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TTC 36 - 2021 babies here we come!

Anxiousbride2Anxiousbride2 Posts: 623 New bride
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Hi lovely ladies, as time is running out on our 2020 babies I have bitten the bullet and started a lucky new thread.


(Will be updated as the BFPs come rolling in)








TTC - Trying to Conceive

BD - Baby dance (sex)

DTD - Do the deed (sex)

CD - Cycle Day (First day of your period is day 1)

AF - Aunty Flo (Your period, also know as the Witch!)

OV - Ovulation

OPK - Ovulation Predictor Kit

DPO - Days Past Ovulation

BFP - Big Fat Positive (A positive pregnancy test result)

BFN - Big Fat Negative

SS - Symptom Spotting

CM - Cervical Mucus

EWCM - Egg-White Cervical Mucus (Most fertile type)

POAS - Pee on a Stick (Pregnancy test)

FF - Fertility Friend (An online fertility monitor)

I’ve got every faith this is going to be a super lucky thread for us all so bring on those pink or blue lines 🤞🤞🤞




  • Anxiousbride2Anxiousbride2 Posts: 623 New bride
    @mrsb25 and @MrsOD19 thanks for your replies, I am definitely out now as AF has arrived in full force. On the plus side, I am back to 27 days which is great! And I am kind of looking forward to next cycle not trying and just reconnecting with each other on a different level. I think we will NTNP but for us that really means not trying seeing as DH cant finish inside of me so we would have to actively try in order to stand any chance. 

    Work have told us to prepare to WFH but still not given any guidance on WHEN this will start. Very uncertain and worrying times xxx
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 773 New bride
    Yay a new thread! Nice fresh start for us all.  Thank you for starting this @Anxiousbride2 I hope it brings us all lots of luck and theres lots of babies in 2021 😍 So sorry AF showed up today- at least you can NTNP next month and have a bit of a breather. Lots of love ❤

    I know, it's so worrying isnt it- I keep reading things and then it doesnt seem the case.  I cant WFH everyday so I'd end up having to go to work unless we get put on lockdown.   I mean Ireland have shut pubs and clubs and ours are still going?? It just seems crazy that we are being told to live as normal but then limit social interaction. 
  • MrsB25MrsB25 Posts: 244 New bride
    Thanks for starting the new thread @Anxiousbride2 let’s hope it’s a lucky one for us all!! Sorry about AF arriving too 😢 my cycle was 27 days this time too- we are definitely very in sync with our cycles at the moment!

    @MrsOD19 in reply to your comment on the old thread I veer between really not wanting a Christmas baby, and then thinking oh I just want a baby so it wouldn’t be the worst thing! The main issue is the wedding, I used one of those due date calculators online and if I ovulate at a similar sort of time next cycle the due date would be the day of the wedding! I know it’s unlikely that baby would come then, but I would hate to miss it, have to leave part way through the ceremony etc. So that does put me off, but then I start to think I could be due the following month and end up being 4 weeks early you never know! So as you can tell from that long garbled comment I really can’t decide 😂
  • MrsI2MrsI2 Posts: 27 New bride
    Hope everyone is doing well! I disappeared for a while as I was trying to just forget about ttc in the hopes it would just happen if I relaxed a bit more!

    but now after today’s announcement that pregnant women will need to self isolate for 12 weeks I’m wondering if now is even the time for it, is it selfish for me to want to bring a baby into this crazy world right now? How does everyone feel about it? I don’t have the option to
    work from home so just don’t even know how it would work 😫
  • Fiona98Fiona98 Posts: 447 New bride
    Thanks for the new thread @Anxiousbride2 and sorry you are out. 

    I'll be working at home from now on I would imagine. I fall into one of the at risk categories as I mentioned before and tbh really hope I dont have to isolate for 12 weeks :/ I will go stir crazy!!

    We are BDing every other day. Expecting peak any day now. CD13. 

  • EllaCeeEllaCee Posts: 102 New bride
    Thanks for the new thread @Anxiousbride2! But sorry AF got you (though good the cycles seem to be settling).

