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Light at the end of the (hormonal) tunnel

Hi all,

We get married in July and want to start trying for a baby staright away. to give my hormones a chance to settle i came off the pill a year ago and have been having all sorts of problems with my periods (i have only had three in the last year!! and constantly feel as if i am about to have one!)

I have had all the blood tests and scans and all is ok so just wanted some reassuarnce really from anyone who has been in similar position that AF does eventually show up and become regular again just like my doctor keeps reassuring me and that the baby we really want might happen!!!




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  • thanks for your reply mrs temple. it's so frustrating just waiting. that's why i wanted to know if anyone had come out of the other side of it and found all was back to normal now.

    would definately make me think twice about going on the pill again!! they're quick to prescribe it (mine was at the age of 15 for painful periods) but not so quick to tell you about the effects it can have.

    fingers crossed for both of us. hope your results come back ok

  • what frustrates me is, i havent been on the pill, was just all of a sudden it stopped, i thought maybe it was stress and put off going to doctors but hopefully something will get sorted now. cant your doctor give you anything to give you a bit of a kick start ? xx
  • been there got the t-shirt. they prescribed me noresthiserone (spelling!?!) which gave me a withdrawal bleed in October but the nest month nothing again.

    It's now been almost three months since that one so think i will go back to doctors again.
  • Hi cc1. I was on the pill from the age of 15 (now 33). we decided that we wanted to try so I though I would give myself 6 months pill free first. It is now 2 years down the line and my periods have just got back to normal. I was very worried but have had all the tests and they say all is normal. Would def think very seriously about going on it again.
  • Hi Wilf,

    thank you so much for your reply.

    two years?!?! i think i will have driven myself mad by then. did you have lots of symptoms which made you think you were just about to get a period throughout that time?

    i am so so glad i came off when i did. would have been gutted if i had waited till after the wedding to come off.

    it is astonishing the effect one small pill has on your body isn't it??

  • Can I ask what you pill you girls were taking? You're scaring me!!

    I'm on TriNovum, cos I'm special, LOLimage I turned out to be allergic to the normal pills (femodene, mycrgynon, etc), so have been taking this for a few years now.

    cc1, I don't know if it helps, but my friend's mum was trying for a baby, but kept miscarrying (at age 40), took Sanatogen Pro-Natal for a year and successfully got pregnant again. The same friend also took the vitamins and fell pregnant the month after coming off the Pill.

    Maybe something like this would help sort out your irregularities, and help prepare for babies?

    Em x
  • Hi Em,

    don't be scared - so many of my friends have come off their pills and their periods have returned almost straight away.

    i was on loestrin 30. it was a great pill when i was on it - i think it's just the way some people's bodies adjust when they stop taking the pill - they say your ovaries 'go to sleep' and have to wake up again and remember how to ovulate.

    thanks for the tip about the supplements. i have been taking a few but maybe something like this would be good - if not to regulate then it will be good to be taking it when we do start trying - although not sure how that works when i'm not having periods!

  • In response to cc1 I havw to say I had no symptoms but then I never do. I only know know when af is about to arrive cause I log it very carefully. I now go between 30 and 35 days each month. Just think too many people, me included, think it will alll go back to normal straight away. Was a bit of a shocker when it didnt happen. Hope everyone else has more positie experiences than me xx
  • I've been off the pill for a year now, cycle's all over the place (32 days shortest, 63 days longest), was on mini pill (Femulen). Been to dr's but he says I need blood tests around 14 days before AF is due to start...goodness knows how I'm meant to predict that! Is Mystic Meg still going?!

    Bright side time though...both my best friend and my cousin conceived whilst on the pill, both are due this spring. So being on the pill doesn't necessarily knacker everyone up. (There's a tale at work that someone's girlfriend conceived whilst on the pill and using condoms...I for one am sceptical, but poor lad is devastated!)
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