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  • mrsfbcmrsfbc Posts: 103 New bride
    Thanks mrsmin, I haven’t read through the whole thread but sounds like you are having a rubbish time, my motto with all things health wise is if your not sure ask someone as they’d much rather you bother them than not just in case. 
    Yeah I thought the telephone thing was odd, but I wondered if it was just as it’s my second baby or maybe they take more info and then decide how soon you need a face to face appointment? We will see what happens. I haven’t even been given a time for the call just ‘it will be in the morning’ so I’m intrigued! I can’t remember being consultant led last time but I did see the consultant a couple of times and she actually delivered me in the end, but for reasons unrelated to my heart. 
  • Welcome @OmRum and @mrsfbc. @OmRum Windowtothewomb do early scans and seem to have lots of locations, might be worth looking on their website?

    @Raksha92 my midwife booking appointment is this Friday morning too! Feels weird doing that after the scan, like it’s kind of back to front.

    Congratulations on having the house offer accepted @Sammykate, that’s really great news.

    @MrsMinMarch2016, sorry you’re feeling so crappy, hope you feel better soon and don’t end up having to go on a drip.
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride
    Omrum if you do want an early scan I've heard you can often find them cheaper on Groupon. I didn't pay for one but only because we need to save money for the house!
  • Luckily am feeling a bit human again today and managing to eat without it coming back up!!

    Had my midwife appt this morning went fine apart from I hav terrible veins so they had to send me to hospital to draw my blood 🙄 When I had my daughter I had a booklet I had to take everywhere with my notes in so pleasantly surprised everything’s on an app now and u can access results of all ur blood tests on there. This is good for me as I have low platelets so had to get them taken regularly with my daughter & had to ring for results every time or just wait to see midwife.

    One thing that did surprise me though is that they estimate due date from last period rather than length of cycle so their calculation makes me 9 wks 2 days where as I’m pretty sure I’m only 8 wks (I had long 34+ day cycles) I told the midwife this but she said it doesn’t matter so pretty sure I’ll end up with 2 x 12 wk scans as won’t be far along enough when my 1st scan comes through. 
  • Mrs17Mrs17 Posts: 876 New bride
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    Yay congrats on the house @Sammykate

    Glad you're feeling better @MrsMinMarch2016. Haha that's a funny way of doing it dating wise. But 2 scans would be nice - and being further along is always better than being pushed back! 

    Congratulations and welcome @mrsfbc and @OmRum.

    @mrsfbc it sounds like you've been through a rough time of it!

    @OmRum I also google early pregnancy scans near me, then picked the most convenient one!

    I'm 11 weeks today. I still dont have an appetite and I'm just exhausted. It doesnt help that my LO's molar are coming in fast so the nights are fun, and hubby is away until mid-Sept so I cant even make him get up, haha. 
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride
    Sooo tired this week, its like at 11 weeks the first trimester exhaustion has just suddenly hit! I actually fell asleep on top of the bed last night with wet hair wrapped in a towel after a bath lol... hubby had to wake me up! Also dozed off in the car on the way home from a walk on Sunday.

    Glad you're feeling better MrsMin
  • mrsfbcmrsfbc Posts: 103 New bride
    So the telephone appointment was basically just to get my address date of birth etc, find out which hospital I want to go to to give birth and if anything happened during my last birth. She’ll send a referral to the hospital and they’ll send me an appointment for a booking in appointment for when I’m 9-10 weeks and book my scan. She didn’t even give me a due date but I think it’s 28th March. 
    So not sure what the point of it was. 
    The nausea was with me all day again yesterday but found that eating savoury things every hour or two helps a bit. Hasn’t been as bad today but I’ve been distracted with my son as he wasn’t well today. 

    So we are now thinking about booking a private scan so that we can ensure everything is ok so far and then start telling family as if I continue to feel like this then I’m gonna need some extra support! I really feel for those who feel like this and are physically sick as well. 
  • Mrsseebe2beMrsseebe2be Posts: 709 New bride
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    The tiredness has really caught up with me this last couple of days. This morning I was yawning at my desk at 9:30am!

    Add to that my nausea seems worse. My mum’s been buying me things to try to ease it, like dried apricots and water biscuits. It’s really sweet and makes her feel helpful, but so far none of it’s worked.

    My sense of smell seems to be on overdrive too. Not helped when our receptionist decided our office kitchen smelled bad today so sprayed about 15 sprays of citrus air freshener which wafted across to my desk. It smelled awful and turned my stomach.