    The Coronavirus situation really seems to have worsened the last couple of days. We’re still supposedly going into work, but I think it will be work from home here soon too. But I get what you mean, @MrsI2... after watching the UK briefing today DH and I were both wondering about whether it’s sensible to try right now. The biggest concern is the currently unknown effects on first trimester foetuses, simply because none of them have been born yet. Scientists best guess is that it shouldn’t have too big an impact, but then we’re told to avoid high temps early on... argh. I don’t want to give up on a month of trying though! 
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 773 New bride
    Hows everyone coping with the new coronavirus advice?  I've had a cough start and a slight temperature so I'm waiting for guidance from work as if i should self isolate or not at the moment.  I just don't know what to do! The thought of staying inside for 14 days is horrible.

    I feel the same about the babies, I think i'd be okay to come to work as i don't mix often with loads of people but the no socialising for 12 weeks would be awful.  But do we want to bring babies into this mess? I don't know! I don't think we'll stop trying but i'll need to be prepared to make that sacrifice if it happened.

    @mrsl2 I don't have the option to WFH on a regular basis but I work by myself, so i could restrict access to me for a while.  It's just not ideal is it.

    @Anxiousbride2 how are you feeling? Hubby and i were a bit jaded after watching the news last night, it was just manic.  Worst of all, the gym i teach at in the evenings is still open and operating as normal, i don't feel comfortable teaching in a small studio when everyone is sweating and touching their face etc
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 773 New bride
    And that's me self isolated for two weeks! Send help! 🥺
  • Anxiousbride2Anxiousbride2 Posts: 623 New bride
    @mrsod19 oh bless you, how are you feeling? I am working from home, I don't have symptoms but can do my work at home so have made the decision myself to stay off for the forseeable, DH is doing the same.

    Things have really ramped up in the last few days and I am feeling very frightened, I am sure we are all in the same boat. @mrs12 it is nice to hear from you - I complete agree, we have made the decision to not TTC until there is more clarity about this situation. It feels crazy to want to get pregnant and put ourselves in the at risk category unnecessarily and I dont feel I could justify bringing a baby into this mayhem. @ellacee as you say we just have no clue how this new virus may affect the unborn baby, as theres just not been enough cases yet. Only time will tell.

    My SIL is due in mid-May and for the first time ever I am not jealous, I am frightened for her. X
  • MrsMidtobeMrsMidtobe Posts: 149 New bride
    @MrsOD19 I’m with you! Husband started with coughing and sore throat on Sunday and then today I’m starting to cough. With the new household guidance it’s 14 days for us!  I can work from home unless I become too unwell so I have something to keep me busy. I’m just going to do laps around the garden to stay sane haha 

    unfortunately though this means I can’t have my repeat bloods on Thursday and will miss my fertility app on 23rd so pretty gutted about that! The other things that’s pee’d me off if that we did bulk or panic buy, and now we can’t leave the house and need to do an online order there are no slots for two weeks! Grrr

    Hope everyone else is staying safe and well! 
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 773 New bride
    @MrsMidtobe its horrid isnt it? I cant stop and it's like a honky goose cough and a bit of a chest pain after! Not sure if that's just the force of coughing though? How are you both feeling? I think it's bad as I didnt know a sore throat was the beginning of it and I had one on saturday/sunday so wasnt aware I could be spreading this.  Hubby feels okay but is staying away from me at the moment other than to bring me a tea etc I'm glad I can still walk the dog as long as its not around others otherwise il go mad!  What a shame about your appointment though, you come first though so make sure you're both staying safe and warm. I feel your pain with the not stockpiling, I went to m&s and bought loads of tissues and I didnt feel bad at all! I haven't been selfish with one thing but I need these haha

    @Anxiousbride2 I feel alright apart from this cough and sore throat really.  My temperature was only slightly high (just below 38) in sad I cant see my mum as I normally need her when I'm ill! I just hope it doesnt get worse than this.  Dont fret too much if you can help it, just stay safe and avoid other people etc.  Its so hard and I'm going to go bonkers for two weeks! 
  • MrsI2MrsI2 Posts: 27 New bride

    @Anxiousbride2 I think we are with you on that one, we've decided that once AF shows her face I am going to start the pill again, I know it will take a while again to get back out of my system but think it’s for the best at the moment and I can’t see things getting any better in a month or 2! It’s the first month I am going to be hoping for AF but have brought some tests just in case.

    With a 5 year old at home self-isolating for 12 weeks just wouldn't be an option  :(

    My husband is now working from home for the foreseeable future but since I don't have that option I will be coming in to work until the schools decide to close (that's if they do)

  • Fiona98Fiona98 Posts: 447 New bride
    Hi all 

    @MrsOD19 sorry to hear you are unwell. Wishing you a speedy recovery! 

