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Hi have been ttc for what seems like ages now. I am now 1 day late, although I have previously had very irregular periods and have been under a lot of stress at work this month. I had a huge crampy pain on Fri and went very light headed and then until sunday had odd crampy pains but not constant. No other symptoms at all but getting excited now. Worried I will build this all up then evil af will arrive. Should I test? Do I ait til the weekend? Advice please xxx:\?


  • Hi Wilf,

    If it was me I would test now. It should show up if you are pregnant if you are one day late. There's nothing worse than getting excited and then being let down! I always prefer to have the full picture, even if I don't like it!

    Good luck, I really hope it's the result you want image

  • hi wilf i would test too xx
  • I really want to but just think I am late due to my body being generally a bit crap!!! Is it best to do it in a morning?
  • Hi there, I am in the same position as you and don't know what to do either? I have been very emotional today and just want to cry, cry, cry and cry and weeing loads and light headed but no other signs!!
  • Ooooh yours sounds loads more positive than mine. Do a test and post the results. It might give me the courage to do one. Good luck and lots of baby dust xxx
  • hey wilf first pee of the day is best for early tests, go on do a test!!
  • Well gave in and did a test first thing this morning. Got a BFN, which was what I expected but like having that tiny ray of hope. Feeling down and confused. Now 3 days late but had loads of cramps on Tues evening, thought af was arriving but nothing since. Really wanted a special Christmas present but looks like its not going to happen. Worried now as previously I have had very irregular periods but settled into 30/31 day cycle the last 4 months. Fed up im not pregnant but also fed up that no af.
  • oh wilf i am sorry, hopefully one day you will get the results you want!! big hugs xx
  • I did a test as well and no then evil af came so really down. Feel like its never going to happen beeing trying for so long now.
  • Sorry to hear you are in the same boat Mrs Gibson. How long have you been trying for?
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