Just took a test - BFN

But still no sign of AF, who is normally on time, so I'll wait a bit longer and do another one I guess.

At least taking the test has stopped me going slightly stircrazy - I couldn't sleep last night, wondering image

Good luck and babydust to all x x


  • how long have you been ttc?

    x x x
  • how long have you been ttc?

    x x x
  • It's our first month, so I think I'm just very impatient. I didn't for a minute think I would get pregnant straightaway, so it's now annoying me that I haven't had my AF but have sore boobs and feel nauseous on and off.

    Oh well, I'm going out to the cinema now - that'll take my mind off things image
  • Hey Mrs P, you never know - I've heard of plenty of people who didn't get a BFP until a while after missed period, e.g. week 6...

    But if you're not then I'm sure you will be soon...

    Good luck!!
  • Thanks Chick!
  • Mrs P, what other symptoms have you been getting?

    Just wondered as I'm about 5 days behind you I think and honestly I've had text book pregnancy symptoms...which could also be (a) imagined/faked by own body! or (b) start of period...

    Main ones have been - feeling unusually sick (often at end of day tho, not in morn), several headaches (v.unusual for me), metal taste (strong) on one day, cramps on what would have been day 9 after ovulation...

    So, all as I say all is text book - but if I get a BFN in a few days then I'm going to be (a) gutted and (b) not looking out for any symptoms in future as they will all have been a load of rubbish!!!
  • Oh, and add to the above sore boobs and crying unnecessarily much at films (PS I Love You) and even tv progs (Coronation St when Liam got rescued - bad I know!!!)
  • Hmm, I have had very sore boobs, nausea, dizziness, the odd severe headache.

    Now I have nothing (apart from a bit of nausea), and no AF! Bah!

    Hubby has been very nice to me, but he doesn't have to do the waiting as much as me. I had told him I wasn't going to do a test till the weekend and caved the next day! lol!

    I know everyone gets different symptoms, some are severe, some are hardly noticeable - it's bloomin difficult to work this one out!!

    I have my fingers crossed for you image
  • Thanks - and me for you!
  • No joy for me this month. AF started in the wee hours of the morning image

    Oh well, at least I know!

    Still got my fingers crossed for you Chick!
  • Booo!!! Wishing you better luck for this month...

    I am waiting for AF next week cos we got the timing wrong this month. I'm gonna really go for it next month - counting down the days!!!!
  • Thanks cherry - good luck for us all, huh?
  • Hey Mrs P, how annoying image Am gutted for you.

    I hope you're feeling ok - and looking forward to the next round of tryingimage We'll all get there eventually I'm sure... Probably our expectations are just too high, and patience levels too low. Doesn't make it easier tho.

    I reckon you deserve a few drinks tonight!!

    I'm still playing the waiting game for a few days yet, but reckon I'll probably be getting AF or BFN soon... Whoever said that there should be a "pregnant" or "not pregnant" sign that appears on your tummy (preferably immediately after each 'try'!) was definitely onto something..!!!

    The waiting is a nightmare!

  • Definitely having a few drinks tonight! It was our anniversary yesterday (of starting going out) so hubby brough a bottle of fizz, I drank half a glass just in case, so I'll be making up for it tonight with a couple!

    And yes, looking forward to the next round of tryingimage x x
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