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Undercooked steak, cats and pregnancy


I wonder if anyone can help me?

I went out for my grandads birthday a few weeks ago and had a steak, medium cooked.

It was very red in the middle but i ate it anyway.

I have now found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant and therefore realise that I was pregnant when i ate the steak?

Can it affect the baby with that toxo thingy?

I have a cat too.


Rachel. x


  • try not to worry. some people don't find out their pregnant for ages and they have eaten a drank all sorts! i was worried when i found out i was pregnant because i'd had some boozy nights and also been on some medication. i also love smelly cheese and rare steak and had eaten them. my doctor put my mind at ease and said not to worry. she was right. i'm 29 weeks now and baby is perfectly fine! i don't think there is any concern with cats either, just get ur other half to clean out the litter tray (good excuse!!).

    congratulations on your pregnancy and try not to worry. now that you have it confirmed you can be more aware of what your eating/doing.

    good luck and enjoy growing your baby (its amazing!!)

    amanda x
  • i dont think you should worry about eating the steak, i did the exact same thing as i didnt find ou ti was pregnant until i was 7 and a half weeks gone and by then i had also been very drunk and i smoked too (i gave up tho)

    anyway the only thing you shouldnt do is change the cats litter tray and wash your hands after stroking the cat. there are other things you should advoid eating like pate, shell fish ect.

    enjoy your pregnancy:\)
  • mayleecatmayleecat Posts: 2,001
    don't worry! I know loads of people who have cats and have had babies. The litter tray thing is true. I can just imagine my H2B's face when I tell him that one!!!!

    Avoid unprocessed cheese, pate, shellfish, undercooked eggs and nuts.

    Your doctor should be able to provide you with all the dietry info you need.

    One med steak shouldn't be an issue - it isn't like it is undercooked chicken! you'll be fine. x
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