    We haven't really had the discussion going forward. Im on peak atm and we BD last night and I got my EWCM. So may have to discuss going forward if I dont fall this month but think I'll keep trying this month. 

  • Anxiousbride2Anxiousbride2 Posts: 623 New bride
    Oh no @mrsmidtobe and @mrsod19 that really sucks you are both in isolation :( I have had a sore throat for several weeks now, how long did yours last before the other symptoms developed? I think its just because we're having our loft boarded currently so there's dust/fibre glass flying around. But its so hard to know in the current climate isn't it, I am panicking over every tiny symptom! I am not sure whether to go into work tomorrow, so far only people who need to isolate due to symptoms or who have underlying health conditions have been told to WFH, others in my office are still going in (whcih is about half the people). My manager advised me to stay off today due to my anxiety being so bad, but I am not sure if I am expected to go back in tomorrow and don't want this recorded as sick leavea s I am sat here working! All very uncertain :(

    Although we don't want to TTC for a while now until this has all blown over, I want to stay on this forum if that's OK, as really appreciate having you lovelies to chat with. I am still very much desperate to be a mum and very scared that this is going to go on for months on end and we won't be able to try for a long time :( X
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 773 New bride
    @Anxiousbride2 I had a sore throat from saturday and developed the cough sunday evening but it only got worse last night.  I coughed a few times on sunday but thought nothing of it! Weve been told that we need to self isolate if we have a cough and/or a temperature.  It's hard to know what to do, I feel a bit of a fraud as I dont feel horrendously poorly but work told me to go home.  Ughh I'm sorry you're feeling so anxious, can you WFH anyway and cite mental health as the reason?  If you're working then they cant count you as sick.  

    Yes of course! Stay here! We would miss you if you left and it might be sooner than to think that you can TTC again 🤞 Hubby and I need to chat about what we're going to do if I haven't caught this cycle.  It's all such a worry!
  • MrsB25MrsB25 Posts: 244 New bride
    Hi everyone, sorry to all of you who are self isolating and feeling poorly. Look after yourselves. I have a bit of a cough but have had it for a while and it isn’t persistent. Going to monitor it over the next couple of days.

    Life in school is crazy at the moment. There are many staff members off now, and lots of children. I totally understand that schools are needed as childcare for workers, especially those in the NHS. But it definitely feels like we are getting to the point where closures are needed. Spent today contingency planning for all eventualities: closure tonight, closure later this week, closure for long term after the Easter holidays. I can’t believe this is actually real.

    Definitely stay around @Anxiousbride2 I love our lovely little thread!

    Look after yourselves everyone xxx
  • Anxiousbride2Anxiousbride2 Posts: 623 New bride
    @mrsb25 I know, the whole thing just feels completely surreal, like we're in a sci fi movie! My work have now updated their guidance to say that only those with health conditions or pregnancy :( need to be off. So I am definitely expected in :( I am pretty annoyed by it, as I can work just as well remotly so I feel they are direcly asking me to ignore the Government guidance! I would tell them where to shove it but DH is self employed and extremely worried as he's getting no work in, so I can't afford to jeapordise my income too! Having said that I know I am so lucky, I can't imagine how much more of a state I;d be in if all this had happened when we were planning our wedding or house move, or when I lived alone and didn't have DH :) X
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 773 New bride
    @Anxiousbride2 I think if you had symptoms then you would have to WFH, if you dont then you're okay to carry on as normal I think.  That's the guidance I was given at work.  It's all very strange though as if you have the facility to WFH then it should be up to you whether or not you do.  You're not asking to self isolate, it's to WFH which are totally different xx
  • EllaCeeEllaCee Posts: 102 New bride
    Hi ladies! I’m sorry to hear some of you are poorly (both physically and mentally), hope you all feel better soon! I have to admit, @Anxiousbride2, my anxiety has also really been spiking these last couple of days and I’m needing to be really careful with not pushing things too much. I started working from home today, but the advice here is actually to continue as normal unless feeling sick. Just popped out to the supermarket and everywhere is still packed... 

