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We have just started TTC :O)

My hair is mid brown but i dye it at home a very light blonde. have heard you arent meant to dye it during pregnancy so just wondering if to dye it back to my natural colour now before we start. Rather than have the whole roots ordeal during a time when i can imagine you dont feel to attractive. We arent telling anyone yet that we are trying as not sure how long it will take so may wonder why the sudden change. Soory starting to ramble now!

Has anyone any advice on hair dye in pregnancy?


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    Just found this on a website as I am 26 weeks and dont know myself (didnt colour my hair very often before I got pregnant but especially not bothered doing it since being pregnant)
  • Hey,

    Have heard that myself, but on This Morning today the hairdresser said they don't recommend dye because it doesn't take to hair very well when you're pregnant. So not sure if they mean that or whether it's actually dangerous in any way.

  • can i recommend a magazine? pregnancy and birth is fantastic is always covers topics like this, i read it when i was excepting my daughter.

    its the peroide in the dye that is bad for your unborn baby so they say if you feel that you really want to dye your hair get highlights done professionally as less of the dye actually touches your head.(no idea how)

    but i used a natural ingredience hair colour or henna colour was fine for me (my daughter is fine and healthy) and my hair took ok to the colour to
  • I have my hair dyed at the hairdressers with a semi permanent dye and i asked if it was ok. The hairdresser said it's safer to dye your hair than to use a mobile phone whilst pregnant!
  • Thanks for your comments, think i have decided now to do it one shade lighter than natural and have high lights (loreal coloure experte) then roots wont look bad, thats assuming it happens quickly image

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    I think your just supposed to go with the ones that have no amonia in them so mainly semi permenant.

    my friend tried henna dye when she was preggers but she said it was so messy and awkward.
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    It's a total myth that you can't dye your hair while pregnant. Just like the one when you were young that said you shouldn't wash your hair during your period.

    Hope that helps
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