how long

how long after you stopped the pill did u fall preganant.

I have been off the pill for 5 months and not fallen pregnant, i am constantly 3 or 4 weeks late though so keep getting dishartened every month


  • babyemziebabyemzie Posts: 124
    you need to give your body time to calm down and find a new cycle, i went from a 28day to a 31day cycle before i became regular again, 5months not very long give your body chance, ive been of the pill 2yrs so dont give up hope everyones differant

  • milkiemoomilkiemoo Posts: 144
    It took me 4 months but my sil took 18 months and my friend around the same. Like babyemzie says it it different for everybody. Try not to stress about it, just relax and take it as it comes.

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