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7 wks & brown discharge


I'm 7 weeks and last night I felt like I had wet myself so went to the toilet and found lots of brown discharge. Really scared that this means I am going to lose the baby. Started with morning sickness on Sunday, yet today I haven't had any.

Going to the doctors later this morning.

Any avice would be most welcome.



  • garethpgarethp Posts: 447
    Hi Danielle.

    Please try not to worry. I am not pregnant nor have I ever been but we are going to be trying after the wedding in 11 days and so I hev researched quite a lot....I have read that this is very common in early pregnancy. As long as you are not in any pain or passing a lot of blood then normally this is nothing to worry about. A friend of mine bled frequently in her pregnancy and baby was fine.

    I think this is the egg implanting itself and can cause some bleeding. The fact that you are having brown discharge not blood is a good sign. Please try not to worry too much, see the doctor and hopefully he/she will be able to put your mind at rest.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Lots of love and luck xxx
  • garethpgarethp Posts: 447
    How did you get on d81? x
  • I have 2 kids and had the same with both - in fact didnt realise the first time and thought it was a very light period.

    Am interested to know what happened at docs so please post again.
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