When are you planning to start your maternity leave from?


i was just wondering when you all are planning to take your maternity leave from? I plan to leave at about 34 weeks, take 4 weeks holiday and then start my MAT leave 2 weeks before my due date. Have any mums got any advice i.e do you think that's too soon or too late going by your experience?

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  • sca438sca438 Posts: 355
    I'm starting mine week 35...only 8 weeks to go and am counting the days!

    C xx

  • im planning to take mine 2weeks before due date but im having regular meeings with the boss and we'll be agreeing and changing as we go along
  • My initial thoughts are to take it from 36 weeks - i thought this was fairly standard and it's what my friends have done, but i haven't really given it much thought yet - although i can't wait already!!
  • Hello, I am planning on going at 32 weeks so that I have a little time with my daughter, also I am sufferring with sore ribs and incredibly painful hips so I don't think I could last as long as a couple of weeks before my due date like I did with my daughter.

    You can leave as early as 29 weeks into your pregnancy if you really needed to, it really depends on how you feel.

  • BRIDE100BRIDE100 Posts: 884
    My sis left at 29 weeks.

    She had an hour and a half train/tube commute each way though so it was just too much to keep doing the bigger she got (selfish people never gave her a seat and she was too polite to ask!) It's unlikely she will go back to work so it doesn't really matter that her mat leave will finish early.

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