    I’ve had more spotting, but no cramping and all my pregnancy symptoms seem worse, so I’m following the advice of ignoring it. I’ll mention it at my booking appointment tomorrow though.

    @mrsfbc your telephone booking sounds a bit odd. Hopefully you’ll get your proper appointment dates through soon. Having a private early scan makes sense so you can tell people. Hope you and your son are both feeling better!
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride
    Hope you ladies are all well! Hubby away this weekend so I'm having to entertain myself :(

    I'm trying not to buy too much stuff for the baby but we saw these nappy bins reduced in Mothercare so ended up buying two- except it looks like they have already been claimed by our 'first born'...

  • Hi ladies

    Booking appointment all done, they had IT issues and gave up trying to fill out the forms and asked me the questions direct. Fortunately most of my answers to most of the questions were no, so fairly simple.
    Looks like I’ve got a team because my booking appt was by a trainee midwife, but the qualified midwife sat in and will my named midwife.

    I asked them about the spotting, they agreed it sounded fairly normal for early pregnancy.
    Hubby and I chatted last night and agreed that because I’m finding it so difficult to actually ignore it and not stress, we’ve booked a private early scan. So next Sunday morning we’re doing that. I’m finding that idea easier than a 4 week wait to see if things are ok. He actually said we could book 1 a week if it would make me feel better.

    Those nappy bins are good value @Sammykate. We haven’t bought any baby stuff yet, but we did spend part of yesterday morning looking at travel systems... I think I might’ve fallen in love with bugaboo.
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride
    Mrsseebee what a lovely supportive hubby you have. If it will reassure you definitley better to get that private scan booked. Nice that you know who your named midwife will be, I don't have a clue! My booking appointment was rubbish.

    So fun to be looking at prams! We haven't looked at all yet, there's a possibility we're getting a 2nd hand one off someone so I don't want to look and set my heart on a different one. Plus I am scared of how much they cost lol! We don't have £800 to drop on a travel system 😱
  • Mrs17Mrs17 Posts: 876 New bride
    @Mrsseebe2be your hubs sounds lovely. I'm glad your booking appt went well. 

    Your firstborn is a beaut @Sammykate. Great value on the nappy bins too. We found having one super handy in the early days when they seem to poop every half hour! 

    We started looking at prams too, only because we'll need a tandem and I'm stressed about how much it might cost haha. They dont seem much more than single though so a bit calmer now. I have a friend who might have one we can have so fingers crossed! 
  • @Sammykate & @Mrs17 I am really lucky with my Hubby. He has been so supportive and understanding.

    I’m pretty sure our parents are planning to contribute to the travel system, which is the only reason I even dared look at the pricier ones. This is going to be the first grandchild for either set of parents and I can already sense them gearing up to go a little bit overboard!

    Mrs17 there’s some really good convertible tandem systems by the looks of things. I was pretty impressed with how flexible some of them are.

  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 943 New bride
    Sorry I've been quiet... I'm still not quite believing it all. I had a wedding at the weekend which was difficult as it was my husband's friend so I didn't really know anyone and his nosy friend was giving me hassle for not drinking. 

    I had an appointment with the nurse this morning to get me on the system. Sadly, my anxiety is playing up terribly as I've had no symptoms since yesterday afternoon so I'm now convinced it's gone away already. I have an appointment with a doctor this afternoon as I've been a wreck of nerves all week. Feeling very guilty about having to take the time off work too.

    Hypochondria and pregnancy is not a good mix.

    How is everyone else?
  • mrsfbcmrsfbc Posts: 103 New bride
    Hope the dr can give you some reassurance omrum. 

    Ive spent most of the weekend in bed napping or just lying down because I don’t then feel sick. Went and met husband and son yesterday after they’d been for a walk and went for lunch but lasted an hour before I just really needed to go home. Feeling like a bad mum but I just can’t help it. I’m off with him today and my plan is cinema so I can at least just sit down. 

    As we weren’t expecting to have another child I have zero baby stuff, I gave it all away so have been thinking a lot about the essentials we need but I won’t start buying anything for a few more months, or maybe even wait until after Christmas. I have looked at prams though - I downsized my car this year thinking I wouldn’t need a large boot again!!! So I’ve looked at the baby zen yo-yo as that would fit in my boot, but saw an advert that bugaboo are bringing out a similar size so will have to keep that in mind when we go look. I didn’t like my last pram so I want to make sure I get one Im really happy with. 
  • Pf2016Pf2016 Posts: 831 New bride
    @mrsfbc I'm just a nosy thread hopper, but wanted to say that I have the YoYo for my daughter and love it.  It's the only pram we have ever had and I have no regrets about not getting a bigger one - all my friends that bought big prams and travel systems ended up buying a smaller, lighter buggy within a year.  Anyway my mum pointed out that Aldi were selling a rip-off of the YoYo in their baby week which is on at the moment, you might find one online or in store still and I think they were £70!  Not sure if it comes with the new-born bit but maybe the YoYo one is compatible.
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride
    Omrum hope your appointment today gives you some reassurance. Please try not to worry about the symptoms vanishing, mine are so on and off. One week I feel tired, sick and super pregnant and the next I feel totally normal.

