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    Thank you Pf2016 for your kind words. They have been very reassuring and calming. You are right there is nothing I can do to control if this pregnancy will work out or not.
    I am still feeling blue from losing my fish. Struggling not to cry. But I am trying to distract myself.

    I actually tested again yesterday morning before we lost my pet. And was super excited as my line was slightly darker than the control line. Then we lost him a few minutes later.

    Here is a shot of the progression of my lines:

    The last picture was yesterday's test. I am thinking of testing again tomorrow. But I don't know when the hook effect starts happening. Don't want to give myself a fright.

    Today marks a week since we found out.

    We also decided to book an early reassurance scan for the 28th. According to the NHS I will be 6+5 at that point. But I am guessing that I will only be 6+2 or less. I hope that is not too early to have a scan. But I am so worried that the pregnancy won't be viable, that I feel I really need the reassurance a ultrasound can provide.

    I don't have a lot of symptoms at the moment. Just chills in the evening. I am a bit more thirsty.  And my knees hurt, but I am not sure if that is related to the pregnancy.
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    Hey ladies,

    sorry ive not been around, we are away in the Forest of Dean and find it hard to catch up on my phone!

    I just wanted to come by and put a marker in so I don’t get too behind 🤣

    @DandelionBlue That’s great line progression!! I know it’s hard not to worry as I was (and still do when I don’t have many symptoms!) but those are some strong lines!! Sorry about your pet though that’s always hard to deal with, sending love!! Xx

    Quick catch up from me, I spoke to the midwife Monday and I’ve got my booking in appointment sorted for next week and I’ve sent my paperwork to the hospital, so just waiting for our 12 week scan date to come through. Can’t wait to get there, feeling a bit nervous and had a couple of moments of worrying that things aren’t ok but on the whole it’s been great to walk around and talk about baby whilst we are away!

    I hope everyone else is ok, sorry I haven’t managed to catch up properly! Xx
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    Hi ladies!

    sorry to hear about your fish dandelion, that’s really sad. Hope you are ok. The line progression looks super positive though- maybe you were just very early days in your first tests? Good news about the scan - hopefully it won’t be too early. 

    I might book one - Just because the one near me is quite cheap. And my friend had one with her recent pregnancy, not cos she was worried but just to check her dates and it was twins! 😱 good lord I think I’d pass out ha ha! (She already had a 2 year old). 

    Mrs GB that sounds like a nice break and lovely to have some quality time and talk about babies! I’m hoping my midwife sorts scan stuff when I have my appointment - fairly sure they did last time but then my scan appt never came through and it was a right old faff! Hoping they are more organised this time. I’m certainly not drinking at much water this time - was busting for a wee at my 12 week scan with my first and nearly crying, only for it to turn out I’d drank too much so had to wee a few times!!! 

    Pf2016 is this your second too? How old will your first be when baby comes? 

  • Just popping on to say that line progression looks great dandelion!I dont know when the hook effect starts but i still test every now and again 🙈🙈🙈 and at 20 weeks I still got a pretty decent line 
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    Hey that's great line progression Dandelion!  I think all your early fears about late implantation can be poo-pooed, I reckon that you just ovulated late.  You might have been comparing to my super early BFP but I must have ovulated early.  I have been testing with my leftover IC tests too, and now the test line is as dark as the control line, so I'm not going to do it again.  (Feels like a support group to write it here, we will be strong together and stop testing!)  

    Yes Mrs NH this is my second, my little girl will be 3 in January.  She keeps trying to jump on my tummy so I've sort of explained to her that she mustn't because there's a baby in there....but I want to wait until 12 weeks before trying to really make her understand she's going to be a big sister.  I'm super excited for her to have a little brother or sister!  Will your little one be 2 when the new baby comes?

