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Just wondered if anyone could recomend some good websites or clothes shops in Essex/London for Maternity wear? I have lots of weddings coming up in the summer and I would like a special dress to try and stop me from feeling like a whale! It will be for a few occasions so I don't mind spending a few quid.


  • kat1982ukkat1982uk Posts: 197
    Hello. Have you looked in Topshop. They often have some nice maternity bits. Also H&M. I found a website that has a few nice bits, it's

    Don't know what kind of thing you go for but you might be able to find a top and some bottoms or perhaps, nearer the time, a summer dress? Worth having a look on the net. Go into google and type in maternity wear.

    Hope you find something you like!

  • LottieNHLottieNH Posts: 140
    Hi, for day to day stuff I used mainly Seraphine ( and Topshop. Mamas and Papas were really good for things like vests and tops for layering and for special occasions and evening wear I used Isabella Oliver (www.isabella Isabella Oliver is fairly

    pricey but well worth the money and also ebays very well after you have finished with it.
  • HarveygHarveyg Posts: 114
    Thanks ladies, I will have a look. I am quite excited about the maternity clothes shopping!
  • gemsy81gemsy81 Posts: 918
    I have found Next online to be the best for me as the shops themselves don't always stock maternity
  • I used the next website too as they do them in petite and long!

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