    I was actually saying to DH earlier today how much I appreciate having you ladies to talk to - *especially* right now when we’re all wondering the same things about TTC during this pandemic. So @Anxiousbride2 please please stay around! 
  • Fiona98Fiona98 Posts: 447 New bride
    Yes I agree @Anxiousbride2 stick around. It sounds like a lot of us could be in the same boat around TTC and waiting it out. 

    I'm finishing out this cycle and then deciding after that. I know I'm not going to go back on the pill. I cant get the one I just came off and I dont want to risk something new as the last time I changed I had a huge hormanal screw up and my body thought it was pregnant. I dont want to risk that. It took about a year for my hormones to sort out. :/ 
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 773 New bride
    Well hubby woke up feeling awful so that's us both down I think.  I'm pretty sure I know when I caught this (it may not be coronavirus) but we went for a coffee with the dog after work on friday and sat outside as it was lovely and sunny.  Loads of people stopped and stroked the pup because he is very endearing and lovely and then I didnt even think about it but I was kissing his head as I always do 😑😔 It didnt even register with me not to.   

    I'm pretty sure we may NTNP next month, we will see how it goes I think over the next few weeks as I'm only 4DPO today so got plenty of time to think about it.

    Hope everyone is staying safe and well and not too scared about these circumstances xx
  • EllaCeeEllaCee Posts: 102 New bride
    Oh no, sorry to hear you're both down, @MrsOD19. I obviously don't have medical training or anything, and this is pure pure speculation, but if you have now got corona, does that not mean you might be immune once you recover? Which would mean TTC would be a bit safer for yourself? I'm musing 'out loud' - could be totally incorrect!

    I'm not enjoying being in a different country, especially with the border closures and worrying about family back home. But one tiny relief is that this is happening in the time of fast internet and FaceTime, so we're speaking with family every day. 

    Lots of love to all xx 
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 773 New bride
    @ellacee yes I think that's right, from what I've read you dont tend to get it twice.  But then because they arent testing people and the young people only having it mildly, how are we meant to know if weve had it? Ugh. Like we could be self isolating for nothing if weve just got coughs by coincidence 🙈

    I totally understand, I think facetime etc is such a godsend at this time isnt it! I cant believe how ignorant some people are being though, like still going out drinking and partying? Pure selfishness xxx
  • EllaCeeEllaCee Posts: 102 New bride
    Yes, it would be interesting to know what proportion of the population have had it (and I suspect governments would also be keen to know this to model what might happen when winter comes!). 

    I just spotted that the Royal College of Midwives will be doing a Twitter Q&A tomorrow about coronavirus (@MidwivesRCM on Twitter), could be interesting to see what they say. 
  • Natutz14Natutz14 Posts: 110 New bride
    Reposting here from the old thread:
    Hey ladies. Back from Mexico and currently stuck working from home.  But..   I do have some news. Despite my DH having a bilateral varicocele (confirmed by ultrasound) and awaiting an op to fix, this morning I got a BFP 🙂 im in total shock.  Feels surreal. Apart from a funny taste in my mouth and some slight cramps I don't feel different.  Please never lose hope, miracles can happen.  I just need to pray this sticks snd stay indoors away from this horrible virus. Love to all xx
  • Lou85Lou85 Posts: 1,900 New bride
    Hi lovelies! 

    Greetings from Dubai. We are having a lovely time even though I haven’t slept a wink. Getting myself in a bit of a tizz every time I read the news and dreading coming home to be honest. At least here we are outside, getting vitamin D,  fresh air. The boys are loving it, it’s all spotless obviously so it feels safer than home and no fights in the supermarket. Hopefully we get back ok.

    I have my follow up at the EPU a week today - keeping everything crossed for a baby in there. I feel completely fine still so not sure what to think, but no more spotting! I was definitely throwing up at this point with the boys. Although if they’re right and I’m behind on my dates then that might make sense...

    I hope this thread is lucky for you all! I understand those of you who are choosing to wait to ttc in the current climate. It’s defo the worst time to be in the first trimester for sure! Although my obgyn friend sent me this:

  • Anxiousbride2Anxiousbride2 Posts: 623 New bride
    Woohoo @natutz14 first BFP on our lucky new thread! That's lovely news, congrats on your miracle and I am keeping everything crossed for you that this is your time! How was Mexico? 

