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how soon can you tell?

1st day of last period was 22nd nov. my fertile time was 2nd - 7th dec. ive gone off wine which for me is strange. i love a glass or 2 of a evening!! keep drinking pepsi. period not due for 2 weeks. could i be pregnant? hate this waiting! :\?


  • mrsa111mrsa111 Posts: 385
    seems a bit soon to be fair. If you have fallen it would have been very very recently. I take it you are trying. I think it is best to relax a little and pop down to Tesco for a early pregnancy test kit. Some are very sensitive these days.

    Take care...don't stress it
  • kp8895kp8895 Posts: 345
    i could tell about a week before my period was due? the telltale sign for me was that my skin was perfect and usually i have at least one major spot somewhere on my face when i'm pmt! will keep my fingers crossed for you though! just try and relax and not to think about it too much image xxxxx
  • Tender boobs and feeling sick, then you'll know for sure!

    I could tell I was pregnant both times about two weeks after I got pregnant, I think you just know sometimes.......
  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    I knew as my period (that didnt come) was due the tender boobs stayed tender whereas it normally stops about 2 days before my due date, I think some people just know and to be honest not everyones ovulation period is when they say it is and I have also read opinions that some woman ovulate more than once a month, I think I must cos both times I have TTC it happened immediately and not around my supposed peak fertile time! Fingers crossed for your any way good luck and keep us posted. If you can taste metal in your mouth thats an early sign I had both times! xxx
  • thanks girls. its a mind boggling time!! everyone has different signs.
  • kklbwkklbw Posts: 173
    Keep us updated I hope it all works out!
  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    I knew about 8 or 9 days before my period was due because wine physically repulsed me! Started throwing up randomly 2 days later which was fun as I was on honeymoon, and couldn't stand the smell of meat or greasy food, so some people know really quickly! I wouldn't rule it out! xxx
  • Hello,

    Iam in the same boat as you!

    My first day of last period was the 21st.

    I felt a little sickly this morning & have had a metally taste in my mouth. My boobs arent sore tho & i think if i was pg my boobs would be?

    Keep us updated!

    Love Laura x
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