can i just ask you lot

When was the very first time you felt any pregnancy symptoms and what were they? Thanks x


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    Hi! Mine were particularly early. About a week before AF was due, we were sat in our hotel room and out of the blue I had to run to the toilet and throw up. I felt fine as soon as I'd been sick, but that evening we went out for dinner and they bought my duck starter out-I normally love duck-but the sight of it alone made my stomach turn. I then picked up my wine glass, but as soon as I could smell the alcohol I felt sick again! I'm now 32 weeks pregnant and I've been sick every day since!

    Not everyone gets symptoms this early on though, and some hardly get any symptoms whatsoever! Good luck if you're trying xxx
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    To show how different we all are, I have had pretty much no symptoms, except some stomach cramps at the beginning. Currently 27 weeks pregnant and not had morning sickness, cravings, haven't gone off any food or drink! Must be because Im expecting a girl!!
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    i was shattered i couldnt keep my eyes open. and smells made me feel so sick it was awful!!!
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    My first pregnancy, just before my period was due, my boobs felt like they were on fire!! I also felt really tired.

    This pregnancy, I found out at 7 weeks and only did a test because I felt a bit sick, which I never was with the first. Also I had a horrible taste in my mouth.
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    didn't get any at 21+4 now and still don't feel v pregnant!

    C xx
  • I am about 5 weeks and I have felt sick but only been sick once, I have an awful taste in my mouth like I have had money or my keys in there and I have a strange sensation that feels like my belly button is being pulled in from the inside. Also very tired. I think everyone differs though.

    Are you trying/already pregnant?
  • Thanks for all the replies. We are kind of playing russian roulette at the min. Im such a rubbish person when it comes to knowing my cylce and ovulating and things that i dont know the liklihood of whether i could be pregnant or not, i dont think i am but i cant help thinking i know im going to be disappointed when its confirmed i wont be. My last period was in the new year something like the 2nd of jan or 3rd and we were "careless" on the 13th. i think ive generally got a 28day cycle but its not always the same it can vary by up to 3 or 4 days. mmmmmm. we will see at the end of the month!! I think im psychologically talking myself into having symptoms thats why i asked you guys yours. I keep thinking i feel like im due on my period but its waaaaaaaay to early, ive got some soreness under my tummy and ive got a very faint discharge which is fairly colourless. i know its miles too early to have symptoms even if i was! xx

  • Some people feel them very early on so you never know.

    Wait until your period is due again and then see how you feel. If it's late do a test and we will all keep our fingers crossed for you! Good Luck xx
  • I didn't feel any symptoms until about 2 weeks after my period was due at that point I began to feel lethargic, my boobs started to hurt and I felt dehydrated the whole time never mind how much water I was drinking. Problem is it really is true that everyone is different. Do a search for ovulation calender and put in your dates, they are fairly accurate.
  • Hey guys, I went on the ovulation calendar site and it said i would be most fertile from the 12th to the 17th (if my period started when i think it did!) so it is possible that we may have got pregnant on the 13th isnt it? mmmmm. I felt like i was ready for coming on my period all day yesterday and i do today im really bloated and sensitive. I still think it must be something else though as its only been 5 days since we "did the deed" and things cant possibly happen that fast! Will keep you posted anyway but i think its all a false alarm image
  • hi, my first symptoms were really sore boobs and then after that feeling nauseaus(sp?) in the morning, but was never actually sick, thank god!! i dont do sick!! x
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    also your belly may feel harder than normal if you are.
  • When would your belly start feelin hard? Mine just hurts if i poke it its quite tender. x
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    My really early sign (I mean a week or two after conception, before my period was even due) was that I was absolutely exhausted, tiredness like I have never known in my life. I was literally was crawling in from work and passing out on the sofa, falling asleep on the train etc., it was a bit of a nightmare when I was supposed to be planning my wedding in 8 weeks (and getting up the gym!).

    The other early sign (when I kind of just knew I was pregnant) was a -show' I had about 8 days after I (think) conceived. I understand that this is when the embryo attaches to the womb.

    Belly has only just started to change (14 weeks) and have a little hard bump. Don't rememer it beng tender, but I must admit I wasn't poking it!

    Fingers crossed for you.


