Advice, Please!


Need some advice, how soon can can you do a pregnancy test?

Which one is the best one to buy?

What do you do then? I mean, when do you have to contact Dr etc...

Is there anything else that you should do?



  • hi you can use a clear blue test 4 days befor your period is due but they only work 4 days early on about 52% of women. some peoples test wont show positvive til about a week after period is missed so i would say about 2 days after missed period would be an idea to test. r u late?

    when you get a possitive test you can make an appointment with your doctor but they normally just say ok when you are 10 weeks or so book an appointment with midwife (this depends on your surgry tho, so i would make a doctors appointment anyway)

    when you have seen the midwife she will talk you throu what happens next and give you her phone number, or ask for ir, incase you have any questions when you leave.

    good luck, have you been trying?
  • yatg1yatg1 Posts: 284
    Thanks, I've read so much stuff but it just ends up making me feel dizzy with all the info, needed a real person to tell me! We've been seeing how things go and I want to be prepared in case!

    How about you?
  • i have a daughter from a pervious relationship but have been with h2b since i was 7 months pregnant with her so h2b has brought her up with me. we get married in may and are planning to start trying as soon as we are married for another baby. its only 3 and a half months so im doubly excited even tho i know it can take a while to fall pregnant. we dont want o leave it to long tho as h2b is 30 and daughter will be nearly 3 when we get married and we didnt want a big age gap and i want to be a young mum, im only 22.not that there is anything wrong with being older but i had my daughter just as i turned 20 so i dont want to be a mum to a small baby when im 40 so that i can "relive" my youth when my children are grown up, if that made sense.

    are you already married?
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    Yep, we got married 22/12/07, I'm 28 and hubby is nearly 33, so don't want to wait any longer! My sister had her daughter when she was 19/20 and is 30 soon, so she's worrying about having kids 10+ yrs apart and it being all different!

    All this thinking about trying is quite exciting really though!

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