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Hello everyone

I was just wondering if anyone else has little children before getting married? My daughter will be 4 and a half when I marry my fiance. I've sat down and explained to her what marriage is and why people get married but i just want to make sure she feels happy, secure and content on the day.

Any ideas?


  • i have a little girl who will be nearly 3 when we marry. we have only casually said to her about getting married and she has some specail fancy dress stuff which she calls her 'wedding shoes' and wedding dress (a pair of sparlky shoes and a very long blanket she likes to wrap around herself) we took her to a friends wedding so she knows what happens and she was very good there.are you having her as a flowergirl or anything? my daughter will be my flower girl and we have other children coming so they can play together aswel
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    Have two girls, one 8 and one 4&half. My youngest asks nearly every day if it is 'the wedding', and the other day she said to me " I just want it to be the wedding now". I think this is because of disney princesses. She loves princesses and actually thinks she is one (and wants a unicorn for the garden!). I wouldn't worry too much on the details of what weddings are and why, she probably knows (from disney) that people get married when they love, and they have a very pretty dress. At 4 I think this is probably the most important bit. On another note - you must take her to see enchanted at the cinema - it is FANTASTIC!!!
  • Thank you for that. She's being a flower girl, but my fiance isn't her biological dad so that's why I want to make sure she feels extra special and secure on the day.

    She is very into disney princesses too!

    Thanks for your replies. Made me feel a little more relaxed speaking to other mother's who will have their children with them on the big day!

    Amy. x
  • My daughter will be nearly 7 when we get married my partner isn't her biological father either. But we have been together since she was 1 1/2 so she doesn't really remember anything before us being together. She is coming with me to all the dress fittings and she is picking her own dress (well she thinks so anyway, I will have drawn up a short list for her to pick from). She is also helping me with the favours etc. putting them in the boxes.

    She has been a flowergirl twice before for 2 of my friends and because she is my only bridesmaid/flowergirl I think it will feel extra special just being me and her.

    Marie x

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