Waiting for a house before trying for a baby?

Hi, h2b and I live in a flat at the moment (lovely but too small for a family) and we're trying to sell it and buy and new house. My question is, do you think it would be irresponsible to try for a baby before we're settled in a new house? This question is a little premature because the wedding's not until August and we won't be trying to conceive before then. But there's a chance we'll either be renting or still stuck in our flat at that point.

What's the consensus on trying before you're settled home-wise? x


  • I wouldn't wait - we had an offer accepted on a house back in June 07, and we've still not completed, so it takes a while! As they say, life is what happens when you're making other plans!

    Good luck and hope you have a lovely wedding day.
  • Mummy2KMummy2K Posts: 627
    Hubby and i are kind of in the same situation as you. We got married in Aug and moved into our nice little flat which we brought in June. but now were quite broody but are putting it on hold until move and get settled in a house. There are other things too e.g. holiday in Nov, enjoying the 1st year of marriage with just the two of us but mainly the house situation. Personally if we were on the ground floor i think we'd go for it as we have a spare room but being on the third floor-no lift-just seems like a hassle! it's so frustrating though!

    as you're not planning on ttc until after your wedding in aug i would see how it goes in terms of selling up and buying you're new home. are you planning on moving before the wedding? what does your h2b think?
  • i think it depends on you. i moved house when i was 36 weeks pregnant, its hard work just walking then so it wouldnt be easy. we have a 2 bedroom flat at the mo which we have just sold for a 3 bedroom house but we have lived here for over 2 years now with a child.

    how many bedrooms do you have? as long as you keep your place on the market, if you havent sold before you marry, i think go for it as baby will sleep in your room for first 6 months anyway.my friend has a little boy of nearly 1 and he still sleeps in her and hubbys room.(they do have a spare room but she likes him in with her)

    we would have stayed in flat if we didnt want another baby so a 2 bedroom flat is fine in my eyes for 3 people.
  • We don't live in the UK at the moment, and won't be back till May, when we will have to be working for 3 months before we can apply for a mortgage, then find a house and move etc.

    We're trying already. I don't see why it is irresponsible to not be in a house before you start trying, or even before you have a baby, as long as you are in a position to be able to put a roof over your heads.
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    Me & h2b bought a 2 bed flat march 05 & eventually sold it 18 months later after we did it up. although we had problems with our sale due to first time-wasting buyer pulling out on the sale 2 months in we still managed to sell our flat in 1 week. (the first buyer we found in 9 days) you might find that you do sell your flat quickly as there are lots of first time buyers out there looking to start on ladder & so your property will be more desirable to a wider audience of potential buyers. I was the same when we lived in our 2 bed flat....so broody!!! but we decided together that we wanted a house as our next big plans. once in the house 2 months we then booked our wedding which is for this october! i don't think it's irresponsible to start trying before buying a house. we just decided to do it this way round especially as we wanted to be married first and ideally when we finally do start a family i'd go bk & work part time so would have been difficult to get a bigger mortgage that's one of the reasons for us waiting.

    good luck whatever you decide.

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    Thanks for the advice guys. Our flat's been on the market for a few months now and we've just reduced the price slightly - hopefully that will generate more interest. I suppose it's quite a while until our wedding in August and anything can happen in that time. I suppose we'll just wait and see how we feel at the time and what situation we're in. It wouldn't be the end of the world to be pregant in a nice ground floor two bed flat I suppose! xx
  • Hi chester bride.

    I know how you feel. I get married in march this year so waiting until then to try. We moved last year for the same reasons as you...however at the time we only had a 1 bed house.

    I think if it happens it happens and you do have a 2 bed flat. I was glad we moved already. Plus my house sale from start to finish only took 4 months...you may have found a house by the time you marry! xx

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