Due May/June/July 2020



  • Thank you for all your kind words Blush, MrsPope, MrsMidtoBe, Beatrice, MrsGB and Pf2016

     I don't want to jinx things. But since yesterday afternoon the bleeding has calmed down. I only get a tiny bit of brown when I wipe. I did another test this morning and the line has stayed as strong.
    I am now holding out to see what tomorrow's private scan tells us. 
    I am aware that the bleeding could come back. When I usually get my period, I spot for a few days first, and it varies in intensity. So I don't think I am in the clear just yet.

    MrsMidtoBe A blood test would definitely be more reliable than a urine test. I don't know how routinely they tend to prescribe those. 
    I think I will wait until tomorrow's private scan. And if things are unclear by that point, I might as my GP for an HCG test.

    Beatrice I am 6 weeks now. So not sure if this was the same scenario as you. I am very sorry you had to go through that.
    I was bleeding red yesterday so I think it was fresh blood. I had gone food shopping and carried heavy bags home just before I started bleeding. I don't know if that caused it. Or if the bleeding is more sinister.
    The bedrest / sofarest seems to have helped so far 

    Pf2016 That must have been a very scary time for you during your first pregnancy .
    I think I am going to stay home for one more day on bedrest. With the weekend that will give me 4 days of rest and healing. I was considering going to work this morning but I am not sure how I would feel if I started bleeding again after doing so. The guilt would be so painful. Although I am aware that if something is wrong with my pregnancy I will lose it anyway.
  • I am keeping every single of my fingers and toes crossed for you Dandelion.
    I don't know if this will help but with my second pregnancy, my tests were extremely faint and the digital 'not pregnant' about five days before any sort of bleeding. 
    Your test being that strong is a good sign, I know you're not out of the woods yet but I am sending you lots of positive vibes.
    Keep resting and try to keep yourself distracted. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow xx 

  • Thank you Hannah.
    I am sorry. This must be bringing up bad memories for you.
    It is good to hear that my dark lines so far on the FRER are a good sign. I was very worried when the doctor said the pregnancy test was too faint. 
    I feel really bad for taking the day of work. But I think it is best to rest a little longer.
    I am going to try and keep myself distracted x
  • MrsGB2015MrsGB2015 Posts: 3,804 New bride
    @DandelionBlue Please do not feel bad about being off work!  You need to look after yourself right now!

    I am glad the spotting/bleeding has eased off, I am keeping everything crossed for you.

    What time is your scan tomorrow? xx
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  • Thank you so much MrsGB.
    Yes. Please keep your fingers crossed for us until tomorrow.
    The scan is at 9am.
  • @DandelionBlue I think I was about 5 weeks and had to wait until 6/7 weeks for a scan where they just saw the sack and they also did a HCG test. I had to then go back in 2 days later for another HCG test then I had a 2 scans the following week where they saw the bean in the sack and then on the third they saw a heart beat.

    My bleeding started off a dark red and then was a browny red I'd have to wear a panty liner and then the 2nd week it was mainly when I wiped.

    Lots of rest will do you good. Its lucky you've got your scan tomorrow so you won't have to sit and wait much longer. Really hope everything works out for you the whole thing though is a really crap situation but sending lots of positive thoughts and luck x
  • MrsGB2015MrsGB2015 Posts: 3,804 New bride
    @DandelionBlue - Thats good that its early hun - I will be keeping an eye out for your updates and have everything crossed for you xxx
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  • I am sorry Beatrice. That must have been very scary for you. Spotting for such a length of time and having to go through three scans before you could feel reassured.

    Yes I am glad I had booked a private scan for tomorrow. And it is good that it is early. That will give me less time to get myself worked up and anxious about it.

    Thanks MrsGB. I will keep you all updated.
  • MrsGB2015MrsGB2015 Posts: 3,804 New bride
    I dont want to come along and be insensitive but I did promise an update on my booking in appointment today, so hope no one takes offence to me updating.

    It was all fine, a very long tick box exercise really.  Just lots of questions about me, hubby and family history.  Had some bloods taken and urine sample.  Not much to report tbh, it took about an hour or so.

    I've also got my next midwife appointment for 16 weeks - that's on 13th November 
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  • Please don’t feel bad @DandelionBlue I’m doing okay and I can talk about it all. And if my experiences can help someone else then that helps me.
    How are you doing this evening?

    Glad your appointment went went @MrsGB2015 and thank you, it’s good to know what to expect. 

    It’s not to do with our current pregnancy but we’re still pushing ahead for our Tommy’s referral and we had our appointment with the gynaecology clinic after a bit of a push he finally agreed to it. So at least we wouldn’t have to start the whole thing again if this pregnancy fails. So least it was positive in the end.
  • MrsGB2015MrsGB2015 Posts: 3,804 New bride
    @Hannah343 no worries hun glad to help in some way.