    We might go for an early scan.  I'm really worried it might be twins (if it is we will be having to make some big life changes, as I can't see how I could afford to carry on working and pay for 2 lots of childcare)...I've no reason to think it is, I'm just so terrified.  Also because I'm self employed I need to think sooner rather than later about which projects I can take on, and if this pregnancy isn't viable I would like to know ASAP.  I'm not sure my husband will be on board though...we are pretty skint at the moment.  I've found a place where the scan is £42 so not too bad...I want to wait until 7-8 weeks though if we can.  We're also seeing family early November and if I've not had my 12 week scan by then, we would probably still want to tell them then...so an early scan would be good.  I've still got another week until I can self refer to the midwives, it feels like time is going so slowly!

    Dandelion funny that your knees are hurting, last night in bed my legs felt all achey - a bit like cramp and a bit like restless legs.  I also had a funny moment this morning when I felt light headed and a bit woozy, but it passed - I think just frustration of trying to get a toddler ready for nursery and out of the house when she's refusing to go to the loo or brush her teeth.  She's got a mop of curls and usually turns up looking like stig of the dump or the cookie monster... :D

    Glad your trip was nice MrsGB!
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    Pf2016 yes she’ll be two - well not far off two and a half. It’s a bit sooner than I planned but probably quite a nice gap. She keeps saying there’s a baby in her tummy which is very amusing! I feel a bit of mum guilt that she’s not going to have all my time and attention to herself once a new baby comes but then as they get older I think it’ll be lovely for her having a younger sibling to play with. (I have two step daughters who totally adore her and she adores them but they are 10 and 12 so obviously quite a big gap so as they all get older that will become more apparent. But I know they’ll really look after their little siblings and love them even if they get a bit too grown up for playing with them as much as the two older girls are lovely girls). 

    Ive booked a scan cos it’s only £30 and I want to know it’s not twins! Plus I will need to tell people cos of hen do and spa day but doubt I’ll have had my official 12 week scan for hen do (I’ll be 11 weeks) and spa day I’ll be 12 weeks so at least I’ll more or less know it’s medically confirmed (my tests were strong and I took an extra digi after my first and it moved on in time. My app says I’m 7 weeks now. I have also just realised I’ve forgotten to take my vitamins all week with working late - eek. Must remember tonight!!! Think I maybe only missed tues and weds (I hope) so sure that’ll be ok. God I was so much more vigilant last time but then this one wasn’t exactly planned whereas last time I was all over it ha ha! 
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    Afternoon ladies,

    just a quick one as i still haven’t really caught up hate trying to do big updates on my phone lol!

    we are back from the Forest and have our 12 week scan through, it’s on 16th Oct! So exciting!! 

    I hope everyone is ok, I’ll try catch up properly over the weekend or when I’m back in work and on a pc on Monday haha! 

    Have a good weekend xx
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  • MrsGB So exciting about your 12 week scan approaching soon!
    I would love to hear more about the Forest of Dean. I have never been.

    I think I would pass out too if it was twins. Although my husband is openly keen for twins. Because it means he wouldn't have to go through the whole ttc malarkey again.
    I think having a sibling / playmate closer to your daughter's age will more than make up for any time you need to spend focusing on the new baby. My mum bought me a Baby Bjorn Doll when she had my sister. So I had a baby to take care off too. I think it helped a bit.
    30£ for a private scan?! That is so cheap. Mine is 50£ 😐
    I think as long as you eat relatively healthily you are probably ok missing the odd supplement tablet. Although I did the other day and felt so guilty, I went home foe lunch. But then this is my first.

    PF2016 I think you are right about me ovulating later. I really hope this is the case for my original BFN and then light test. Although the fact that the digital didn't move on still has me worried. I still have two First Responses left so I think my mind is too weak not to use them lol.
    I think waiting until you are 7-8 week for a reassurance scan is probably better than doing it at 6 weeks like me. Hmm. Maybe I should have waited.
    Interesting that tour legs have been achy as well. We seem to have similar symptoms. I really don't know if it is pregnancy or all the walking we did on our trip, but again today my legs felt heavy / painful when I was walking around for a meeting.
    Your daughter sounds so cute!

