How do you stop driving yourself round the twist !

My hubby and I had a pregnancy scare last month, but it made us realise how much we want kids so have decided to start ttc.

Anyway hubby is convinced that we'll get pregnant straight away and is currently on cloud nine with the thought of it, me however am feeling incredibly pessamistic ! I desperatly wanna be pregnant but always see the bad before the good.

My question is how do you cope each month ? You start ttc, you wait to see if you AF arrives, if it does arrive your bummed, if it doesnt your convinced your pregnant, but then you just have a late AF ! You have pregnancy tests stored away in the bathroom cabinet "just in case" AAARRRGGGHH We' ve literally only just started trying and already i'm going round thw twist with the waiting and apprehension ! How do you cope !!?? :\?


  • sammycuksammycuk Posts: 1,633
    hi good luck ttc hun hope you soon get ya bfp

    i am also ttc its my 4th cycle

    i always keep a stash of tests cos im an addict lol

    i always use ov sticks to pinpoint ovulation then i know when my period is due

    just give uas a shout if u want any advice sam xx
  • emsukemsuk Posts: 1,267
    we are trying for 2nd baby and it is also driving me crazy, husband just enjoy the practising !

    my first baby wasn't exactly planned so never had this before. i don't think there is anyway to calm yourself, i think it is something you just have to accept each month, depending on what happens. i am constantly doing research, it all says the same thing but i keep looking incase somewhere else says something different, some miracle like you can get pregnant by drink milk each day, rediculous i know but can't stop. good luck and maybe plan soemthing like a holiday that might take your mind off it and that you can throw yourelf into.
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