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Stressed Out!

Im getting married in May i have a 5 month old baby and i just started planning the wedding and organising things.

Im so stressed at night and over tired and that i cant sleep! My baby keeps tossing and turning and making noises that even ear plugs cant help!

All i can think about is the wedding and when im trying to not think so much and just sleep hes next to me rubbing his eyes and face and making those noises.

To begin with it was only a small simple wedding i wanted thats why i didnt see the point in planning so early either because im a home student and i was trying to cram in as much studies as i could before i was due to give birth.

Now my studies have stopped since i had my baby and then as he got older i managed to do a lil here and there. Now the wedding has completely taken over because i keep coming across things thats making my wedding bigger and bigger which made the other idea i had before look boring.

So in 4 months time i got to work extra hard to lose the pregnancy weight, plan the wedding, start studing again and just try and spend more time with my baby instead of being so obsessed with the wedding.
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