Too Soon To Go To Doctors?


End of September i came off the pill as h2b and i want to try for a baby this year, came off early as before i was on the pill i had irregular periods. Since i came off the pill i had one period as soon as i stopped the pill, then one 7 weeks after that and nothing since.

Going by the info i've looked up on the net it could be pcos. Is it too soon to book an appointment to find out? Also my smear just came back abnormal - could this be linked??

Your advise would be appreciated!

Shez xx


  • Hiya, I don't think an abnormal smear result has anything to do with it - I had a few in a row and they've never suggested it's linked to anything else.

    When I came off the pill (also end of September), I didn't have a period for about 5 weeks, and they seem to be settling down a bit now. I would maybe mention it to your doctor, or nurse, and see what they suggest.

    Hope all's okay x
  • Lulu-K-82Lulu-K-82 Posts: 868
    If you are TTC it might be worth just going for a general health check and let the doctor know what has been going on, even if the doctors say to leave it for a while and see how it goes at least they have a record of when you started trying.

    Good luck and lots of baby dust!

  • It's quite normal for your periods to take a few months to get back in order after you've been on the pill, so I wouldn't worry yet. The 'official line' is that 12 months of TTC is seen as cause to see the dr, but if you have other concerns such as your absence of periods I would go now. What's the point of waiting, when you could sort something out now? I've got PCOS, if you have you're likely to also have other symptoms such as greasy/ spotty skin, being overweight and finding it hard to put on weight, sugar cravings and fluctuations in blood sugar. If you are very overweight research seems to suggest that losing 10% of your body weight is often suffiecient to kick start ovulation again. Makes me almost feel unlucky to be a size 12! I've been TTC tfor 8 months, and plan to go to the drs next month, so go, and if nothing else he will be able to put your mind at ease, or give you more information on what course of action to take next.

    Good luck
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    im a size 12 too - dont have the greasy hair or skin.....i do have sugar carvings... but i think i always have done! saying that tho - since i came off the pill ive started to get a few spots on my back! and i'm sure the hair around the top of my lip has got thicker! I think i will book an appt for peace of i am very impatient! Thanks, Shez x
  • Hi,

    I also suffer from pcos. When I came off the pill a year before my wedding to give my body a rest, I didn't have a period for ages. I eventually went to the Doc and pretty quickly got diagnosed, even though I don't have any of the other symptoms. Im now on metformin to stimulate my periods, so fingers crossed ( a little junior soon) !!!!.

    I would go now, it put my mind at rest and will make it easier on yourself and will stop the worrying.

    Good luck xx
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