Hi I'm 14 weeks pregnant and my face is covered in raised pimples. they look awful. I'm so self concious about them. i thought you were meant to bloom in pregnancy, it's really getting me down.

Does any one have any advice please.



  • I think you can get spots during pregnancy, but having never been pregnant i cant offer you much advise!

    I am going to be doing a pregnancy test tomorrow morning though - prob be disapointed once again though!

    Dont worry about your spots, I'm sure you look fine, and you've got a baby in your tummy! Congrats to you! x
  • ilizzieilizzie Posts: 1,328
    hi there

    i have had 3 kids - unfortunately your hormones are going crazy now you are pg, so spots can be a side effect. you tend to 'bloom' during the second trimester - so not too long to go for you!

    don't worry too much - wait til you get the piles and varicous veins! ( only joking, i never got them with any of mine)

    the main thing is to keep eating healthily, drink plenty of water - i'm sure things will improve with time.

    are you feeling sick at all - i felt really rough til about 18 weeks, food would smell and taste all metaly - like a copper coin - yuk!

    hope everything else is going well for you.


    lizzie x

  • abk2000abk2000 Posts: 15
    You could try steaming your face, as this clears the skin from the deepest layers. Also, apply a mask for oily/combination skin as this will take out any excess oil in your skin that is causing the spots..Let me know how u get on. xx
  • I have some spots - and i thought i was going through adolescence in my 30's - took a pregnancy test this morning ! It was positive! I'm in a state of shock! I'm so unbelieveably happy - i thought this was never going to happen!
  • Wow Tory, congratulations!!!!image

    You should've started your own post for news like this hehe!!!

    Wishing you all the best. Look after yourself.

  • Thank you! x
  • kayzannkayzann Posts: 60
    this happened to me on my 3rd pregnancy. I had 2 boys and never got any spots when i was carring them and loads of people said that the spots were a sign i was having a girl. I didnt believe it but now i have a 6 month old daughter.
  • Hi Chickpea, i'm 17 weeks pregnant and suffering with spots. Try going for facial, it will help you feel better and should help with your skin, just remember it will be worth it in the end xx
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