Can nightshift make me infertile?!

Hi everyone,

Just been on phone to my mum and she said she was in a discussion at work that it is a well known fact that working nightshift seriously disrupts the body's hormone patterns. When she was told it, she told people to stop being so ridiculous but apparently there is some truth in it! Where she works 3 women are having IVF and one woman has been trying for 9 years! Apparently this can affect men too!

Has anyone else heard of this?! Please say you haven't as am starting to get worried as I work some nightshifts -may have to start trying sooner than I think!



  • I've never heard of this before - but I can't say it won't be true. Maybe do a search on the net???
  • I have heard that doing night shift over a long period of time, either constantly or for a lot of the time, puts you at higher risk of certain diseases such as cancer and heart problems over many years. I haven't heard about an impact on fertility though.

    I've done quite a bit of night shift/on-call work too but I think if you're young and don't do it forever it doesn't have too much impact. However, I could see why it could disrupt the body's natural rhythms.

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