Any book recommendations for hubby?

After telling my hubby (before we were married) that I wouldn't have children till we were married he called my bluff and in October I had the most amazing wedding day. So to keep up my end of the bargain when I finish my last pack of pills we'll start trying.

As is usual it's been left to me to make a start on reading up and researching the do's and don'ts - could anyone suggest a good book for dad's to be?

Also have you found any other good websites with help and advice?


  • hi bon

    glad to hear you had a fantastic wedding day!

    we are also thinking of starting a family after we get married in May, and my lovely sister in law who has 3 gorgeous kids has lent me her Myriam Stoppard bible for conception, pregnancy and childbirth. i have had a read already (!) and it looks really good, and has sections in for the dad to be. it also has a section which tells you what the baby is like at each stage of the pregnancy which i thought was really good.

    good luck with trying and hope this is helpful

  • We have just started ttc and my hubby bought The Bloke's Guide... by Jon Smith. I can recommend it because it is written from a lad's perspective, so although it doesn't go into all the intricate details that those massive mums' "textbooks" do, the general message to the reader is "support your partner as much as you can because she is probably feeling like poop and being ravaged by her hormones"!!!!

    As you will probably end up with at least one of the big books yourself, your hubby can dip into relevant chapters if he needs extra info on a particular topic. I have invested in What to Expect... but there is no way I'd show that to hubby at this stage as all the gory details would probably put him right off the whole idea!!!!

    Good luck xx
  • JOEDDukJOEDDuk Posts: 177
    Hi, congrats on your wedding and enjoy the baby making lol!!

    Ive already got my little one, he wouldnt wait til we were married!

    The book mentioned by KatieC2b is one i bought and found very helpful, regardng the website try mother and baby, i thought it was great and always got the answers i was looking for via the message boards.
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