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FAO Gnasher

ello you!

I just saw your post on the "How did you know" type thread - Congrats honey!!

How exciting image

from your fellow September bride!


  • Tubbsuk3Tubbsuk3 Posts: 764
    Hi Mrs petunia_uk

    Thank you! Nice to still be in touch, esp after all our posts before our weddings last year.

    I've been on baby expert a lot and didn't want to post on here until I got past the 12 week stage! We had our scan on friday and so far so good, I'll try to relax now but I'm sure I'll always be worrying about something!LOL!

    So how are you? Can't believe we've been married nearly 5 months now! I see you are now trying for a babe, thats great! Sending lots of baby dust your way hon!

    Take care and keep us posted, feel free to email me xxx
  • YHM x x
  • Tubbsuk3Tubbsuk3 Posts: 764
    Sorry being thick, does that mean you have mail? Nothing has come through, i'll try yours xx
  • Hmm, yes it does mean You Have Mail - but you obviously don't, and neither do I!

    I shall be patient and see what happens overnight - see, I'm practising patienceimage
  • Tubbsuk3Tubbsuk3 Posts: 764
    Ooops, must be my hormones, just managed to email myself!LOL! 2nd attempt, here goes xx
  • emmacorrollemmacorroll Posts: 2,264
    Hi ladies (and fellow 01/09/07 ers!)

    Congratulations Gnasher. Are you over here for good now, or back in the US?

    Any news yet Jo?

    I keep hovering on this forum. Don't really want children yet, but so many people keep asking us when we're going to start trying, I kind of feel like I should work on my enthusiasm for it! lol!

    Seriously, hubby & I won't be trying for a few years yet, but it's just nice to hear about my fellow brides who have taken this huge step in their lives (guess I'm just REALLY nosy!)

    Take care & all the best.

  • Tubbsuk3Tubbsuk3 Posts: 764
    Hi Emma

    I'm still in america and plan to have the baby here. Was a bit nervous about that to begin with as I didn't know the system, but the care so far has been great, luckily we have good health insurance!

    I keep 'cruising' the site for tips etc. Very wise to enjoy the quality time you and hubby have before adding any additions!LOL. We've just got a puppy and its like a practice run before the real thing (what have we done!!LOL!).

    Take care xx

  • gnasher is insane - it's officialimage

    (btw i've also joined baby expert, can be found on the trying board as ~gypsy~)

    Em, no news - I'll let you know if I progress onto one of the other month boards image

    x x
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