Hi Girls,

I was wondering if anyone has suffered with bruising during pregnancy?

I am 6 weeks and 2 days and my legs are covered in bruises. These have only just appeared and I haven't knocked them as far as I am aware.

I have read that we have a lot more blood pumping around our bodies when pg and I wonder whether this could be a reason??

Any help would be much appreciated??


A very bruised Leanne


  • Hi Leanne,

    Have the bruises just suddenly appeared - lots of them? Do you have a rash at all - a bit like prickly heat? I've never been pregnant so can't comment on that side of things, but my mum was diagnosed with low platelets in December - which meant she was covered in bruises, but all over - just wearing a bra made her black and blue. Might be worth you visiting the doctor to be on the safe side if they\ve suddenly appeared.

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