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when to buy baby stuff


How far gone was you when you started buying baby things.

Im 12 weeks pregnant, is this to early


  • Hi,

    i'm 16 weeks and have just started buying stuff. I wanted to start as soon as i found out i was that excited......

    I'm just going to try and buy a few things a month and that way it should spread the cost, as everythings so expensive! I'm leaving everything at my mother in laws so it's out of the way and i dont want to temp fate.

    Happy shopping x
  • milkiemoomilkiemoo Posts: 144
    Hi princesspie

    It all gets very exciting and I know its hard not to buy stuff!

    I ordered my pushchair when I was about 6 months then probably got stuff for the nursery when I was about 7/8 months so I could get the room ready. Just brought a few baby grows, vests, hats, mittens and snowsuit (christmas baby). As mummy&bride2be says you get brought so much clothes when they are born that you don't need to get a lot.

    Also if you do get given too many clothes change them for a bigger size!

    Good luck and have fun shopping

  • gemsy81gemsy81 Posts: 918
    Hi Im nearly 28 weeks and have hardly bought anything.... but only because my mum has bought us loads all through the pregnancy (first time grandmother!!)
  • ive just started and am 21 wks but have most already as hve 2 kids already
  • hi

    ive been told is bad luck to buy any baby bits before your 20week scan but its so hard not to there is so many cute and cuddly things around that i want to start shopping now (im 15weeks) but dont want to tempt fate image

  • We are trying not to buy anything till after my second scan - will be 23 weeks then. However we did buy our travel system after my first scan - mainly cos they were in the sale and we decided it was worth it for the savings.

    We are lucky enough to be inheriting a lot of things from my brother but my husband is desperate to but the baby monitor for some reason - must be a boys toy!

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