  • piper06ukpiper06uk Posts: 807
    i didnt think i was preg till i was 9weeks so i didnt notice that, but my friend her belly went really quite hard from about 3weeks!!!!!
  • Oh yes it can. I felt really bloated and had what I thought were pmt symptoms with my last pregnany way before I was due to come on. found out a day before my period was due I was pregnant but I knew anyway.
  • Wow That sound like me MrsHall2b. Although ive felt more like normal today im tryng not to think about it im gonna be gutted at the end of the month hen it's confirmed that it's all been a false alarm. Benn driving hubs nutty coming out with random baby stuff. It was weird last nigh cos im v.emotional normally and cry like a baby when anything happens on the tele thats even slightly mean or sad and we were watching corra where vera died and i was fine not a tear not a sad feeling at all but hubs balled like a baby and he dosent do crying he says he is starting to believe i may be pregnant as he's heard of people transferring emotions (load of crap i know but it made me laugh my head off! hehehe)
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    This has been such a useful thread to read, I came off the pill at Christmas with the idea of being completly relaxed and just "seeing how things go" but it's so difficult not to think about symptoms and how I;m feeling!!! I have been feeling totally shattered and emotional over the past few days.....but it's prob down to a stressful week at work...well I'll know in about a week or so anyway!!
  • We started trying straight after our wedding, and the day after we got back from our honeymoon (almost 2 weeks before AF was due) I started getting the most God awful period-type pains - and so suspected we'd hit the jackpot first time, as I NEVER get period pains!!! Sure enough, the test confirmed it the day before AF was due - and, going off the dates I've been given since, I must have started feeling it at virtually the point of conception - was only about 2 and a half weeks gone!!! Am now almost 25 weeks with our wedding day baby (since last AF turned up halfway through the day - nice!!!), and have had no sickness or any real symptoms, apart from a few 'growing' pains and tiredness during the first few weeks - but then I am also a teacher and it coincided with the start of term, so hardly surprising! Good luck with yours!
  • mrs wild what is AF? Im sorry im not up with the pregnancy lingo!! xx
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    Af Is your period, lol x
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    Hi, about 10 days before my AF was due I got really sore boobs, but didn't think much of it as I sometimes get this at certain times of the month.

    3 days before I started getting really bad headaches which lasted about 10 days (must have been all the hormones!) and I always love my cups of tea but just didn't fancy it. The day I did the test (day after AF was due) my tummy felt fluttery and I felt a bit sick but I don't know if this was psychological. Oh and I started belching alot! Nice!

    I'm now 13 weeks xx
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    When I was about 6 weeks. Just moved into new house and was cleaning, the cleaning stuff was making me feel really sick then on another occasion I hadn't had any breakfast and I felt really dizzy and felt a bit hungover!

  • Im feeling lousy today i couldnt get up this morning i was so tired and i had quite an early night last night feel in a dream world and i feel really quite sick (these are defo not just psychological symptoms) and had a few tummy twinges like when you get a stitch. Maybe im just really hungry but the sicky feeling is making me not want to eat. Im about 8 days off my period mmmmmm.
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    oh they sound quite like proper symptoms, especially the tiredness. It a horrible tiredness like no amount of sleep will help!! give got my fingers and toes crossed for you!!!!
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    This has been really interesting to read.

    I'm 3 days late and have done 2 tests but both have been negative.

    Ive had sore breasts for over a week now and today ive been sck and felt really dizzy! Ive also been pretty tired lately too. Has anyone else had negitive tests but has been pregnant?

    Emma x

  • gemsy81gemsy81 Posts: 918
    Hi Emma, I haven't myself but it is possible to get a false negative. My sister in law had a few tests say she was negative when she was pregnant, even at the doctors I think, so you never know!
  • ema79ema79 Posts: 266
    I know there is defo something going on, im never late and ive also had the worse mood swings ever poor h2b!!!

    I'm going to try another test in a few days.

    Ive not even had any of my usual coming on signs.
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    My freind had to take a test 4 times beofre it came back positive, she kept taking them cause she had no period and was getting sore breasts and stuff. My doctor said they use the clear blue tests as they're fairly reliable.
  • piper06ukpiper06uk Posts: 807
    also since it would be early days first pee of the day is best time to test
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