    Thats good to hear about the referral, although I am obviously very hopeful this one will be your sticky bean and keeping everything crossed for you! Xx

    @DandelionBlue I hope you’re ok tonight lovely, thinking of you also xx
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    Miracle Baby due April 2020

    "The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow"
  • MrsGB Please don't worry. I am not taking offence or upset at all. 
    Did your husband come with you or had you discussed his family health history before? Did they do a pregnancy test?
    I am glad your appointment went well. And it's helpful to know that it was one hour long. The appointments aren't very frequent are they?

    Hannah Thank you for reassuring me. I do wish I hadn't made this thread so negative for the last few days.
    I think it makes sense pressing on with the Tommy's referral as it might be able to give you some answers about and closure on what happened in your previous pregnancies. I am glad the gynaecology clinic has finally agreed to it.
    And I am crossing my fingers that this pregnancy will be smooth and uneventful.

    I am barely spotting anymore. Sometimes there is still a tiny bit of brown when I wipe. 
    I have felt a bit tender though when I move. I don't know how to describe it really. It isn't cramps. That has me a bit worried as it's a new sensation.
    I am very anxious about the scan tomorrow. Not sure how well I am going to sleep tonight.
  • MrsGB2015MrsGB2015 Posts: 3,804 New bride
    @DandelionBlue Thanks lovely, I just didn’t want to upset.

    No, didn’t take hubby knew it would be pointless. I just tried to get out of him anything that may be of importance. 

    No, they didn’t do a test just checked urine to make sure all is ok.

    I knew this one would be long, think I was lucky that it was only an hour as one friend told me hers took nearly two! I think it depends on your answers and if they need to go into more details?

    That was the longest and most boring one done, she said my next one will only be about twenty mins or so.

    Glad to hear that the spotting is dying down, try not to worry about the tenderness there’s a lot going on in there, I know that’s easier said than done! Maybe have a nice bath and try watch a film I know that’s also easier said than done though!! Fingers crossed for tomorrow xx
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  • Ladies. I'm on my way to the private scan. Please please keep your fingers crossed for us. I am really really scared
  • Everything crossed for you dandelion 🤞💗
  • Thinking of you dandelion and sending all the positive thoughts your way 💜
  • Thinking of you ❤️ Sending you lots of positive vibes x
  • Thank you ladies. ❤
    I will update afterwards. 
  • MrsGB2015MrsGB2015 Posts: 3,804 New bride
    @DandelionBlue thinking of you lovely! I have everything crossed xx
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    TTC since August 2015
    Miracle Baby due April 2020

    "The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow"
  • Thinking of u @DandelionBlue & keeping everything crossed all is ok ❤️❤️
  • Hello ladies. Everything seems to be ok with baby at the moment.
    It's located central in my womb. Measuring at 6 weeks and one day. So right spot on when I thought we conceived.
    We could see it's little heart moving and heard it. It's 113, which she said is good for 6 weeks, as it would only have started a few days ago.
    She couldn't see any blood in my womb. So her best guess is that it came from my cervix being irritated.
    Saying I am hugely relieved is an understatement.

  • Oh dandelion I am so so happy for you 💓💓 I cant imagine all the stress and worry you've been through over the last few days. Take it easy this weekend and look after yourself.  How wonderful that you got to hear the heartbeat as well, what an amazing feeling x
  • Aww Dandelion, that’s absolutely amazing news and what a beautiful picture. Have a very restful weekend and look after yourself x x
  • MrsGB2015MrsGB2015 Posts: 3,804 New bride
    @DandelionBlue Yay! Fantastic news! I am so, so pleased for you! Now try and relax 😉 xx
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    TTC since August 2015
    Miracle Baby due April 2020

    "The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow"
  • Amazing news @DandelionBlue what a little rascal worrying u like that!! Hope u can relax this wkd now xx
  • Thank you MrsPope and Hannah!
    It's been a horrible couple of days.
    I am glad we had already booked this scan, as waiting until next Thursday would have been torture.
    Seeing and heartbeat was an incredible experience. There is a baby in there with a tiny beating heart! She said it was a nice regular beat too, which is what they look for at this stage.
    We can now relax for the rest of the weekend xx
  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,327 New bride
    That's amazing news so happy for u, 
  • Pf2016Pf2016 Posts: 776 New bride
    Oh great news Dandelion! So happy for you. Also....random but how much does your scan look like a rabbit?! (Not the baby, the whole picture.) Anyone else see that?!
  • Thank you MrsMannion and Pf2016!!

    Haha! My husband said the overall scan looks like a chipmunk. But I definitely see the rabbit.

  • Rach371Rach371 Posts: 1,122 New bride
    Dandelion just popping by to say how pleased I am for you. I'm sure I've mentioned this before but I had two big bleeds at 6 and 8 weeks. They were terrifying and I was convinced of the worst but I'm grateful that they weren't anything more serious, my 6 week old little girl is currently snoring on my lap. I had cramps but apparently that can be the uterus stretching. I had bleeding throughout my pregnancy if I'd overdone it or spent too long on my feet. Have a nice relaxing weekend and make sure you take it easy x
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