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So confused with my due date - any advice would be great!

Hi all. We went for our first scan yesterday (12 week scan). The heartbeat was really strong and baby was opening and closing its mouth and moving around. One problem, they couldn't do the downs test because the baby is too small. The doctor said that the baby is younger than thought and is only 10 weeks and 5 days instead of being over 12 weeks. I'm really worried now in case I am over 12 weeks but the baby is growing slow. They didn't seem to show any concern at the hospital. They have just booked me in for another scan in 2 weeks so the baby should be at the size to have the tests.

Am I overreacting??? Also, has anyone else had the same thing as me? xx


  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    If your doctors arent worried then you shouldnt worry, your first scan is all about making sure your dates are right and they can be two weeks either way cos no one knows when you have conceived in your cycle. So the measurements taken at your dating scan will have confirmed your not as far on as you thought and you should maybe forget that you thought you were further on and accept the date the hospital have given you. Please dont worry, this is just normal procedure and doesnt mean there is anyting wrong with your baby xxx
  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    PS I thought the downs/spinabifida test was done at 15 and a half weeks as this is normally booked in once you have had your dating scan? xx
  • I have had a previous m/c in the past and so I went for an early scan last week - my doctor confirmed my dates with me and told me I was about 8 weeks so I went for the scan and they told me I was only 6 weeks and 1 day. It is downheartening because the long journey just feels like it gets longer and not shorter but I am sure everything is ok.

    As rachaelafry says they can't be sure when you conceived so it can go 2 weeks either way.

    Everything will be fine.

    My Friend was also told her baby might need to be born at 32 weeks because it wasn't growing and wasn't taking the nutrition it needed to but after going for a scan each week her little girl has caught up and can go full term and they have told her she will probably be about a 6lb baby!!

    Chin up - all will be ok ...

    Keep us updated

  • Thanks rachaelafry and Leanne. I probably am just worrying a bit too much! When I worked it out, I'm only about 11 days out so it's not that much really. Plus I have really odd cycles. Some months 80 odd days and others 40 odd days so I suppose I ovulate at different times.

    I'm going to stay positive and just look forward to seeing my baby again on the 19th when I go for my next scan.

    Rachaelafry, it's the nuchal thingy I'm having done, where they measure the back of the neck, plus all the other blood tests. Where I live it's between 12 and 13 weeks you have the tests and then find out a few weeks later.

    Thanks for your replies. I will let you all know how my scan goes on the 19th. xx
  • DonzyukDonzyuk Posts: 101
    Hi Kat, When I went for my scan I was only 9 weeks 5 days. Your first scan is a dating scan and they reckon its the most acurate as all baby grow at exactly the same rate to start with, thats why its harder for them to date a baby on the 20 week scan... so I was told.

  • the 20 wk scan is to check everything is ok eg downs or spina bifida and also that the baby is growing well for your dates the 12 wk is to date your pregnancy more accurate i wouldnt worry as a baby will come when its ready anyway
  • Kat1982 - hi I have two little boys one who is 3 and a half and one who is 6 months - they were both due on the 4 th August 2004/2007 - I had dated my first using own calculations as the 24th July and then went to the dating scan to be told the 4th Aug - so when I fell pregnant the second time and again dated myself in July I automatically assumed it would be the beginning of August and sure enough it was dated on the 4th Aug again hehe! It is due to when you ovulate - I ovulate 'later' in my cycle - so you have been pregnant for less time than you think!

    Hope this helps

    Good Luck,

    Lyn x
  • susu88susu88 Posts: 904
    Hi kat82 the first scan isn't actually a 'dating' type of scan. If you thought you were around 12 weeks pregnant then this scan would have been your nuchal scan which assesses the risk of downs syndrome. It takes into consideration the measurement of the fetus which would then estimate the gestation of your baby. If there is a week discrepancy between your last menstual period date and the ultra sound scan date then the hospital would usually follow the scan date. This, of course is never accurate but can only give you an estimation. If they have given you a date to come back in two weeks time then don't worry at all. They will still measure the nuchal fold which is at the back of baby's neck to then assess the risk of downs syndrome. The only true test for downs syndrome would either be an amniocentisis or chorionic villi sampling. These tests carries around 1% miscarriage risk.

    As for the 20 week scan, this is to look for any anomalies, which is why they call it an anomaly scan. Hope this helps. Don't worry about whether baby is growing slowly, it is unlikely that your baby is over 12 weeks. After you have been booked at your hospital your midwife will see you in 4-6 weeks time and monthly after that to make sure your pregnancy is going well and developing normally. If, however you smoke then yes you will have a much higher risk of having a growth restricted baby as smoke passes straight to the placenta and directly affect it by calcifying the vessels which would then lead to less oxygen being carried to baby.
  • Hi all. I went for my scan yesterday. Everything is absolutely fine! I feel so much better about it now. I'm 13 weeks pregnant and due on 27th August. Everything was where it should be.

    Thank you all so much for your support. Finger's crossed it's plain sailing from now on! xx ;\)

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  • lisall80lisall80 Posts: 628
    Hi kat

    your baby is due on my birthday, great day to be born!!!!!!

    wishing you and all other mums to be a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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