    @Lou85 lovely to hear from you too, please keep us posted after your next appointment. I am so glad you have found Dubai a relaxing break away from all this mayhem. Def a worrying time for all you lovelies in early preg :( 

    Still working from home today but I have been told I have to go in unless I am sick so I guess I will be back in tomorrow, dreading it! Feeling very overwhelmed by everything currently. I have no clue what I am doing in regards to work as everything I was working on is cancelled,so just being bombarded by queries that I can't answer basically! So glad I am not the one have to make the decisions! 

    @mrsod19 that sucks you're both poorly but as @ellacee fingers crossed you'll get it mildly and then shake it off and be immune! I know what you mean though, if we're not being tested how will we know when we've had it? It could just be the otherflu, which is still around as far as I know! Have you contacted 111 or are we not even meant to report it now that everyone's getting it?

    @fiona98 I'm with you, I def am not going to go back to any form of contraception. It would feel so weird to do so when I am so desperate for a baby! We are just going to NTNP but I think its very unlikely that anything would happen if we dont make an effort to try. I just really really hope this blows over in a month or 2 and we can get back to 'normal' life. Who knows what that will look like though, with restaurants and businesses etc all presumably having gone bust :( 

    I am just grateful every day for my DH and lovely home and not being on my own at this scary time!

    I am also really appreciating the support of our little community here and definitely need this forum more than ever! Everything is just crazy and surreal :( X
  • Fiona98Fiona98 Posts: 447 New bride

    @Natutz14 Congratulations!! So happy for your BFP!

    @Lou85 glad everything seems to be progressing ok, when are you due to fly back to the UK? Have everything crossed for your scan!

    @MrsOD19 Hope you and the hubs feel better soon!!

    I seem to have issues logging on via mobile atm so apologies if I go a bit quiet!

    @anxiousbride2 I feel the same. I have a lot of friends in retail, so I feel very lucky to have work which is getting busier at the moment in responding to Covid-19 and in a position to work from home so I don't have to worry about income. I know how lucky I am and so im trying to help others when I get the chance, though that's getting harder to do to!!

  • MrsB25MrsB25 Posts: 244 New bride
    Wow @Natutz14 huge huge congratulations on your BFP! Glad you’re enjoying your holiday @Lou85 and that things all seem ok so far. 

    Sorry that you and DH are both down @MrsOD19 look after yourselves and good luck during your isolation period, hope you manage to keep busy!

    Hope everyone else is ok, my anxiety has really ramped up the past few days due to all of the uncertainty around school closures. It has been a crazy and stressful few days and haven’t been sleeping well. Now also feel like the only way I will be able to get any food is to get to Tesco for 6am tomorrow when it opens, as by the time I go after work everything is gone! I have to keep reminding myself that I’m lucky to have a secure salary, DH and our lovely home. Hard to focus on the positives sometimes.
  • MrsMidtobeMrsMidtobe Posts: 149 New bride
    Sorry for being distant recently, I work in the NHS so it’s been all systems go these past few weeks. I’m day 2 into isolation and it’s already starting to affect me not being able to leave the house. 

    Luckily I have managed to rearrange my fertility app for a few weeks time so I have my 21 days bloods and then my app a few days later so it hasn’t hindered things
    too much. I decided to use up some left over CB digi ov sticks this month after the news about my last 21 day’s bloods and I actually managed to get a peak static smiley so not sure what that means (I didn’t get one the month I had low progesterone levels) so it’s given me a tiny bit of hope. We haven’t really tried this month with everyone going on but we haven’t prevented so who knows! 

    @Anxiousbride2 I’m so sorry your anxiety is increased, I can totally understand. But we will get through all this. From a mental health perspective, could you take some time off? Looking after your mental health is just as important as physical health and if it’s as debilitating as you describe maybe work isn’t the best place for you at the moment ? Xx

    @[email protected] I hope you and hubby are feeling better soon. My hubby is starting to feel better now and I still have my tickly cough but I’m not convinced it’s Covid-19. I’m able to do some work from home but tbh Iv been really lazy the last two day’s, tomorrow though I am adamant I’m going to get some house stuff done (we recently moved). Take care xx 

    @[email protected] I am beyond happy for you! Fingers crossed this is your sticky bean 😊 after everything that’s happened recently you absolutely deserve your happy ending ! I wouldn’t worry about Zika, I’m sure I read somewhere that  outside of South America there aren’t any cases of it affecting development (or maybe it was no cases in the UK)  but it will be nice to have some extra monitoring xx 
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