    Haha. MrsPope. Glad to hear I am not the only one testing past my BFP. And I am so glad everyone thinks the line progression is good.

    I am having a really bad week. Sorry for moaning.

    My husband had to have surgery today to remove to lumps on his head. And things went a bit wrong. They didn't give him enough anesthesia and so his body convulsed. He can't work for at least the next 10 days.

    I also just found out my account was hacked when I was transferring money with my banking. I am 100% that I checked the account number and sort code several times but it was sent to a completely different account. It's not like I miss-tped anything as there is no correlation in the numbers or the reference). I have never seen it before. Looked up what bank the sort code belongs to. And there are 56 reviews all saying they were hacked / scammed. Tried to talk to my bank but they are saying it wasn't a hack since I transferred the money myself. So I don't think I will see that money again. And it was a lot of money. 😣😪😔😪.

    Just feel everything is going wrong at the moment. And it makes me really worried about our pregnancy. You know when everything that could go wrong does? Just feeling really sorry for myself.

    I am really hoping I am paying heavily in Karma (or whatever you might call it) so that this baby grows healthily. And not that my bad luck will affect my pregnancy. Honestly I don't normally believe in this type of stuff but right now I am feeling a bit irrational.

    Generally I don't feel pregnant today at all.

    So to distract myself. When do you all think you are due? Do you have an incline if it is a boy or a girl? 
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    I’ve no idea re boy or girl. Thought my first was a boy at first but she was a girl so was totally wrong (I found out at 20 weeks). Give hubby has three girls I guess there’s a strong chance of another girl! 

    Is anyone going to find out? I will do - then I know whether to keep all of my little girls stuff or start passing it on as I’ve got friends with young girl babies at the moment who I’m sure could make use of it all! There’s some clothes I could use that are relatively unisex at 0-3 but otherwise most stuff is very girl. But all the kit and baby bumpf (pram, furniture, Moses, bath blankets toys etc) is all pretty much unisex and I’ll keep all the sleeping bags too even if it’s a boy (the odd one is pink and grey but not overly girly and no one sees those so no point wasting them). 
  • I got my booking appointment through yesterday. It is on the 16th October. So still a while to wait.

    We are definitely planning to find out MrsNH. I don't think I would be patient enough to wait until birth.
    And a lot of the stuff in shops (at least clothing wise) is very gendered. I mean I have seen stuff in the boys section that I would dress a girl in too. Less so perhaps the other way round.

    My husband's side gets a lot of boys. His sister has two boys. So he thinks it will be a boy. But my side of the family gets a lot of girls. I only have a sister. And my mum only has a sister. So I am thinking it might be a girl. 
    We don't mind either way. Except perhaps that  I always wanted to have a big brother. So maybe a boy first would be nice. Lol. But really just hoping for a healthy pregnancy.

    According to the NHS (based on my last period) I am due on the 18th May. But I think I ovulated late (because I didnt get a BFP until CD31). So my guess is that it will be around the 22nd May.

    MrsNH how do you feel about having quite a lot of the baby gear already? Is it a relief? Or do you feel a bit sad that there is less shopping to do?

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    Dandelion that’s good you’ve got your appointment. Mine is on Friday coming up. Then I’m having my scan on Saturday (ie the early one I’m paying for).

    im quite pleased I have all the stuff already - and I liked everything first time round so that’s why (unlike my brother who I’m sure went through like 3 or 4 prams. To be fair if I was buying again I’d get a different pram. I’ve got the bugaboo chameleon 3 which is fab but it is quite cumbersome to get in and out of the car whereas I think they do the Fox now which seems more compact. But I’m happy to use it again as it’s very comfortable for them). It is good to feel expensive things will go to good use again like car seats prams etc and everything is still in good condition.

