problems with work :( please help

i could do with a bit of advise if anyone can help

i sarted a new job on 21/dec and im on a 3m probation, but im also 13weeks pregnant, i did know i was pregnant when i started but needed the job as id alresdy quite my previous job so hadn't said anything, ive been of all week with really bad morning sickness and i keep faining, my manager is not happy with the time ive had off and ive just found out that some of the people i work with know im pregs so chances are she knows

im a care worker (have been for the past 5yrs) and there is a lot of moving and handling involved in my job role also some of the people are hep b and c diff, im worryed that im going to loose my job and theres not much chance that i will be able to find anywere to take me on for 6month,

i know tha by law she cant sack me for the time while pregs but had to go in for 5mins this morning to talk to one of the nurses and im not sure i'll be able to the job as well (my sences seem to be trebbled and i couldnt handle the smell)

sorry i seem to have gone on more that i ment to, any advice or help please le me know as i really don't know what to do and i know the worry and stress is bad for the baby





  • Hi Emzie,

    i work in HR so hopefully will be able to help you out and put your mind at rest! You cannot fail your probation period for any reason relating to your pregnancy. If you are ill whilst you are pregnant and the illness relates to your pregnancy then the absence should be recorded as pregnancy related an should not count towards your sickness/absence record. So tuff basically if your boss isnt happy as there is nothing she can do. Apart from that she should be trying to support you! You are also entitled to a risk assesment which sould have been done at 12 weeks, which looks at any potential hazards within your role whilst you are pregnant (such as lifting patients etc....) If your work cannot make suitble adjustments and support you to reduce or elimiate those risks then they must suspend you on full pay!

    The law is pretty hot at the moment on treating pregnant women correcty and your boss or HR department should know that. As your employer they have a duty of care to you, and should try to offer support wherever possible. If they do try to disadvantage you in anyway because of your pregnancy then it's sexual discrimination and you can take legal action.

    Dont let them stress you out as work is only work and the most important thing is your health and your baby. Hope i helped.... xxxxx
  • babyemziebabyemzie Posts: 124
    Thanks svb

    im going into work to talk to her tomorrow so hopefully things will work out well, it was nice to hear from you and i feel a litle easyer think i just need to talk to her propley

  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    Hi Emzie

    Really hope you get things sorted at work.

    I hope you dont mind me crashing your link, but I was wondering, SVB, do you know how long you have to be employeed by a company before you are entitled to maternity pay?
  • Hi Mrs D 2b, you have to be employed for 26 weeks (6 months) by the 15 week before your expected due date! Very complicated i know. Basically you have to have worked there for 6 monts by the time your 25 weeks pregnant. You should then qualify for statutory maternity pay. If you havent you may qualify for something called maternity allowance - you can contact your local DSS office and they tell you if you qualify - hope this helps x
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