I've lost about 3.5 lbs (which I could definitely stand to lose).  
  • Mrs17Mrs17 Posts: 876 New bride
    Dogs know @Mrsseebe2be! Good luck for the early scan tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing about it. 

    Your nausea sounds awful @Sammykate! Dont feel bad even if you were eating nothing but coco pops as it's still better to be eating something! 
  • Raksha92Raksha92 Posts: 215 New bride
    Evening ladies 

    @MrsMinMarch2016 happy belated birthday and fingers crossed for Saturday.

    @Sammykate sorry to hear about the nausea. I’m 8 weeks tomorrow and I’m starting to get bouts especially around lunchtime. Coop bakery sausage rolls seem to be my best friends 🙈

    @Mrsseebe2be 🤞🏻for your scan tomorrow.

    I’ve got my early scan at 8+3 on Sunday and I’m slightly anxious. It will all be real then 😂 heard of a few twins on other forums and even triplets 😱😱
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride
    Raksha mmm sausage rolls. I could definitley go for that.

    Exciting about the early scan! I was convinced it was twins as my BFPs were so super dark but our 6 week scan confirmed definitley just one, phew!
  • MrsMinMarch2016MrsMinMarch2016 Posts: 512 New bride
    edited August 2019
    @Sammykate your nausea sounds exactly like mine, I too stand in my kitchen pondering for ages what I can eat (if anything) that isn't going to make me feel worse than I already do!!  At the moment i'm eating tons of cheese!!! Plus lots of savoury things like bagels and crackers.  I can't stand the thought of chocolate or biscuits or anything sweet really which is very unlike me! Apparently savoury cravings means a boy and sweet means a girl... Counting down the days till the 2nd trimester in the hope the nausea will go away as its not fun!

    If all goes well tomorrow the first thing I will be looking at after the heartbeat is if theres 1 or 2 in there!!  This pregnancy just feels so different to my daughter, my husband loves the idea of twins, I'm more of a practical thinker and I'm not so sure (although I know it would be a blessing)
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