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when to start on the folic acid?

h2b and i are getting married in may 2008 and thinking of trying for a baby pretty much straight after, so am thinking of coming off the pill around february to give my body chance to get to a "normal" cycle (been on the pill for years) and to allow for any of the craziness some people have when they come off the pill. should i start on the folic acid around the same time or do i wait till we actually start trying?



  • MrsBxxMrsBxx Posts: 33
    Hi Katie

    I spoke to the nurse at my GP surgery about this today. We are getting married in June 08 and are going to start trying for a baby soon after as well. Im coming off the pill 3 months before and the nurse said to start taking folic acid a month before starting to try to conceive. Although, she did say you could also start taking it at the time you start trying. I think I'd rather take it a month before.

    Really looking forward to it but its all a bit scary too!

    Hope this helps x
  • i was always told to start taking it 3 months before you start trying to conveive. we are getting married in may (17th) and im going to start taking it end of january. it wont do you any harm anyway.
  • i was told 3months before and throughout the whole time you're trying. was recommended the pregnacare tablets which has folic acid and other vitimins needed. this is useful right the way through pregnancy so i think i'll go for this after new year festivities are over.

  • I thought it was 3 months too, that's what the clinic told me! I googled this, and it just says to start taking it as soon as you start ttc.

    I am also not going to stop my pill, as I was also told by the clinic that you can be rather fertile just after coming off the puill, so I don't really want to miss that window! I am crazy anyway, so I don't think coming off the pill will make me any worse!!

    I am going for Pregnacare too natashab

    Good Luck!
  • thanks for your replies girls! it is making me very excited just thinking about making plans for trying for a baby, let alone the thought of ACTUALLY being pregnant! i know i will be one of those very impatient ones once we start trying image

    i think i may start taking pregnacare when i come off the pill, as Mrs P 2 B says it cant do any harm and i'd rather be in the best tip top condition for baking a bun so to speak!

    good luck to all of you also planning to try for a baby, fingers crossed for all of us!

  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    Hi Ladies - i love this forum its like i have thousands of best friends all having the same things going on as me!

    We want to try for a baby just before we get married or soon after - i have the coil in and didnt know how soon i should have it taken out and how long after should we leave to start trying - complety forgot about folic acid! think i will start taking a few weeks before its removed - cant help i suppose! the better prepared you body the more chance we have! good luck ladies keep us updated image
  • I'm coming off the pill in March / April time. Wedding in June. Was planning on taking folic acid from then onwards.

    Exciting isn't it!!
  • inghamlinghaml Posts: 139
    hiya ladies- just wondering...

    those who are planning to come off the pill a few months before you marry what are you going to do about AF? Like what happens if you are due on the day you get married etc?

    were not planning for children straight after we get married (hopefully not toooo far in the future though!) but am thinking of coming off my pill soon to give my body time to get back in the swing of things so to speak!

    just wondering what your thoughts are! x

  • inghamlinghaml Posts: 139
    sorry Katiec2b ive drifted off the subject a bit! x
  • hey missli, dont apologise it's all good chat and great to share thoughts and ideas on the topic!

    i have heard girls on here talk about a pill you can take to delay your AF, i am afraid i dont know how to spell it but i think it's called norethrisone or something like that?

    i would like to check it doesnt affect your ability to conceive though, and would be worried about taking anything aroudn the wedding time really in case of the effects it might have, so maybe i will see how my cycle falls once i'm off the pill and go from there...?

  • inghamlinghaml Posts: 139
    yeah ive heard of that too which i suppose is a good idea but then again id be worried of mucking up my cycle all over again!

    mmmm all these decisions ay!

    yeah i suppose the best thing is to come off it early enough and see how it goes from there!

    as i said we are not planning for a baby straight away so Il probably wait until after then honey moon (get married aug next yr) but im getting broodier by the day!

    aghhh scary and exciting!
  • i am so broody it's silly! but we def want to wait now till after the wedding as firstly i have to fit into my dress image, secondly our spare money is all going into the wedding at the mo and into saving up so i can stop work at least for the first year, and thirdly i think h2b is happiest with thinking about babies in about 6months rather than right now (he is also keen to try as soon as we are married, but i think bringing it forward at all might panic him a bit!)

