This TTC makes booking holidays interesting

We're looking at going to New Zealand over New Year, but what if I'm pregnant/a mother(!) by then? Can you cancel your holiday under your travel insurance if you become pregnant and the airline won't fly you? Can you then book an infant seat if you have a baby after you've booked the trip?

Do you just book holidays the month before you go to avoid this problem?



  • I agree - I've already had to turn down two skiing holidays with friends for this year. I know it's total wishful thinking that I may be pg in a few months' time, but then it's sod's law that I'd splash out on ski hol and then find I'm pg and have to sit there watching the action from the sidelines!!

    I'm definitely gonna take a "last minute" approach to booking hols this year. You never know, we might get some bargains!!!!

    Fingers crossed we get a BFP soon!! xx
  • This is an interesting one for you....

    I'm 3 months pregnant at the moment, my brother gets married in Antigua in Jan 09 so my little one should be around 7 months, we are booking he holiday soon, what name do we put on the ticket????????????????
  • SVB - don't know the answer to that one I'm afraid!!

    Mrs P and Cherrypicker - I am in the exact same position. We've also turned down skiing from several people - no doubt confusing them as obviously have't said we're TTC, and every other year we go skiing! Instead husband and I have booked a week off in which we'll book a hol at the last minute - skiing if not preggers, and somethingelse (don't know what!) if I am...

    And also I've got a friend's Hen do abroad in July - and if I get pregnant in the next few months I won't be able to go, but i don't want to look as if I don't want to go, or am making excuses etc and so I've gone ahead and paid for the whole thing!

    Wishing all a BFP very soon!! xxx
  • Oooh SVB, I don't know? Deffers worth speaking to a travel agent or the airline asap?

    Just found out my bestest mate has set a date for her wedding, so there'll be a hen do in there somewhere, but she won't mind as she is desperate for us to have kids - she already has hers.
  • 've booked a ski holiday for March, and if I'm pregnant by then, I just won't ski, lazing around in a little chalet and reading mags sounds quite nice to me! I'll be so thrilled I won't care if I can't ski. I will feel guilty though cos my sis and one of my hubby's mates are coming, so my sis will be a little lonely on the slopes, but we were already planning at least one spa day, and I'm sure she'll get on fine with the other guy. Having PCOS I'm well aware that I can't put life on hold waintg to conceive, but if I can't do it, I'll only be thrilled for the reason!
  • MrsJooMrsJoo Posts: 2,196
    We booked a holiday for this June/July a few months ago... since then, we've both become incredibly broody and have decided we want a baby!!!

    So we are going to start TTC during the holiday (if dates match!) or just after it.

  • We can't really book much of a holiday until the end of the year. We're currently living in Germany, moving back to the UK in May, then renting till we can buy a house. What with all that it won't leave much time or money for a holiday.

    I think we'll just have to keep our New Zealand plans on hold and see what happens over the next few months.

    emily_jane, hope you enjoy your hols!

    Mrs Joo, how exciting image
  • Hi, just to let you know you can generally fly quite late in your pregnancy so long as everything is going well. I took 7 flights when pregnant and even went to Oz last Christmas. Just check with the airline and your insurance and you should be fine. Good luck with TTC!
  • SVB, i was a travel agent. You book the baby as infant X SVB and they will change it free of charge once baby is born image xx
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