    part of me thinks another girl would be nice to get use out of all the clothes again, so much lovely barely worn stuff up to 1 year (stuff doesn’t stay as nice once they are in nursery so I feel after a year maybe some things are more worn but most stuff is still in really good condition!) These babies are different seasons though - my first was born Xmas eve (2 weeks early) whereas I’m due 6 May so it might mean even with a girl I’d need summer clothes where I’ve got winter etc! Still at least in the early days it’s just babygrow central! But I guess if it’s a boy I get to shop for clothes still! (Although my brother has boys and they bought really trendy nice stuff so maybe I might get a few hand me downs if they kept some). 
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    We are going to find out the sex. We didn't last time and my husband really wanted to but I wouldn't let the sonographer say. Although weirdly our 20 week scan said Female on the top and I never knew if that was referring to the baby or me?! I don't mind either way, I'd really like to reuse all the clothes etc from my daughter, especially shoes! And my daughter would love a sister. But I think a boy would be nice too and I expect my husband would prefer a boy. I have a really strong feeling that this is a boy. I'm not sad to miss out on shopping, I just feel like we have enough on our plates with our daughter and this one will just need to slot in, poor little bubba.
    We are due 20th according to NHS but last time my midwife changed this because they don't account for cycles any length other than 28 days. So I think she'll say it's 18 or 19 May. The local scan place does a £25 early scan on a Monday but they said you have to be 8 weeks...I think I'm going to book it for 7+6 and fib because I want to know for that weekend. 
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    Hey ladies,

    Hope everyone’s ok.

    So exciting that you are all getting appointments through! 

    My booking in with the midwife wife is on Friday then our 12 week scan is the 16th October, I can’t wait for that, want to know everything is still going well in there!!

    As for finding out, hubby wants to know but I don’t. As we’ve been through so much to even get pregnant and it being so regimented and knowing each step, I just want to keep something a surprise! He is coming around to the idea 🤣

    Hows everyone feeling?

    My symptoms have been coming and going again. Nausea seems to be gone but now I have heartburn around the same time every night 🙄 
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  • MrsGB I totally understand why you would want at least the gender to be a suprise. Part of me does think it would be so special to find out at birth. But I know myself and I would crack beforehand lol.
    So your 12 week scan is on the same day as my booking appointment! How exciting! I can't wait for the 12 week scan. You must look forward to seeing bubba having grown from the gummy bear in your previous scan. How far along were you then again?

    Was it easy not finding out last time Pf2016? What has made you decide to find out this time?
    Do the midwives changes your due date once you have had your dating scan?
    I am pretty sure I am not as far along as I would be counted according to the perfect 28 day cycle.
    25?! I think 7 to 8 week is probably a good time to have an early scan. And I am sure they have people turn up all the time thinking they are 8 weeks and not being quite that far along. Part of me wishes I had waited a little longer to book our private scan.

    MrsNH It is good that you were really happy with all the stuff you bought. Did you do a lot of research beforehand? Your brother changed prams 4 times? Was that with different babies. I have heard the bugaboo is great but quite expensive.
    I would have thought that with all the blow-outs, dribbling and puking, baby clothes would see a fair bit of wear and tear.

    I am not feeling pregnant at all. Which still has me worried. I did test again today and my test line is now very clearly darker than the control line. Got a 2-3 weeks on the clearblue. So progress from last weekend. But not going to lie. I really wish I had got my 3+. 

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    @DandelionBlue haha yea I get what you mean I think maybe if we hadn’t gone through all this, I’d be tempted to find out also! 🤣

    Ahh yes busy day that day! We will both be on the countdown lol!

    I can’t wait to see baby again, I just want to know everything is still ok! I was approx 7 weeks at my first scan hun. 

    I wouldnt worry about the clearblue, your first response is sooo strong! I was the same though, I secretly hoped for 3+ on mine when I did it but only got 2-3 but my first response was really strong.

    I know it’s hard, as I still have worries, but I’m sure all is well!

