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I have just started a new job as a staff nurse so do not want to be obvious at work but i want to find out how long you have to work before concieving to be entitled to full maternity benifits. We want to start trying after the wedding but i will only have been employed 6 months on a perm contract.

Advice greatly received

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  • I work for the NHS too, I think it is 36 weeks for the same Trust in order to get full benefits so you will be fine
  • Most NHS organisations should have the information available without you having to ask for it, such as on an intranet or something. If you're in a union, they should be able to help too.

    The Hospitals trust I work for says that:

    " if you've been employed within the NHS for 12 months (without a ???????break???????) either full or part-time by the 11th week before EDD, then you are entitled to Occupational Maternity Pay 8 weeks' full pay plus 18 weeks' half pay* and also entitled to 52 weeks leave.

    AND - If you earn above the National Insurance limit of £82.00 per week you will also be entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay of:

    - 6 weeks at 90% of pay

    - 33 weeks at £108.85 or 90% of pay (whichever is less)

    NB This will be offset against your Occupational Maternity Pay."

    Hope this helps a little bit.

  • thankyou thats a great help x
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