    I am 12 weeks today yay :) very nervous about the scan on Thursday, I just want everything to be okay and can't want to announce!
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,375 New bride
    OmRum just wanted to thread hop and say I didn't get any real symptoms until about 7 weeks, and now I'm nearly 16 weeks they seem to have all disappeared and my anxiety is kicking off again.... so I think it's very normal to feel the way you do but I understand with your health anxiety it must be even harder.  I hope the nurse can reassure you at your appointment. Sending positive vibes 💜
  • Mrs17Mrs17 Posts: 876 New bride
    I'm 12 weeks tomorrow @Sammykate. It's nice to feel like its progressing now!! 

    Looking forward to hearing about your 12 week scan! Will you announce straight away? 

    Oh @OmRum I'm sorry you're struggling. Its such a nerve wracking time. People think waiting to fall pregnant is the hardest bit but when you struggle with anxiety falling pregnant is when the worry can really kick in. I hope the doctor can help. X
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride
    Mrs17 we aren't announcing for a couple of weeks as we need to tell our parents etc in person first. Have you announced already? It will just be really nice to not have to be careful about giving it away!
  • Mrs17Mrs17 Posts: 876 New bride
    No my scan isn't for another 9 days and even then I'd like to wait for the screening results before we tell anyone so itll be a few weeks yet! 

    Yeah I know what you mean.
  • MrsMinMarch2016MrsMinMarch2016 Posts: 510 New bride
    edited August 2019
    @OmRum I am in the same boat as u at the moment after wks of feeling rubbish it has suddenly disappeared over the last few days together with my boob soreness 😥 I’m only about 9 wks so was expecting symptoms to continue for at least 4 more wks so now I’m worrying something’s gone wrong. I was debating ringing the midwife but I don’t want to be a nuisance. A lot of ladies on other forums do talk about symptoms coming & going so I’m hoping it’s just that & going to try & enjoy the break & not panic unless I get cramping / bleeding.

    I would definitely recommend an early scan though, research locally, we got one for only £45 and they wer brilliant!

    Had my booking in appt last wk & midwife confirmed platelets r still low so will be consultant led, I’m not surprised as they never went up since having my daughter but I’ve already told them I don’t want inducing so hope they wil work with me this time round.

    Just waiting for 12 wk scan to come through the post now, so exciting yours is in 3 more sleeps @Sammykate!! 

    My best friend gave me 4 huge bags of baby boy clothes this wkd as they r clearing out their garage so I’m completed kitted out regardless of the sex now, woohooo!!
  • @OmRum sorry you're feeling so anxious.  Symptoms definitely do come and go, but if you're worried call your GP or midwife and talk to them.  My midwife did say that if I was really worried at any point that they could do another early can even though I'd had one.

    @MrsMinMarch2016, in the nicest sense I hope your symptoms have returned?  Don't worry about bothering your midwife though, that's exactly the sort of thing you can call them for.  Great news on the free baby clothes!  I'm quite keen to get some secondhand, I figure that they get grown out of so fast they'll be barely worn.

    @mrsfbc, I've had a nosey at the Babyzen YoYo+ and it looks pretty impressive.  Looks like the Bugaboo Ant is the similar sized fold down one.  Hubby's said that assuming everything's good at our private scan this Sunday (which I now feel much more positive about) that we can go to John Lewis on the Bank Holiday Monday and have a play with some prams and travel systems.  We're definitely not buying anything like that yet, but we like planning and doing our research on stuff, so I think I'd enjoy that.

    Good luck for your scan this week @Sammykate, you must be so excited!
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    Thank you I am excited- although I wish it would hurry up and get here! Of course I have that nagging worry of what if everything isn't okay.

    Told my brother via text this morning- he lives on a boat sailing around the Med with his girlfriend so knew we wouldn't be able to tell him in person. It just kind of came up in conversation as he keeps asking us to fly out there and I keep making excuses. He said his girlfriend was so excited she fell of the sofa lol. It's so nice telling people!