    If you are thinking of an early scan though try and aim for at least 7 weeks although mine was an internal scan so depending on what they offer you, will determine what you see if that makes sense xx
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    Last time it was easy because I was dead set on a surprise. Quite traditional I guess. Towards the end I got a bit twitchy wishing I knew... But the moment I held my baby and turned to the midwife and said "What sex?" and she said "Oh I didn't check, you look!" and I held her up and saw
    ..it was amazing. I expected a boy last time though I didn't have a strong gut feeling so a girl was a wonderful surprise. I guess this time I feel like knowing will make it a bit easier to organise, I've got so much stuff left from my daughter (lots unisex because I made a point of always buying unisex or boys stuff, always planning in case of a boy this time) but there are lots of gifts of girls things from the first few months which we won't need to keep if it's a boy.
    I know it's early to talk about prams, but I wanted to say, I love my pram so much! It's the Baby Zen Yoyo and it's been amazing. It folds down so small and weighs nothing. We are still using the same pram now and haven't needed to get a lightweight buggy. We were gifted pretty much everything else, my sister in law gave us loads and we got a cot bed and Moses basket from Freecycle and just bought new mattresses. There are three things I would like though. A Next to Me crib, a proper breast feeding pillow, and a proper nursing chair. I'll have to sneak the latter in to my house because they're so ugly (and my husband will hate it) but I used one in the hospital last time and it was heavenly!
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    @Pf2016 That makes sense about being organised.

    Aww I’m so excited to start properly looking and buying bits! We had a look around Mothercare with our mums whilst we were away and I love the Silvercross prams, I’ve always had my heart set on one and even more so now! I know they are expensive and probably just as good ones out there but I just cannot keep away! We shall see once we have a proper look and test drive though! 🙈🤣 x
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    Aw MrsGB you have been waiting long enough for this baby, I think if that's the pram you want, then it should be the pram you have!

  • Pf2016Pf2016 Posts: 762 New bride
    ps.  Dandelion...step away from the tests!!!
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    @Pf2016 - Haha thanks lovely - My mum is buying it for us and has said she has a limit but she is sure I will get a Silvercross, just have to hope and pray there are good deals still available when we are ready - which surely there will be?! 
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    I remember last time scouring for deals on Black Friday - could be a good time for you this year!  We also ended up getting John Lewis to price match Mamas and Papas for us when we needed to buy our Stage 1 car seat.
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    Oh yes good idea!

    We are planning on going to The Baby Show in London in October as we will have had our 12 week scan by then, is anyone else thinking about it? xx
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  • Well my booking appointment is far less of a milestone than your 12 week scan MrsGB!
    How long does the first appointment usually take? Did you tell your work you were at the doctors? I am really nervous about my work finding out. I only just started this new job a month ago.
    Did you ever get your 3+ or did you stop testing?
    Unfortunately I already booked my scan for this Saturday. Did so in a bit of a panic after my fish died. According to the NHS I will be 6+5. But I think I will be 6+2 at the earliest. I can't reschedule it.
    I don't think we will be going to the Baby Show. A bit too far away for us nowadays. And I won't feel comfortable buying anything at that point.
    You definitely deserve a silvercross after all you have been through. Hopefully there will be one in your mum's price range.
    We actually bought a vintage silvercross quite a while back. It was so cheap, I couldn't resist, eventhough at that point I wasn't sure if we would ever fall pregnant. Not sure now though if we will use it.

