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HELP! 29 + 5 weeks and getting stressed at work!

Hi, think I just need somewhere to vent more than anything! Getting really annoyed with my supervisor at the moment, not only do I have to sit beside someone who smells of a mixture of fags, coffee and something like burnt hair and who coughs all day (im honestly usually sympathetic to that sort of thing but they are the most disgusting coughs to have to hear all day every day!), she also doesn't have a clue how to do most of her job and I have ended up doing most of it!! But to top it all off, in a meeting today (our boss was there also) she was joking that whilst I am on maternity leave she will be ringing me up to come in and do the work and she will babysit my 'little brat'. Am I being overly hormonal as calling my unborn baby a little brat is not something I find funny! Also is it safe to be stressing like this at this stage of pregnancy?! Its really getting me down. image


  • Gemsy81 - without knowing the whole situation she still doesn't sound like a very nice person. Certainly not someone you should allow yourself to get stressed over.

    She sounds like she's probably jealous apart from being very rude and ignorant!

    Dont' let her get to you but make sure your boss is aware of your feelings in case she carries on or maybe tell her straight how you feel.

    I personally would end up getting very emotional if I said anything directly to her but it depends on how you feel.

    I hope everything works out for you.

    Leanne xx
  • BRIDE100BRIDE100 Posts: 884
    I know these things are always easier said than done but could you talk to her and say you don't appreciate comments like that and that whilst you would be happy for her to call you if there was an emergency whilst you are on mat leave, she needs to understand that she can't be calling you all the time. You have a right to that time off with your baby and she needs to respect that. If she makes comments about 'little brat' or something again then, without making a big thing of it, calmly say something like 'I actually find comments like that quite offensive and would be grateful if you didn't say them.' It's actually very unprofessional for her to say things like that and really you could probably put in a grievance about her and you shouldn't have to just take it. She may even not realise you don't take it as a joke. But you need to make it clear you don't want it to continue.

    I'm not pregnant but I can imagine that feeling stressed can't be a good thing. Could you speak to your boss about it? Perhaps there is something she could do to help if you explain that you are feeling stressed and are concerned about how this could affect your pregnancy (blood pressure etc). Is there another desk you could move to? Would they let you reduce your hours or work from home occasionally?
  • gemsy81gemsy81 Posts: 918
    Hi thanks for your help with this, I went to the doctor the other day as I have been having dizzy spells (luckily not low iron or blood pressure problems) and he has signed me off for a week to relax (more if i need it). I think I am going to speak to my boss about it as I think she will help - I just dont like the thought of hurting someones feelings and about how it would be uncomfortable to work with her (even more) if she knew I had complained about her but I think my boss would be discreet. x
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