    Looking at prams sounds like so much fun! Hubby saw his friend again this weekend who has confirmed the offer of a 2nd hand pram so I'm just not going to look as I don't want to set my heart on a particular style. I have no idea what the free one is like, not to sound ungrateful but I hope it's not ugly lol.

    I'm pretty stressed out this week with looking for a job, doing interviews and paperwork for that and the buying a house thing. I have printed forms from the solicitor spread out all over the floor and I'm currently avoiding dealing with them.

  • I can totally understand that - I'm going to be just the same.

    Aw, it is exciting telling people.  Glad they were excited for you.

    I am looking forward to looking at prams, even though it's stupidly early.  Just makes things feel a bit more real.  I figure we've got loads to research and work out what we do and don't need so we need to make a start at least planning.  I can't blame you for hoping it's not ugly!

    I'm SO tired!  I'd been doing ok, then I had a long day Monday because one of the girls in the office had a deadline and I had to hang back until everything was finished to review, check and approve.  Meant I got home about 8pm really hungry.  I felt fine despite that and then yesterday everything really hit me and it's no better today.  It's my Dad's 70th today and we're out for dinner with them tonight so I won't get an early night.  Hubby suggested I leave early so I can have a nap first.  I want to because I'm dragging so much.  I really need to make sure I get all my prep done though as I'm out at consecutive meetings all day tomorrow.  Not looking forward to having to repeatedly excuse myself to wee...
  • mrsfbcmrsfbc Posts: 103 New bride
    We had our early scan today and they’ve dated me at 8 weeks with a due date of 1st April - April fools seems apt for our situation! Had to laugh. Had startedworry something was wrong -  last couple of days have been really rough and I’ve had a temp, but all well. I do feel a bit better today and not as sick, so I’m hoping this is the start of a downward slope for the sickness. Now debating when to tell parents and siblings. And if we tell my son now will he just start telling everyone!! 
  • @mrsfbc glad all went well with your scan  :)

    My sickness is still staying clear, I did ring the EPU yesterday and spoke to a lovely woman who reassured me its completely normal for symptoms to come and go and just to enjoy it and ring back if any cramps / bleeding.  I've pulled myself together now and focusing on the fact I do have other symptoms including the fact that i'm stupidly tired and have an ever expanding tummy!

    @sammykate your brothers life sounds amazing!! Good job on the free pram, with our first born we were gifted so much, our parents bought our pram and hubbys parents bought our cot bed plus I had loads of furniture / hand me downs from my sister.  Luckily we still have all these things but our pram has broken so we will have to purchase another but not looking just yet.

    @Mrseebe2be bless u ur job sounds so stressful, try & get some rest if u can, look after yourself & baby!
  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride
    Mrsfbc glad your scan went well! Did you see the heartbeat?

    MrsMin glad you are feeling better about your symptoms! My tummy is also very much expanding haha. I have a very definite bump and I have no idea how I'm going to hide it from my mum next week. I have this whole plan to tell her on the first day of our holiday but we're having dinner together the night before! Hopefully she will be too polite to ask why I'm so fat lol.
  • Mrs17Mrs17 Posts: 876 New bride
    Good luck tomorrow @Sammykate. Your brothers life does sound incredible. Floaty fitting is your friend with the bloat. I'm also looking very preggers and need to hide it from work for at least another week. 

    @MrsMinMarch2016 great that you are kitted out regardless of gender now!

    Hope you manage a relaxing weekend to make up for your busy week @Mrsseebe2be. I'm not surprised you're knackered! 

    Yay @mrsfbc. Great news. And babies never seem to come on their due dates anyway (do you think anyone would believe you if you announced a birth on April fools day?!) 
  • mrsfbcmrsfbc Posts: 103 New bride
    Ha ha perhaps not mrs17! We have around 8 family birthdays in April so I’d rather hope it arrived a bit earlier, it’s already an expensive month for us! 

    I wondered if the sonographer thought we were the most underwhelmed parents to be, she said ‘baby is fine’ and we said ‘ok’ and she said ‘there’s the heartbeat’ and we just said ‘ok’ 😂 then she said it’s just one baby, definitely not twins and I said ‘thank god’ they must have thought we were nuts. 

    I hope I don't come across heartless or ungrateful to be in this position, but it’s been so ingrained on us that we would never have a second child and certainly not naturally, we definitely made our peace with that as soon as our son was born,  I think it’s probably not sinking in. Having said that I wonder if I’ve felt less sick this afternoon because we’ve had the scan and I feel a bit more relaxed and less on edge knowing the baby is ok and heartbeat is there? 
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