  • inghamlinghaml Posts: 139
    yeah same with us- we want to get some more savings behind us etc- we are both still young (il be 24 and h2b 25 when we marry) so its not like we are in any rush but the broodyness does creep up on me sometimes! hehe! image

    also H2B is keen to be a young dad and is getting broody too which encourages me even more!

    ive heard stories of people waiting until they feel "ready" only to find out it takes 2 years or so to concieve so its difficult to judge when is best for you!

    how old will you be when you marry (only if you dont mind me asking!) x

  • i'm 30 and will still be 30 when i marry in May (although i still get asked for ID sometimes buying wine in tesco image!) h2b is 32, will be 33 when we marry

    writing it down makes us sound old i think (esp compared to you) but we feel young!

    i definitely feel ready emotionally etc, have done for a while, but not felt i was ready in terms of circumstances having relocated, changed job etc, but we have just bought a place together in a lovely area and i think once we have got the wedding out of the way (not meant in a negative way at all!) we will be totally ready, just hope it doesnt take us too long to get pregnant!

  • inghamlinghaml Posts: 139
    haha yeah i still get asked for ID too but i like it! i just take it as a compliment! (as long as they dont think i should still be at school!!)

    yeah i spose its up to the individual ay- i have been with H2B for 7 yrs now, have a house that we bought together in nov last yr and moved in this June (after renovating it) so we feel like we are ready for a family in a couple of years-

    we have had a few of the "enjoy married life" comments from some people but as far as we are concerned we are going to be no diff when we get married to how we are now so were not going to wait too much longer (i hope ;\) )

    but then i change my mind all the time any way (im too young, want to save, etc to mega broodyness!) so who knows!

    anyway i really must do some work! nice chatting to you! good luck the planning- no doubt wel bump into each other on here again anyway! x
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    i get Id'd all the time and i am 24 - never got asked before i was 18!

    I have had the same comments to - oh enjoyed married life etc but both of us are ready for kids and we have been living together for 18 months so its like we are married! just got so many things to look forward to and like you say you never know how long it may take to concieve so i think stuff it lets do it! xx
  • i came off pill in july and im so glad i did as cycle is sort of sorting it self out now so hopefully by may when we marry i will know if im due on. if i think i will be i might suggest ttc a month earlier or taking the pill that delays period. does any one know what its called and how to spell it so i can google it please? thank girlsimage
  • Hi ladies I'm no expert but I was a student midwife for a year and a half. I worked with a wonderful Midwife who had thirty years experience and we had discussions about all sorts of things of course to do with pregnancy and birth. While discussing folic acid she told me to take it as soon as possible, to get it into your body.

    I am hoping to have a baby in the next couple of years so am taking some vitamins which also have the rda of folic acid just to be on the safe side.

    Think that folic acid is also in some breads now and cereals as well.

  • allieaukallieauk Posts: 299
    I'm glad i'm not the only over excitable one! We're getting married May 31st a 2b wants to try for a honeymoon baby! I'm so excited. I'm been broodey for a while but not wanted to push too much so I was overwhelmed when h2b suggested it.

    My periods due the first day of our honeymoon 2 days after we get married bummer! I haven't been on the pill for a year due to high blood pressure which since i stopped taking it has sorted itself out thankfully. However sods law says my period will be early for the wedding.

    Its so exciting. I keep thinking about things I won't be able to do. I go kickboxing and will only have one grading left for who knows how long. I also go sailing for weekends again won't be able to do that. Drinking on New Years eve, hopefully I'll be pregnant this time next year..... The list goes on and on.....................

    Was thinking of taking folic acid after my birthday in feb, not sure why but it seemed a good place to start.

    Have been conciously weaning myself off of situations that involve drinking ie. driving to the pub alternating alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. H2b thinks i'm mad but hayho...

    Good luck everyone A x
  • I think all women of child bearing age should take folic acid, because accidents can, and do happen, better to be safe than sorry and folic acid cannot harm you in anyway, you should take it even if your not ttc. it is good for you!

    (From a 50 year old with a 2 year old wonderful son lol)

    June x
  • just a really quick thought if anyone trying for honeymoon baby are you going to destination that requires malaria tablets ? Think about timing of TTC as you will need to avoid getting PG during and just after honeymoon estimates vary about how long to wait depending on what you read and which malaria tabs you take

    Hope this helps
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