Taking baby abroad

Hi Ladies, just looking for a bit of advice, we are taking our baby abroad twice this year, and just wondering if you have any advice on what to do with regards to sterilising, she will be 9 and 10 months when we go away! 
Married September 2018, Baby due October 2019.  


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    Hi Potty,
    We took our daughter away when she was about 5 or 6 months.  If you're going somewhere with a microwave, get some of those microwave steriliser bags - super easy to use and take up no space.  Or take tablets?
    Having said that, at 9 and 10 months I would be tempted to just wash thoroughly rather than sterilise...
  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,342 New bride
    My sister took my niece at 6 months as I got married aboard, she took tablets so she would wash them then soak in the tablets cuz a microwave wasn't available. 
  • Hi Potty we took our daughter to Cyprus when she was 8 months old, we took sterilising bags with tablets that didn't need a microwave, we just filled the bag up with water (Safe to use foreign water) added the tablet and bottles and left it hanging up overnight.  It was super easy.  The ones we bought were the oasis disposable steriliser bags 7 day supply that Boots sold at the time but I've just had a quick look and I can't find them on Boots or Amazon anymore  :/ ...maybe you can try and find them elsewhere or something similar...
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    I took my little one abroad twice at 6 and 8 months. She was breastfed so I didn’t have to deal with bottles but in terms of washing all her beakers plates spoons etc I just washed in boiled water and fairy liquid type stuff as normal! I also took sterilising wipes (Milton wipes) to wipe down anything that got dropped like teether etc. Same when she was over 1 and we took her to Dubai - that was mostly just washing her little cup for milk and water etc as she would happily eat at restaurants and stuff with whatever bowls plates etc they had. 
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    Following! I want to go
    to Greece with mine in august/September when she’ll be 7 months
  • PottyPotty Posts: 527 New bride
    Thanks your help everyone. I don’t think we will have access to a microwave, I’m going to look into those oasis ones you mentioned MrsM xxx
    Married September 2018, Baby due October 2019.  
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,954 New bride
    I always cold water sterilised anyway, so I just took my cold water steriliser and Milton tablets with me.
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