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boo hoo !!!

hi feeling all bubba starts play school for the first time 2moro..!!!! feels like the end of an era....makes her seem all big !!!!

ohhhhhh bless !!

shes got a little school bag,and a sweatshirt with the pre school logo on and everything....image xx


  • piper06ukpiper06uk Posts: 807
    aw so cute, my little girl goes to nursery, she started going at 9 months, her first days were torture for me!!!! But its so worth it and does them the world of good!!!!

    She`ll thrive on it!!!
  • Lulu-K-82Lulu-K-82 Posts: 868
    Aw! I dont have any babies yet but I find it hard to give my friends baby back after looking after her!

    Big hugs

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