TTC - Why is it so hard

me and my h2b have been ttc for about a year now. we had a m/c in june and its just so emotionally draining.everyone keeps telling us were trying to hard and we need to not think about it but its hard not to. everywhere i go theres pregnant ppl of ppl with babies. sending lots of babydust to everyone x x


  • Hi Juzby, have you spoken to your doc about getting you and hubby tested to see if there's any prob? Re the trying to hard - apparently you're supposed to 'try' every other day during your fertile period, as any more and the quantity of sperm gets diluted.

    I'm sure you know all this anyway, but just wanted to wish you luck. I hope 2008 is a good year for you.
  • HI Jubzy,

    Iam sick aswell! I have has 3 m/c's in the last year & half, Iam now being sent for test to see why this keeps happening.

    It is really depressing me, my hubbys best mans wife has just been for her 1st scan & a girl from work has just had a baby so every where i go it all any 1 talks about.

    Much Love,

    Laura x x
  • well we both went for tests and it came back that we both had chlamidia and we got all that sorted out and h2b also went for a sperm count test which came back giving it until next af and if it comes im going to go the docs.i think because im quite young they done think theres any problem but will have to w8 and see.sorry to hear about your m/c laura. its hard isnt it
  • babyemziebabyemzie Posts: 124
    hi jubzy,

    i came of the pill over 2yrs ago when i fell pregs on them, i know it sound selfish on here but i didnt want a baby then (i was just 19) so wasnt overly happy and only came of the pill for safty reasons, unfortunatly i m/c just as i was geting use to the idea.

    as it was a lot harder for me and h2b than we though i stayed of and we seemed to try at all the right times following all the books till may07 when we put it on hold (but i stayed of the pill) as we get married this may, im now 11weeks pregs so it could have just be taking a while,

    i go for my scan next tue and im so excited, maybe you need to stop trying and just start enjoying each other again, only thing i will say is during the summer my parner became unwell and lost a lode of weight to get to a healthy weight again he was taing a protien shake, could have something to do with it,

    good luck

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