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Stupid question!

Hi everyone

I was just wondering if anyone knows if its safe to use hair spray on a 3 year old? I'm getting married in january and my daughter is a flower girl and I'd love her to have curly hair. I curled it this morning but it dropped out almost straight away! So do you think its safe to use hair spray on her? Or does anyone have any ideas of how to curl it? I used curling tongs.




  • Hi Carly-barleyx

    Not sure if it is safe to use hairspray on a 3 year old but have you thought about putting her hair in rags overnight? Or those foamy things (cant remember what they are called sorry!)

    My mum used to put my hair in rags for special occasions and it would always look really cute - no hairspray required!!

    Hope this helps


  • I wouldn't like to be quoted on this, but having grown up in the dancing world..... kids from three upwards have been drowned in the stuff for shows and exams etc! You can get child hairspray as well..... superdrug, Boots....?
  • hi

    used to work in a shop called"girl heaven"

    we did make overs for little girls and used hairspray.

    a good tip is put curlers in and give a light spray of hairspray

    when you take curlers come through with fingers.and lightly spray again
  • teenaukteenauk Posts: 753
    hi carly-barley,

    my sister bought my niece whos 6 some new curling tongs called babycurls by herstyler .

    they are brilliant and the curls stay in for a week even with fine hair .the curls are proper ringlets .

    its tourmaline stem so it heats up really hot but apparently doesnt damage the hair and you dont need styling products.

    its about £75-£85 ,so its quite pricey but ive seen it on ebay for half the price on the american site.

    hope this helps xxx
  • thanks tc1 that sounds great! I'll have a look on ebay.

    Thanks for all your help everyone

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