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Hi all

Did a test last night (fully expecting it to be negative) and it was positive. We're so excited. Fully expected having problems trying to conceive and as it turns out, we have been lucky and fallen pregnant straight away. Only got married in September. Feel like all my christmasses have come at once.

Will only be a few weeks (I estimate about 4) so very early days yet. This will be our first baby and I'm a bit concerned as I was positive I was going to start my period. Keep have twinges like period pains. Is this normal?


  • congratulations!

    try not to worry, although thats easy to say as i was a wreck till i reached 16 weeks, worrying about everything! with both my pregnancy's i have had period type cramps, around the time i would have been ovulating, for the first couple of months. my g.p and midwife said it was normal. the big worry is bleeding. having said that, worrying urself silly isn't good for you or your baby so to put ur mind at rest i'd say call ur g.p (but i really don't think u've got anything to worry about!).

    congratulations again, try and enjoy being pregnant!!
  • Congratulations!!!!!!

    Me and my hubby have just found out we're pregnant too (4 weeks due 21 July 2008) and were married in September. I feel exactly like you and can't believe it happened for us so soon. I constantly have cramping and feel I'm going to take my period. We did 6 tests just to make sure. This our first baby too so I think we can expect to be anxious and worry over the slightest wee twinge!!! Have you told anyone yet? We have just told both sets of parents and their ecstactic but want to wait until we're past the 12 weeks to tell everyone else. So sorry for jumping on your thread and congratulations again x x x
  • Thanks.

    Congratulations lainey26.

    We have told both sets of parents and my youngest sister. We always said when it happened to us we wouldn't tell anyone till the 12 week point, but I was just soooooooo excited I would have burst if I didn't tell anyone. Its going to be hard the next few weeks keeping it from people.

    Have you been to the doctors yet?
  • Congratulations d81, I'm exactly the same as you! We got married in September (the 15th) and have been trying since. I too though it would take ages to conceive as I had been on the pill for so long but did a test (and a few more!) a week yesterday and it was positive!!

    I too have had crampy pains (see my earlier thread) and so much so the Doc sent me for a scan. They are sure they can see the embryo in the Uterus and its about 5mm which they date to about 5 weeks. They want me back in two weeks just to make sure all is ok. Still getting twinges though, this seems to be happening to quite a few people so I am starting to relax a little.

    My email is rachel.evans7309 @ if you want to keep in touch as we're gonna be going through the same things together!

    You too Lainey26!!

    That's three of us married in Sep, expecting our first babies together and getting cramps and worrying!

    Email me!

    Rachel. xx
  • Congratulations sweetherat!!! well done!!!
  • gemsy81gemsy81 Posts: 918
    Must be something in the air for september brides - im 18 weeks at the moment - found out i was pregnant a week before the wedding - got married on the 1st september, due date is 19th April! Congratulations xxx
  • Hi d81

    I went to the doctors last week and was a little disapointed. He just asked if I ate healthily, smoked etc etc, how many HPT's I took (6 just to make sure) and then the date of my last period. From this he calculated my due date 21 July 2008 and filled out paperwork for the midwife who will contact me between weeks 10 and 12 to go for my 1st scan. Really excited about that just need to look after me and wee bean and keep our fingers crossed.

    How are you? Still cramping?? I'm feeling very sickly in the afternoon and always ready for bed around 3 - 3.30pm. I didn't expect to be this exhausted so early on!!!!

    Congratulations to you too Rachel, we should all definitely keep in touch as we must be due around the same time and it would be nice to share feelings and stories with others in the same situation x x x
  • Awww, lovely news from you September girls! We're not starting ttc till the new year what with being out of the country etc, but I am sending love and hugs and congrats to you all!
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