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Just found out!!!

Hi girls,

Had to tell someone before I explode!! Found out last night that I am pregnant!!!

By my dates I should be about 5 weeks but off to the docs tonight to find out what they say!

Our wedding is August 2009 and we were going to wait until getting married before trying due to having a m/c in June last year.

I have such mixed feelings because of the m/c - not sure to jump for joy or to hold out being exciting just in case!!!

Feel better now I have written it down!!!

Anyone else out there been in the same situation!?



  • piper06ukpiper06uk Posts: 807
    i`ve not been in this situation but just wanted to say congratulations xx
  • DarkHor5eDarkHor5e Posts: 885
    i have not been in the same situation either but really wanted to say congratualtions and will keep all fingers and toes crossed that everything goes perfectly for you xxx
  • Me neither, but Congrats and I hope all goes well with this pregnancy x x
  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    Congratulations hon! I had a miscarriage in June 2 weeks before my wedding, but fell pregnant again straight away. I was so excited but absolutely terrified at first, but managed to get an early scan at 7 weeks which reassured me, then once 12 weeks passed it got even better! I'm now 32+3 and counting down to the day our little one arrives. It is a scary time, but fingers crossed it'll work out brilliantly! Best of luck, and take it as easy as poss! xxx
  • Thank you all for all your congratulations!

    I am still quite nervous - went to see the doc last night and said I would be due September 12th. I am also hoping to have an early scan to put my mind at rest.

    First midwife appointment on 21st Feb so my fingers and toes are crossed as well.

    This time round I have the sickness and the horrible taste in my mouth and also a strange sensation as though my belly button is being pulled in from the inside! I had none of this last time so I am hoping that it is a good sign!

    Will keep you updated

    Thanks again

    Leanne xx
  • Congratulations (and you will still have time to slim back into your dress!). If you have had a m/c before than 21st Feb for your first midwife appoinment sounds late if you have already had a m/c really push for an early scan to put your mind at rest.
  • My doc told me not to worry but would you say I should push for that early scan?

    I am trying to relax but don't think I will until i have a scan. Might see if I can get into see the midwife next week instead???

    Any advice would be very much appreciated xx
  • Firstly don't worry. Stress is bad. So your doc is right about that, however I think you should push for an early scan if that would put your mind at rest. Have a read of this article:
  • Libra1975 - Thank you for the link - I know it's a waiting game and to get by each stage day by day without worrying is my best option. I am trying to keep busy at work to keep my mind off things. It's worse in the evening as my H2B is working nights at the moment and I haven't seen him since I found out I was pregnant so it's hard talking about it over the phone whilst he's at work.

    I am trying to be positive - just looking forward now!

    Thank you again!
  • sca438sca438 Posts: 355
    if you have had a prev m/c then you should be looking for a 6 week scan.....i was in a similar situation, i was told would never conceive naturally (due to endo) and I am now 21+4 due 25th May. I had an early scan cos of the endo

    Congratulations as must be thrilled!!

    C xx
  • I think I am going to book myself an early scan - not because I am worrying but just for peace of mind and just in case.

    I should be about 5 weeks so getting it in soon will be a good idea??

    I am thrilled but also very nervous!
  • sca438sca438 Posts: 355
    if your mw or docs disagree, you maybe able to go private, not sure on the price though...ill have a look in my baby mags if you like? if you go NHS, you will need a form from your mw.

    C xx
  • Congratulations - hope all is well xx
  • Fantastic news, I hope all goes well for you.
  • called the midwife last night to get an earlier apt and scan - she is calling me back today. Hopefully she will agree with me!
  • babyemziebabyemzie Posts: 124
    hi im in a similler position but now at 12 weeks,

    i m/c 2yrs back and had nearly given up trying for a baby when i found out i was preggs, i have had 3 scans up now the last being my ageing scan putting me at 11w3d

    for me it has been a verry worying time but ive had some really horried morning sickness for what seems like forever that i never got last time,

    hope you can get yourself an early scan it would help put your mind at ease, fingers crossed

  • Spoke to my midwife and got myself a scan- the earliest they could fit me in was 29th January so a week on Tuesday. My H2B unfortunately can't be with me which is a bit nerve racking. He is a policeman and has to go to court that day. His work are so good about giving him time off but this is one day he can't get away. I'm not sure to go with a positive attitude or a negative one so i am not dissapointed.

    I have a lot going on this week so hopefully it will fly by. The hardest will be getting by seeing my mum on Friday and not telling her. We have decided to keep it to ourselves until we know everything is ok.

    Will let you know how things go! xxxx
  • emmacorrollemmacorroll Posts: 2,264
    Does that mean you'll be going alone for the scan then?

    I know absolutely nothing about babies, but surely going to something like that on your own can't be a good thing? Especially if hubby is not contactable afterwards?

    Can you make a small exception and ask someone along with you? Maybe a friend from work? Or do any of the girls on here live near you?!

    Good luck & let us know how it goes!
  • Yeah on my own unfortunately!

    Told a friend last night in hope she could come but she is flying out to Egypt this week!!

    I also live away from all my friends now so it's not even telling one of them or my family will help. I was thinking about asking my midwife to see if she could meet me there.

    I'm not worried about going on my own really. Should be in and out in about 15 minutes hopefully. With all good news!!

    I will let you all know how things go!
  • emmacorrollemmacorroll Posts: 2,264
    Ah, OK.

    Well, hope all goes well!!

  • Hi leanne

    Im getting married on Sat 23rd Feb 08 and found out on sunday that i am 5 weeks pregnant !!!!!

    Congratulations!!! I saw my doctor yesterday and she gave us a due date of 27th September ! Hope all goes well for you its really lovely news

    Kirsty xxxxx
  • Kirsty,

    Oh Congratulations to you too!!! Are you excited!!!?

    I have a scan tomorrow and quite nervous about it but at the same time very excited!!! It's at 11:20 so my morning will go soooo slow!!!

    Good luck with everything - is this your 1st?

  • Congratulations!!

    Hope all was well with the scan today.
  • Congratulations!!

    Hope all was well with the scan today.
  • Hey girls,

    Went for scan today and I am 6 weeks and 1 day. Not as far gone as I originally thought but all is ok and there was a little strong heartbeat. I have to go back in 10 days to make sure everything is progressing as it should.

    Will probably be a nervous wreck by next Friday but each step further is positive!!

    Thanks girls xxx
  • Hi girls - just an update for you.

    7 weeks and 4 days and all progressing ok. Have a 12 week dating scan booked in for 20th March.

    By my dates that would mean I am probably due around 22/23 September.

    Very excited and a little less nervous now.

    Still taking it easy though.
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