    Aww that moment must have been amazing when you found out what gender your little one was Pf2016 .
    How amazing that you were gifted so many things! I am the first from my friends and my family to get pregnant. My husband's sister has two boys but I don't think she has any of their baby stuff anymore. Although my gran says she has a crib, that she found and my grandad repaired. Not sure how safe it is though.
    The Black Friday sale is a brilliant idea! Although when is that again? I hope I will be far enough along to feel comfortable buying things.
    I know I need to stop testing but I am desperate to get a 3+. I really don't have many symptoms. Don't feel pregnant at all. I thought I would have started feeling nauseous by now.
  • Dandelion how many weeks are you? I was really worried with my lack of nausea but then it hit at 8/9 weeks, enjoy feeling good while you can. I know how worrying it is though, I've been exactly the same, especially with the testing. It's been my only bit of control to check things are still as they should be if that makes sense. 
  • That is exactly why I am still testing MrsPope! It's the only thing that makes me believe that I am pregnant. That and my lack of period. Although I still check for blood every time I am on the toilet.
    I am 6 weeks today according to my last period. But I actually think I am no more than 5+4.
    I really want to enjoy these symptom free days. But I am terrified of a missed miscarriage.
    It is good to hear though that your symptoms didn't start until 8/9 weeks MrsPope!

    I am sorry ladies that I keep moaning. Since I got my BFP, my anxiety has reached another level.
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    @DandelionBlue - my booking in is on Friday so I’ll let you know what my experience was after but I’ve heard they are long just because of them asking all about your history and family etc.

    I stopped testing after I got the digital one even though it was only 2-3, I found it was stressing me more keep waiting on those to tell me but I understand the need to test but honestly I think you’re fine and can step away!!

    Due to the fact we went through ivf more people know already than I would have told at this stage but it definitely makes things easier with appointments that my boss knows.

    we haven’t told everyone we work with or all our friends/family yet just a select few so we cannot wait until the 12 week scan to finally be able to shout it from the rooftops lol!! 

    I am sure you will see enough to know all is ok at your scan lovely, please let us know how you get on xx
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  • I'm going to take a deep breath and dip my toe into this thread. 

    We've been TTC since we got married in August last year and sadly we've had 4 early miscarriages all between 4 and 6 weeks. We've had further investigations including an ultrasound and blood tests for clotting disorders and all has come back normal. We've been prescribed aspirin and progesterone so fingers crossed it helps.
    I believe I have hyper fertility where my womb lets embryos implant including the low quality ones but there doesn't seem to be much research and a lot of doctors dismiss it.  

    We had a 'chemical' pregnancy last month and on Sunday we've been lucky to get a BFP at 13dpo. I think I should be 4+1 today.

    I'm trying really hard to have a positive mindset as I've struggled a lot with anxiety in the last few pregnancies. But this is the strongest positive I've had so I just keep repeating to myself 'a different pregnancy, a different baby, a different story with a different ending'

    That's a little bit about me. 

    I'm looking forward to talking with you all x

  • Hannah I am so glad you are joining this thread! I really really hope this is your sticky bean.
    That is definitely a really strong line you got there at 13dpo. So hopefully that is a good sign.
    Did you have any symptoms that made you think you were pregnant?

    MrsGB I would be grateful if you could let me know how long your appointment ends up being. I still don't know how I will take time off work.
    It must be a little easier if your work knows and is supportive. But I realise that they only know because of what you had to go through.
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    @Hannah343 welcome lovely! I really hope this is your sticky bean! That is certainly a strong positive!!

    @DandelionBlue yes of course hun, I will keep you updated as I go. Hopefully it will help haha!! It’s tricky with the time off, can you say you have a dentist appointment or something if you don’t want to say anything yet? Xx
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    Welcome Hannah!  That's such a strong test line, fingers crossed this one is meant to be.  It must be a million times harder for you with your history, but try to enjoy this pregnancy for what it is now.
    Nothing much to report here.  I self-referred to the midwives yesterday and then tried to book my first appointment, but apparently it takes a week to get on the system...so I still have no dates in the diary.  But I should receive my scan date within 2 weeks apparently.  Exciting.  I also tried to book our mini-early scan for Monday 7th but the early appointments didn't work with my husband's work and nursery drop-off.  So I think I'm going to book it for that day but later in the day which means my husband can't come - he said he doesn't mind, but I'm hoping everything is OK in there as I will be on my own.
    Dandelion I love that pram!  If you have the space to store it and can get it in your car then great!  As soon as baby can sit up then you could get a Maclaren anyway.
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